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  • 1. As eye see it An exhibition of black & white photos by young people living in out-of-home care in NSW
  • 2. Aaron – 16 years I like motorbikes, submarines and Lucy. The Harley makes me feel excited. Lucy makes me feel nice & loves me. I imagine what it was like fighting in the war in a submarine. Green Machine - I love how this makes me feel & wish it was mine. Red and Fast - Red means fast.
  • 3. Abbie Rose, 10 years These pictures are things that are all important to me and make me happy. Each picture tells you something about „me‟ and the things that make up my home. My favourite photo - Where‟s my Carrot? This is my Rabbit, Caramellow. Caramellow is a part of my family. I love to play with him all the time because he makes me smile.
  • 4. Aden, 15 years Through my eyes is the way I see it. This is the way you see me. This is my hobby. Pie is good. This is my addiction. That‟s my team
  • 5. Alex, 14 years Nan gives me Anzacs and when I eat them I think about family. The Cat Felix is my amigo. He plays with me and keeps me company when I‟m bored. This Darlek is important because I used to watch Dr Who with my dad. The Sun is not that important to me because I don‟t like bright light. Video Games are important to me because I have played them all my life.
  • 6. Amy, 14 years My best friend has stuck by me through my best and worst days. I‟m lucky to have her. Without drawing I don‟t know how I‟d get my feelings out. Window to my soul - represents my pain, sadness & anger. Letting my voice be heard - music is what I speak, without it I‟d be lost. My family - are still standing as strong as ever. I love them and am thankful to have them.
  • 7. Annalyse, 16 years Animals are loyal, happy, cheer you up, don't lie and keep you sane. Some people don't have others to fall back on so they curl up with their teddies. Books are an escape from reality. The clock keeps ticking, if something bad happens, you have to keep moving otherwise you'll get left behind. The world is a big play ground no matter what age you are. You just have to have fun and live life.
  • 8. Annie, 10 years My images make me feel hopeful and are about learning life skills and growing up. The photos with my friend makes me feel loved. It‟s about having contact with my friends and family and people that are important to me. The guitar is about having fun. The toys image makes me feel love and is about stuff I like doing.
  • 9. Aroha, 6 years I love this Teddy because it belonged to my big sister Keoni and reminds me of her. This fairy is special, she has a pink dress - my favourite colour. I made these artworks. My favourites are the animals, stars and fruit. The pretty flowers out the front of my house I live in with my nan, pop and brothers. My family bring me to the lake to play at the park and watch the ducks.
  • 10. Axel, 12 years My best friend‟s tree - mum gave me the idea what to look for in nature. I found this tree on a cloudy day. The end result looks good. The flower and bull skull photos were taken in my neighbour‟s backyard. My neighbour gave me tips on photography. The rotting chair in a stump resembles loneliness or quiet time. This stump makes me feel sad because of all the trees that are chopped down.
  • 11. Ben, 9 years Tyrannosaurus Rex - The biggest T-Rex ever! My House is my home. It‟s big and has brand new carpet. But we have lived here before. Assumption School - was my old school. I caught a bus to get to there each morning. My new school is also my old school and it is good. This gem is nice bright orange. Aboriginals have known about gems in Australia for thousands of years.
  • 12. Blake, 17 years Shoe picture - staying on the right path even though it can be blurry. There will always be blurry patches in life but it's important to stay focused and move in the right direction. Home - this photo is about where I live Backyard – this image is about me having my say and a place that is important to me. Skate Guy - is about having fun. Rose - is about how people treat my information.
  • 13. Bonnie, 12 years Love‟s not an everyday thing, use this unique gift wisely. Secrets are best kept quiet but it‟s your choice. Make sure you use trust given to you to keep it shhhhhhhh. Future – every second of time is important as every day, hour, fortnight and month but make sure you don‟t stop in time and go the wrong way. I would love a good book to read every second because it opens my imagination and makes me think in a different way.
  • 14. Bradley, 13 years My adorable dog is always there for me and I love him. My funny grandma is always supportive of me and my choices in life and loves me. My amazing caseworker always treats me with respect and it will be sad when she leaves. My cute little brother always loves me no matter what I do. My cheeky little brother is funny and has a great sense of humour.
