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Less your stress workshop


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A recent workshop I done on managing youth stress, but also applies to adults

A recent workshop I done on managing youth stress, but also applies to adults

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  • 1. KiE Leadership Training & Development Ltd presents
  • 2. Wellbeing
  • 3. Trigger s know yours?
  • 4. Why are you so stressed?
  • 5. Effects  Many living with high stress are at a tipping point, faced with potential physical and emotional- health challenges if they are not able to get the support they need to manage their stress well. If untreated, consistently high stress could become a chronic condition, which can result in serious health problems including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. Research shows that stress can even contribute to the development of major illnesses, such as heart disease, depression and obesity, or exacerbate existing illnesses. Northwestern University
  • 6. Examples of how you might feel if you are anxious:  Worried  Upset  Feeling sick  Feeling shaky/dizzy  Feeling like you might faint/pass out  Thinking unpleasant thoughts  Thinking that you might “go crazy”
  • 7. What can cause anxiety  Expectations  Pressure to do well  Not achieving  Friends  Boyfriend/Girlfriend  Relationships  Work  Activities /sports /teams  Not enough time  Deadlines  Keeping up  Lack of sleep  Doing two things at once  Too much going on  Unprepared
  • 8. Solutions - external  Understand why you are feeling anxious or stressed  Is there a practical solution i.e. time management ?  Nutrition  A little stress can be useful  Talking/college support  Out with friends  Music  Deep breathing  Sleep  Caffeine /energy drinks -monitor  Laughter  Creating balance  Who can you ask for help?
  • 9. Solutions - internal Why do we feel the way we feel and how can we change, redirect it or use it? EMOTION :MOTION Master your emotions, master your life. First, understand that the ONLY REASON anyone does anything is to change the way they feel
  • 10. What if you can make stress your friend? What if you can use these emotions in a positive way? What if a little stress =high performance mode, instant clarity, deepened focus?
  • 11. How do you „choose‟ to interpret your feelings? What do you call them?
  • 12. No one makes you feel “happy” or “angry”, it’s based on how you’re interpreting each
  • 13. Change Your State. If we don‟t feel like getting up or doing anything, we must drastically change our physiology (e.g., go for a walk, jump up and down like a crazy person [seriously], do push- ups, change our breathing [deeper, more conscious breaths], run as fast as we can for 30 seconds, etc.). Do something to radically change your physical state. Motion creates emotion.
  • 14. Never underestimate the power of physical activity