Sanomaventures and the innovation ecosystem @ ABNAMRO WTT seminar (kienhuis)

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Presentation by Herman Kienhuis on SanomaVentures and on the Dutch innovation ecosystems at the ABNAMRO TMTecosystem seminar 15 feb 2013 in Rotterdam.

Presentation by Herman Kienhuis on SanomaVentures and on the Dutch innovation ecosystems at the ABNAMRO TMTecosystem seminar 15 feb 2013 in Rotterdam.

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  • 1. ABNAMRO #TMTecosysteem Rotterdam, 15 feb 2013 herman kienhuis (@kienhuis)
  • 2. •introduction•why corporate venturing•building an innovation ecosystem•Q&A
  • 3. introduction
  • 4. chemical engineering /mckinsey / mba / sanomastrategy / M&A / productdevelopment / recruitingfamily-man / music-maker /vintage-lover / internet-geek
  • 5. Sanoma Corporation: European media &learning group, based in Helsinki; presence inNL:•Sanoma Media: #1 magazine publisher (a.o.Libelle, Donald Duck, VTWonen, Autoweek), #1online publisher (a.o.,,,•SBS:#2 commercial broadcaster (SBS6, Net5,Veronica TV), #1 TV-guide publisher (VeronicaMagazine)•Malmberg: #1 educational publisher
  • 6. SanomaVentures•Venturingarm of Sanoma Corporation, started in2012, with offices in Amsterdam and Helsinki•Strategic investor in early-stage internet start-ups•Offering cash, media, professional network, onlineexpertise and mentoring; deal size: €100k - €500k•Focus segments:•consumer web•mobile & tablet apps•video & connected TV•marketing data & services•e-commerce•e-learning
  • 7. SanomaVentures Portfolio • e-commerce fashion aggregator • auction-based deal site • designer fashion sales • mobile couponing app • p2p rental platform • cosmetics e-commerce subscription • online fitness platform • e-commerce personalization tools
  • 8. 2012 nominated nominated nominated‘best web app’ ‘best mobile app’ ‘best investor’
  • 9. why corporate venturing?
  • 10. access to unrestricted innovation byentrepreneurial talent
  • 11. create multiple options forfuture portfolio expansion and revenue growth
  • 12. low risk - high potential value creation, enforced with ourmedia reach, expertise and network
  • 13. right time: growing entrepreneurial andincubator activity and financing demand
  • 14. Sanoma innovation & growth approaches Internal Internal BusDev acceleratorTalent/ Customers/Product Market Sanoma M&A Ventures External
  • 15. supporting an innovation ecosystem
  • 16. start-up funding options >20.000 start stock exchange 20.000 private equity 10.000 5.000 venture capitalcapital need (EUR x 1000) 2.500 bank loans 1.000 strategic (corporate) investors 500 250 informal investors 100 crowdfunding 50 supplier credit friends & family 25 preparation start-up inital growth fast growth consolidation maturity high risk low risk development phase (adaptation of original source: ABNAMRO)
  • 17. ECOSYSTEM research corporate institutes educational R&D institutions skilled innovation labor incentives force invention entre- preneurship training venture talent friendly legislation policy incubator entrepreneurship centres/ areas infra- economic development demand structure support professions & networks accessible funding marketplace / informal distribution investors large venture capital corporates banks
  • 18. PARC STANFORD SILICON research BERKELY SRI corporate institutes educationalVALLEY 1960 R&D NASA institutions JOSE SAN DEFENSE skilled innovation labor INDUSTRY incentives force ENGINEERS invention entre- preneurship training SMALL BUSINESS venture talent friendly INVESTMENT legislation ACT policy incubator STANFORD entrepreneurship centres/ areasINDUSTRIAL PARK EMERGING infra- COMPUTER economic development demand structure support MARKET professions & networks accessible funding marketplace / informal distribution HEWLETT-PACKARD DRAPER & JOHNSON investors large FAIRCHILD,VARIAN, XEROX, corporates DAVIS venture capital & ROCK banks KODAK MAYFIELD
  • 19. Importance of physical proximity: Silicon Valley = 30km radius around Mountain View 10km Amsterdam-10km Eindhoven: 130km
  • 20. EINDHOVEN TUE research NATLAB corporate institutes DESIGN educational R&D institutions ACADEMY skilled labor innovation force incentives HARDWARE invention ENGINEERS entre- preneurship WBSO, IBSK training TECHNO-venture friendly talent legislation policy PARTNER HIGH TECH incubator entrepreneurship CAMPUS, centres / areas EMERGING infra- STRIJP-S LIFESTYLE development economic demand structure TECH MARKET support BRAIN- professions & networks funding PORT accessible marketplace / distribution informal investors PHILIPS, large corporates venture capital ASML banks
  • 21. A’DAM-H’SUM- CWI UVA,VU, UU research UTRECHT NOVAY corporate institutes UU, HU, HKU, educational R&D institutions URICS NIJENRODE skilled labor innovation force incentives DIGITAL CREATIVES invention ROCKSTART entre- preneurship WBSO, IBSK STARTUP- training venture friendly talent BOOTCAMP TECHNO- legislation policy PARTNER SCIENCE PARK incubator entrepreneurship A’DAM, MEDIAPARK, centres / areas EMERGING infra- UTRECHT INC. LIFESTYLE APPeconomic development demand structure MARKET APPSTERDAM support professions & IMMOVATOR networks accessible funding MEDIAVALLEY marketplace / ENDEMOL, UPC, distribution informal ENDEIT investors VODAFONE, large corporates venture capital PRIME TOMTOM, banks AHOLD, ING
  • 22. NL OPEN / JOINT corporate research institutes educational EDUCATE & RESEARCH R&D institutions ATTRACT MORE skilled labor innovation ENGINEERS force incentives EDUCATE REDUCE invention entre- ENTRE- preneurship ADMINISTRATIVE PRENEURSHIP training venture friendly talent BURDENS,legislation policy REDEVELOPMORE RISK REDUCING OFFICES INTO INCENTIVES entrepreneurship incubator centres / areas STARTUP infra- CENTRES economic development demand structure support professions & networks accessible funding MORE ENTRE- marketplace / distribution informal PRENEURS FACILITATE OPEN MORE PROFES- investors BECOMING INNOVATION, SIONAL large corporates venture capital ANGELS INCREASE RISK banks VENTURE TOLERANCE CAPITAL
  • 23. RESEARCH W/ UNIVERSITIES,research SHARE DEVELOPERS, corporate R&D institutes educational institutions EXPERTISE, USERS MASTERCLASS, skilled labor innovation force incentives MEDIAPARADE PROVIDE GUARANTEES invention entre- preneurship training FOR IBSK venture friendly talent legislation policy PROVIDE OFFICE SPACE AND incubator entrepreneurship centres FACILITIES / areas infra- economic development demand structure LEGAL &MEDIA REACH, supportACCESS TO B2B FINANCE professions & networks NETWORK, accessible funding SUPPORT LAUNCHING marketplace / informal CUSTOMER distribution PROVIDE investors Sanoma large corporates banks venture capital RISK CAPITAL
  • 24. Case: Scoupy
  • 25. Q&A
  • 26. more info: | @kienhuis