  • 15. Brianna, 14 years On the Court – basketball image is about doing what I love to do best. Buster - is about things that make me feel safe and what it means to be a teenager. Widget the Midget - is about who I can talk to when I‟m unhappy. The Little Lambs - is about family, safety, learning life skills and growing. Long Face - is about bringing memories of childhood, good times and fun.
  • 16. Britney, 15 years I dressed my nieces up in my clothes to represent the innocence of childhood. Church makes me feel happy because of the many people in the presence of God. Jesus represents love (cross equals love). This photograph of my best friend - we have been friends since we were 8-years-old. This image makes me feel happy because it reminds me of our strong friendship. The camera captures memories in life.
  • 17. Bryent, 16 This necklace cheers me up, reminding me that I still have family that care about me. My apartment represents how far I have come and my independence. This ship makes me feel awesome as it reminds me of what I‟ve accomplished. I feel mixed emotions at times. Television can make me feel happy, sad, angry or hungry. My first phone - makes me feel great as it was given to me by a close friend.
  • 18. Charlotte, 10 years Flying pancakes is a Sunday family tradition. Visitors say it is their favourite thing to do at our house. My favourite game is dancing statues. When I get angry mum says go and have a dance and it makes me feel better. Getting merit awards makes me feel nervous when everyone is looking but after I feel happy and proud. I feel very safe & warm in this house. I have lots of places to ride my bike where we live.
  • 19. Chazeland, 13 years I like having fun! You don‟t have to worry about stuff when you‟re having fun. Horses need to be respected. If you respect them, they‟ll respect you.
  • 20. Chelsea, 13 years I have glasses and have had problems with my eyes most of my life. Flexo the Frill Neck Lizard looks like such a leader. Horse - I took this photo because it reminded me of the first time I rode a horse. Snake - when she looked at me I saw such intelligence in her eyes. I love to read books so much that I almost have my own library.
  • 21. Chevelle, 16 years The jewellery CJ bought me as gifts, they‟ll always be special to me. My boyfriend CJ keeps me sane, he also makes me the happiest person in the world! My phone is important to me because I am able to talk to distant family members. My laptop keeps me entertained and allows me to do school work. My Wallet stores all of my important cards and money. It‟s Kardashian Kollection which is an added bonus!
  • 22. Chlorissa This is how I see it. This is my world. Set yourself free. Don‟t let the ground crumble beneath you. Be yourself. Spread your wings and fly as the sky is the limit.
  • 23. Cho’ce, 6 years In the park with the pelican - is about having fun with my family. My favourite beanie - keeps me warm when it is cold. Down the Jetty - is about finding out information about myself. Palm trees - reminds me of stuff I like doing in the bush. Collection of rocks at the Jetty - is about my Aboriginal culture. Down the Jetty swimming with the seagulls - is a place that makes me feel safe.
  • 24. Chris, 8 years The heli is important to me. Doggies Meesha and Bella fight and have a tug-o-war with the ball and rope. Fishing Club is important to me. You get your own fishing rod to use. My Bike - you speed on it and you have to wear a helmet in case you fall off. I have these clips they go “click-click”. I love it. Bri-Bri - she sometimes carries you upside down to bed, watches movies with me and we skip.
  • 25. Christie, 14 years Converse shoes - this photo is about things that make me, me. Home - this is photo is about where I live. My guitar - I love music. Letters is about the people I like talking to when I'm unhappy or just having my say or being heard. Taylor Swift - this photo is about having fun, people that are important and who I look up to.
  • 26. Cody, 11 years The grave is sadness, the flower‟s happiness. There are many sad things, war, death, poverty, but there are many happy things, God, family, friends, music. I passionately love music and playing instruments. Jesus - I believe in life you can‟t live without God. Through hard times he is always there. I enjoy reading and writing stories - you can pretend you‟re stuck in a deadly tower or you‟re helping to save endangered animals. I love travelling and seeing different places.
