Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council 2013-14 report


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How did the youth council spend its year? What are their recommendations for community leaders? See their presentation, read the report, and watch the video!

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council 2013-14 report

  1. 1. A program of In partnership with
  2. 2. Goals Learn about local government, civic issues Meaningfully engage in policy & decision-making Highlight civic issues important to youth Create a communitywide network of informed, engaged youth leaders Serve as a resource for community leaders.
  3. 3. Why does it matter? We’re stakeholders – 25% of the population is under 18 – We are the community’s present & future – We need to be at the table A resource for you – Make better policies and decisions on issues impacting kids
  4. 4. Who we are 100+ teens participated in 2013-14 – 28 CMS and non-CMS schools Diverse group, representative of community – Race, ethnicity, religion – Income and family background – LGBTQ status – Political and career interests – Everything!
  5. 5. What we did this year Met with city, county, and CMS officials & attended government meetings Created city, town, and school board government and candidate guide Represented Charlotte-Mecklenburg youth at 2 conferences and several community events Explored community history and growth Hosted a youth-led summit with officials
  6. 6. Youth council activities Over 1,340 hours of service Group activities offered – 80 hours interacting • City, county, CMS, and NC officials – 150 hours exploring • Community issues and different perspectives – 95 hours learning • Local government, business, history, careers
  7. 7. Issues Education, youth programs Jobs and workforce development State-local issues, teacher pay, CLT airport, Community growth, planning, and land How Charlotte-Mecklenburg works Prioritizing, funding, and budgeting for services, needs, and wants Public service and careers
  8. 8. New experiences 100% of youth • Interacted with an official • Learned about local government • Engaged on a local issue Public service • Students also explored the interesting and diverse career and public service opportunities, seeing beyond their own comfort zones and involving themselves in new experiences.
  9. 9. Working together A little more than half of youth surveyed • Believe that local officials understand the needs of young people, or • Involve youth when making decisions impacting kids We look forward to working with you to make Charlotte-Mecklenburg great!
  10. 10. Our Recommendations Collaboration and bipartisanship • We want leaders and governments to work together. Make children and youth a priority • Prioritize and fund services impacting kids; include youth in planning and budgeting. Access to youth programs and services • Make it easier for us to find programs and support. Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s future • We want to be here to work, live, play, and lead.
  11. 11. Youth Summit
  12. 12. Conferences
  13. 13. Learning about CLT-Meck
  14. 14. Student voice
  15. 15. Learn more Visit to – Watch our video • Or see it at – Read the youth council’s report – Get more information about the youth council
  16. 16. Thank you for your support!