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Call Center

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Call center solution

  1. 1. Jul, 2011 Copyright © Wondershare Software
  2. 2. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  3. 3. • A consultancy company provides solutions for information and telecom technology. Leading in ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) in Cambodia.• Design consultancy and optimizing radio network, core network GSM – UMTS.• Install and integrate BTS, Node B of GSM – UMTS network.• Construct infrastructure of In-building network.• Design and install broadband internet access system (Wifi, Wimax,…).• Provide online games and VAS.• Supply video conference solutions. Slogan : Make it easy Copyright © Wondershare Software
  4. 4. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  5. 5. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  6. 6. AsterPro ClientAsterPro Server Copyright © Wondershare Software
  7. 7. • Quick implementation and installation, stable operation.• Unlimited number of users.• Highest scalability and almost unlimited.• Establish uniform telephony system for businesses regardless of geographic location.• Management and interaction application is intelligent and convenient for users (all done via web interface).• Application monitors and reports in great detail by many different criteria. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  8. 8. AsterPro makes it possible to align callcenter performance with business goalsƒ• Consistency in people and process• Assisted service AND self-service• Supports revenue growth, customer satisfaction, efficiencyƒ Provides world-class services without complexity• Does not require costly and extensive professional services to implement and manage 3rd party enterprise application integration (i.e. CRM) – can be achieved with little or no customization• Provides the benefits of highly-customized unified desktop and workforce optimization applications out of the box• Lower total cost of ownership Copyright © Wondershare Software
  9. 9. Flexible contact center• Agents and supervisors can be located at any siteA contact-center-in-a-box• Fully integrated ACD, Desktops, CTI & IVR• Integrated Outbound, Email, Web/Chat, Quality• Management and Workforce Management optionsInbound/Outbound Voice solution can fit in one box• 1 – 50 agent deployments on single processor servers• Up to 300 agents on dual processor servers Copyright © Wondershare Software
  10. 10. All contact centers are either …• Revenue Generating: Earn money by selling goods or services in an economical and efficient manner, or …• Revenue Protecting: Save money by reducing the cost of providing necessary business servicesContact centers address a customer’s ability to retain their current customers and to get new ones• Customer retention (i.e. customer loyalty) is perhaps the key competitive advantage provided by contact centers Copyright © Wondershare Software
  11. 11. System Administration• Web-based interface.• System parameters can be reconfigured.• Remote control via LAN or internet.• Remote turn off / restart system and applications.• User privilege.• You can view call information input / output (the number of incoming/outgoing calls), the system bandwidth, ... Copyright © Wondershare Software
  12. 12. Report• Caller ID, extension• The number of E1 line, E1 line status (active / non-active E1)• Time start making calls (Date, Time)• Incoming / Outgoing channel• Call duration . . . Copyright © Wondershare Software
  13. 13. Voice mail• Capability to receive voice messages, each phone number is integrated voice mail function.• Every time the phone is busy or out of "coverage", the call directly addressed to the voice mail.• Send noticed mail when having a new message. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  14. 14. Call forwarding• Some cases need to transfer a call such as Call Forwarding on busy, call forwarding when no answer, call forwarding immediately, transfer the call in the presented time. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  15. 15. Caller ID• This function is useful when someone calls and we want to know exactly the call from where and in some cases, we can know who they are. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  16. 16. ACD ( Automatic Call Distribution )• This is the most important feature. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  17. 17. Time and Date• Calls are controlled by time and date.• For example, in company, directors want to allow employees to use phone in office hours but overtime is limited or not allowed to call outside. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  18. 18. Call Parking• Call transfer with management.• There are a middle phone number who create parking slot.• Caller can call the other side when the middle one transfers the call to the phone number that the caller is waiting on it. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  19. 19. Remote Call Pickup• This feature allows us from the phone can receive dial from other phone ringing. Copyright © Wondershare Software
  20. 20. Privacy Manager• Numbers programmed to call some fixed numbers only. The number not in the predefined list does not make calls. X Copyright © Wondershare Software
  21. 21. Black List• The phone in black list cannot call to your phone Copyright © Wondershare Software
  22. 22. Agent Extension Copyright © Wondershare Software
  23. 23. Call Status Copyright © Wondershare Software
  24. 24. Call Report Copyright © Wondershare Software
  25. 25. • Application Management Copyright © Wondershare Software
  26. 26. Company Name: K.T.E.K Co., LtdAddress: 56D3E0E1, Street 230, Sangkat Beoung Slang, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh.Website: Copyright © Wondershare Software
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