  • 27. Corrie, 13 years This skateboard makes me feel loved. It was a present from my dad and carer. My pet Zoe makes me feel better when I am upset. This goldfish is about achieving a goal. I bought the tank and fish myself. I play guitar with my friends which makes me feel happy. I collected the gems with my carer and Nan. I feel lonely as I am not with Nan. It‟s about people who are important as I treat the gems with respect.
  • 28. Courtney, 15 years Taking responsibility for my own actions means never blaming others. I am in control of my own body. Skateboarding makes me feel life is worth living and everything will fall into place. My circle of friends makes me feel happy. This is where I belong. When I am at the ocean, I feel empowered, safe, unstoppable and free, like nothing could hurt me. Never Stop Smiling - is about never losing hope.
  • 29. Damien, 17 years All the images I have taken are important to me. They are things that have been bought for me by important people or things I have grown up with. The games occupy my mind to help me deal with bad memories. My favourite YouTube series was given to me by my mother that‟s why it means a lot to me. I love my gaming setup because I set it up all by myself.
  • 30. Danesha, 12 years Shopping for shoes always makes me smile. The angel at the cemetery represents my mother and father as they have passed away. My mother was referred to as an angel. Horses are my favourite animal. Their gentle but strong nature is how I see my own nature. My dog Lexie has brought me and my foster family much happiness. My dad spent time in gaol because of wrong choices he made. I was detained at the juvenile detention centre for a wrong decision. I am regretful of my actions and determined to change for the better.
  • 31. Daniel, 12 years Jacob‟s Engineering - the first floating workshop made out of Lego and my best master piece yet. The Railway - my best picture, with only the slightest pixelating. The Holy Cabinet of Awesomality - many hours have been spent watching and entertaining ourselves with this. My Sanctuary - the only place that is girl free all the time, where I can do practically anything I want. Samaritans - the people that have been taking care of us since the transfer from DOCS.
  • 32. Daniel, 17 years Sport was, is and always will be a part of my life. Sport is in my blood as my dad was a rugby league player, a boxer and martial artist. At three mum put me into mixed martial arts. I became a rugby player at the age of seven and played for the junior South Sydney Rabbitohs, NSW rugby union and league. Sport has been my main outlet for my aggression and has comforted me in my hardest times.
  • 33. David, 12 years A sign that's says home - I would not be me today if I didn't have a home. The tree represents my growth and connection to mother earth. Football is a big part of my life, my parents used to watch it together and now I play it. It gives me happy memories. The teddy represents the love from my big brother and the computer the love from my father. Landscape - this is a reminder that I'm happy where I live.
  • 34. Dena, 14 years I like my room, it‟s a great pace to chill out with loud music I love the beautiful mixed colours of the sunset as I‟m never up to see the sun rise. I like our plants they are pretty, they stand out and smell nice. We get to water them every day and watch them grow. Family is my circle of love and trust. I love my Dino because he is always there for me when I am scared or alone.
  • 35. Destiny, 9 years I sleep with Pup-pup every night. She is the first present mum and dad gave me. Heidi plays with me and protects me from danger. This clock – represents the time I have to play, be me without worrying and experience new things with my family. The fish are close like mum, dad and I. Nobody can hurt me when I am here with them, just like the fish feels safe in their tank home. The earring is special because my brother gave it to me.
  • 36. Donna, 12 years You don‟t need makeup to look pretty I just like to be a teenager. My foster family love me. They took me in when they didn‟t have to. I am very grateful. Eminem was in an unsettled house so I can relate to him and his songs a lot. My High School is AWESOME. It has very good teachers and it‟s a good place to grow up in. Monty is the family‟s dog. Unlike humans she will never be angry at me and will always be there.
  • 37. Dylan, 15 years My friend‟s pet snake - „Black Head‟ - I really like this unusual pet that turns a lot of heads. Public transport is really important as I can‟t drive yet and the bus and train is how I get around. This is the local park where my friends and I hang out. This is the skate park where I ride my BMX. Holding the Snake - „Black Head‟ getting some sun.
  • 38. Francis, 14 years Energy Swept Trapped Life Ripple
  • 39. Hannah, 13 years I love soccer, it‟s good for when you‟re angry- you kick instead of punch, good for self-control and feeling part of a team. I love writing stories, poems, letters, secrets and drawing pictures. When I‟m upset it lets everything out. My scooter - when I ride I feel fast, free and able to escape my thoughts. I think, write, sing, write songs, paint my nails and love sleeping on my bed. Music - when I‟m in the car with my carers I sing and dance along.
  • 40. Harry, 16 years The images of people make me feel happy they are about having contact with my friends and family – people that are important to me. The spider photo is about learning life skills and growing. The photo of my toys makes me feel happy and is about my home.
  • 41. Hayden, 16 years 24 is a smart and loving dog. He represents trust as my neighbours trust me to take him on walks. This ring was left for me by my Father. He used to wear it. It means a lot. Great Grandmother‟s House - is where I spent my childhood. I enjoy working at Subway. I am proud that I have a good job. This is me doing a backflip at the skate park. When I ride I forget about everything negative and just ride.
  • 42. Helena, 18 years My sister is the only family I have. She will always be there for me and I for her. Mia reminds me of a dog called Lexy who was always there for me when I felt sad. This photo is about feeling sad 90% of the time I was in care. My sister and I would cry because there was never anyone there when we needed someone to talk to. My carers symbolise a new start. After all the bad we have finally found a place we feel safe and secure.
  • 43. Hillary, 16 years I‟m fashion conscious - your clothes can represent your character. Problems are like washing machines. They twist, spin, knock us around but in the end we come out cleaner, brighter and better. When I‟m feeling down, I reflect on my accomplished and this encourages me to keep on achieving. In adolescence one of the new experiences is love. It is both exciting and heartbreaking. I know what qualities I want in Mr Right and this photo is a shining example.
  • 44. Jack, 8 years It is important for me to have a safe place to live. My brother is very important to me. School is important to me.
  • 45. Jack, 11 years My naughty cat “Ying Yang” is fun but a grumble bum. He is naughty like me but everyone still loves him. My Art - a picture of my carer - I love doing art it makes me relaxed. My own space to be me. I feel safe when I'm in my room. “Mai Mai” My friendly cat, makes me happy when she cuddles me. This is my favourite book right now. I pretend to be the people in my books, a super hero or a Pirate.
  • 46. Jacob, 15 years I enjoy ten pin bowling and am proud at how good I am at the sport. My team is third in the competition. I ride my bike to school and to see friends. My Gold Coast “Titans” jersey - I got this when I met Greg Bird at Hunter Stadium. WWE Wrestler - “The Undertaker”- I am going to Sydney soon to watch a live WWE Event. Randy Orton is my favourite wrestler. I really enjoy watching him with my Youth Workers.
  • 47. Jacob, 10 years The Dog that is Camera Shy - Serene is cute but be warned she is nothing but a monster. Mum and Dad are fun at contact. I wish to go back to them. The Entertainment Machine - I always beat Dad at Mario Kart. The funny thing is Dad has a driver‟s licence. My iPod - I like listening to music when I‟m doing my homework to get rid of distractions. My Sister - Kendall loves playing shops. I visit her most weekends. She is funny and energetic.
  • 48. James, 13 years A picture of my brother just holding up a camera which makes him look like a Cyclops. This monkey is a pirate and looks to be holding a stick. To Feed My Black Hole - because my stomach is a black hole. The Dragon Keep - there is a dragon sitting on a castle and in the middle is my ninja mask. The Holy Gamel, because of many hours of wasted time playing these, but fun times.
  • 49. Jarrod, 15 years Waves: I like body boarding, barrels and big waves. TN‟s (Nike Shoes): These shoes are eshay and I like the Nike brand Body board: I like to body board a lot. This is my favourite photo because it was signed by Wesley Drew. TV remote & Blanket: I like to watch TV with my blanket. Phone and Hat: I like to use my phone to go on Face book. The hat is my favourite.
  • 50. Jasmine, 14 years I would like people to see my life, from my point of view, so that‟s why I have taken the photos of things that are important to me. My bed is the place I feel most comfortable and safe. I feel good laying in bed. My shoes make me feel good when I go out, I feel confident and fresh. I was brought up with this being important. This is my culture.
  • 51. Jayden, 13 years My favourite magazine picture. My stuffed toys.
  • 52. Jazmina, 12 years My photos are about having contact with my friends and family and people that are important to me. The holiday snaps photo is about having fun.
  • 53. Jeni, 11 years The feet in the sand image symbolises that I love to take care of myself, not just my feet. Ducks in a row - just the fact that I love ducks. The beach is basically my 2nd home. I love to go to the beach because it calms me. This line up of boats reminds me of when I went canoeing at camp. This Palm tree is at the front of my house, it reminds me of Fiji.
  • 54. Jess, 14 years My journey started at 12 where I was lost. Now at 14 and nine months I am whole again. I am a teenager, I am pregnant, I am a mum, I am resilient, I am a fighter and I am Jessica. My photos mean: Lost - separation away from family, Panic, Journey, Trapped and Freedom - I made it.
  • 55. Jessica, 14 years The collection of photos shows how I have grown with this family: from the first time I met my foster family. I plan on staying here no matter what. They are my second family and they LOVE ME! Rose - how my home makes me feel loved. My bedroom is where I can have my quiet time and the space to think. This mask makes me feel scared not knowing what the world will unmask. Mum and dad - I have a very happy family, including the dog.
  • 56. Jessica, 11 years The tree stump looks like a flower. This spot at the end of my street is the most beautiful sight in the Blue Mountains. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. Grasslands - all the trees and the bush in these fields was found 100 years go by the British. I took this photo of the trees while we were moving in the car. As long as I can remember, we have gone to Blackheath to visit my family. When I see Megalong Valley it makes me feel happy.
  • 57. John, 17 years Paint board - I can express what I‟m feeling and look back later at the pics and show people. When I put on my SWAT jacket I become a sergeant. Xbox - I love it and play it every day. The games let me be how I want to be in that moment (I have a girlfriend, I drive and have money in the game). Radio – it helps me fall asleep. My bedroom - is a safe place. I can escape when I‟m angry.
  • 58. Julia, 14 years My Cat: I love animals My Horse Horseshoe Woodpile: This is photo is about where I live Ducks
  • 59. Kage, 8 years Soccer gives me exercise and its fun. My rat tail is fun to grow and its cool. Dogs are cute and I can talk to them when I‟m angry I can listen to music without anyone hearing with my iPod and headphones The Rabbitohs are my favourite footy team
  • 60. Kane, 11 years Bunk bed – a place that is important for me, it is very comfy. I love footy and I don‟t want to miss my footy training. I love this car and I would like to get a car like this when I get my license. My carers are important people in my life because they are loving and caring. I love my footy shoes, how can I play footy without my favourite shoes.
  • 61. Kannitha, 11 years These 2 Ducks represent friends, they are sharing water and friends share the things that they like with each other. The posters represent my favourite TV show of all time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The hands represent my family, they are the most important thing in the whole wide world, even if we don‟t always get on. Koshigaya Park is my favourite park. When I was a little girl my mum used to take me there. I love my bo staff toy - it is Donatello‟s weapon from the TMNT.
  • 62. Karl, 11 years This photo is about my favourite footy top. My Nike Shoes - I like it as it is very helpful gear for my footy. Perry Sand Hill – a place that is important for me. My footy ball which I like very much. My Bed-this is my comfort zone.
  • 63. Katherine, 11 years This bracelet reminds me of home. This is my local hang out spot at Lake Macquarie. I like to go here to relax and have fun. This photo is a drawing of hands joined together. This is something that says freedom. This is a photo of “Bear” the Clinical Bear. He makes me happy when I visit the Clinical Building. I like going to the ocean, it is calming and relaxing.
  • 64. Katie, 13 years Mindy in a Bag – this picture makes me laugh a lot. Buster on my Sister‟s Lap – this picture is about my family and it makes me feel very happy. Buster and Lilly – this photo is about my family and it makes me feel proud.
  • 65. Katrina, 9 years Olivia is the first doll that I have ever had. I got her for my birthday. She teaches me about feelings between a mother and daughter. My garden - I feel proud watching it grow. This is JR, Will‟s Long Horn. He is hilarious. I met my grandmother in the holidays for the first time. She is very important to me. She gave me a mah-jong set. In the picture from on top of our hill shows our property. There are dams, cows and a creek.
  • 66. Kayne, 10 years The Epic Photo - is awesome. Nature is the best because it is the first thing on the planet and it looks epic. Music makes me feel happy and hopeful and sometimes sad. Pets keep you company. You can cuddle them and feed them and it‟s like a bff to you. The car takes me to places and I travel in it. The metal makes me feel strong. My sister is very nice to me when we are playing.
  • 67. Kie, 9 years Attaching a scarf to a pole for Yarn Bombing - it keeps the pole warm. This chair belongs to my brother and I and we share it. It tilts back which is really cool. This is my brother‟s new blue drum. He plays really well even though he hasn‟t played for long. Little Bro - this is my youngest brother. He is lovely and I like hanging out with him. I love playing chess. I have to concentrate hard to beat my Dad.
  • 68. Koby, 10 years This photo (letterbox) is about where I live with the people I love. My art makes me feel creative - I get to do art with supplies that I don‟t have. The reflection of the trees on the water is about summer days spent with my foster family at Mungaberina Reserve. Visits with my family - is about having contact with people that are important to me. Rutherglen is where I go to stay with mum‟s family. At my first visit aunty Nat took me to the lolly shop.
  • 69. Krystal, 12 years This photo from an apple farm shop has everything to do with apples. It‟s about going to different places to see how people live and work. The rainbow lorikeets are sharing and they look in love. My dog Charlie makes me feel loved and safe. The expression on my dogs faces says: “I love you and I will protect you”. By the looks of this house it was alone and mistreated. This photo is about safety, and respect which is very important.
  • 70. Laura, 15 years Crocadilly – this photo is about me having my say or being heard. On the Other Side of the Fence - things that make my home homely. Teen Spirit - What it means to be a child or teenager, stuff I like doing and not having anyone to talk to when I‟m unhappy.
  • 71. Leanne, 14 years The Budda head photo was taken on a trip to Thailand with my foster family and reminds me of the trip. I bought this budgie called London with my pocket money and its mine. My foster parents are important because they are part of my life and they take care of me. GT is our dog and is important because he is part of the family. This rose has a nice smell and it‟s pretty.
  • 72. Liam, 15 years This was my favourite monster truck. It‟s very big and I had fun watching it. The Shetland pony is „Tex‟. I feed, groom and check him for fleas, he is one of my favourite animals at the farm. The farm that I work at is „Taste of Paradise‟. I really enjoy helping look after the animals and fixing things. I fed these friendly and colourful parrots apples on holiday. The waves rolling in - the beach it is my favourite place. I have fun riding my body board.
  • 73. Lucas, 14 years Untitled photos
  • 74. Madison, 10 years I‟m taking the photo in the mirror of myself. It‟s creative and my dad thinks it‟s a good picture. My family is special to me. This photo is different as they are peeking over the table. I like the angle. Astro is my dog and he takes good care of me. He is one of the best dogs in the world. The Fruit Bowl is special because this is fruit for me to eat and keeps me healthy. The Winning Trophy is special. I earned it in rugby league.
  • 75. Mariah, 11 years Dylan used to always climb this tree. It brings back memories from when I was young. I feel so happy when I am with my brothers. They respect me. I feel important when I am with my family. Having contact with them is so fun. The winter tree - even though the leaves go crinkly and fall off, they grow back in spring. I feel proud because it changes in a good way like I can. The pink flowers in the park where I have contact with my Mum.
  • 76. Mariah, 17 years Hearted Kangaroos - I was excited to see two kangaroos shaped as a heart. Love, Home, Family - I think about my family everyday and I love them. Kelly the dog has been a part of me and my family. Out and about - I enjoy seeing different things and places. It was sad to see a lovely cat lost without a home.
  • 77. Marley, 11 years My photos are all about my family. My Mum makes me feel loved, she is really important to me. My brother Kyle makes me happy, we have fun together and like to play. My foster sister Jaymee is fun, she makes me laugh and we have a good time. My sister Kyeesha makes me feel loved, she is really important to me. My pillow pet was given to me by my Grandma, it makes me feel comfortable and connected to my family
  • 78. Melanie, 12 years Seagulls on Jetty Beach – is about telling people what I think about things that are important to me. Sawtell Beach – is about having contact with my family and friends - people that I care about. Coffs Harbour Marina - is about things that keep me healthy. This photo of living so close to the water is about my Aboriginal culture. The Coffs Harbour Jetty Bridge photo makes me feel safe. Sawtell Rock Pool - is about things that keep me healthy like swimming.
  • 79. Michael, 12 years I made my skateboard with my home school tutor Ash, and tagged it with my nickname. I‟m really proud I made this. Nutella is my breakfast spread of choice it makes me start my day off feeling good. My favourite singer Macklemore - I love listening to his music, it makes me feel relaxed. Brett Morris, is one of my favourite football players. He is my role model. St George Illawarra is my favourite football team. I like to watch football with my Youth Workers.
  • 80. Michael, 13 years My Carlton gurneys‟, GO BLUES. My flag, my people. My painting, my cousin painted this. My dog, Moe. My basketball uniform, GO WILDCATS.
  • 81. Michael, 18 years This flower is a sign of life amongst the dead flowers. This is how I and many young people have felt. I love Japanese food, it takes me to another world with my friend who has always been there for me. This tree I encountered after transitioning to placement for 18 years of age - no matter how lifeless something seems, there will always be beauty. The Blurred out Girl - is smiling, yet there is that darkness. I worry about young people in care, this dark blurred aura shows that they're lost or struggling to take control. When I play the Piano I feel relaxed.
  • 82. Monique, 9 years Love makes me feel safe. My cat makes me feel comfortable. Owl toys make her feel happy. Origami makes me happy.
  • 83. Nicholas, 11 years These are my toys I play with outside. They are all blue, I like blue. My favourite toys: Sergeant Teddy, Slug, toilet potty, creeper and my pirate money box. They make me feel happy. They came to this house with me. This was my first day at school. I really like my school. My favourite game - Super Mario‟s 64 DS. I have play time every day from 3:15 till 5pm. This is the basketball net at the HAWKS. I get to play with my foster brother.
  • 84. Nikki, 8 years This is a romantic photo of my foster parents, Nick and Mon. When I look at it I see love. This is my Dad. On this day I bungee jumped and I did my first back flip. I love seeing my Dad every Saturday. My bedroom is the best place in the house. I can see my paintings, and my „children‟ (stuffed toys). I feed the duckies nearly every day. It is like they are our own Duckatitoes. Saturday is movie night. We watch a movie together as a family.
  • 85. Nykita, 9 years This necklace is very special to me as it was given to me by my Mum and Dad. Meg the Horse - I feel happy when I am riding horses. I feel free when I go horse riding. Axel gives me cuddles, she makes me happy and laugh when I am sad. Snowy is soft and cuddly. We like to play games with my youth workers and my other toys. I like playing at the park and going on the swing. I can swing really high!
  • 86. Octavia, 13 years The park keeps me healthy, energetic and feel like a child again. Where I have lots of laughs with my friends and make memories that will last forever. I keep in touch with my friends and biological family through my iPad and keep memories of good times on it. My trampoline was bought by an old case manager. It reminds me of the times we had. Toby is my beautiful dog. When I walk in the door from school he always gets excited.
  • 87. Piper-Marie, 8 years My Pillow Pet “Fluffy” - I got it as a present from Santa. I love sleeping with it. I tell it my secrets. My brothers, Justin and Joshua, make me very happy. I love going on bike rides with them. I had morning tea with the Principal, when I won the Principals Award. When I look at these things I remember grandma. I felt safe and loved with her. Sometimes I feel sad as grandma died this year. I made this “safe home picture” representing my home where we have lots of fun together.
  • 88. Rebecca, 15 years The Nun‟s photo is about growing up, aspirations and inspirations. The Bible photo is about my religion. The Sky is about where I live, being connected with people that are important to me. The Bookshelves photo is about stuff I like doing The Beach is a place that is important to me.
  • 89. Reid, 10 years Aboriginal Flag Painting – this photo is about my Aboriginal culture. Bushland Dam - a place that is important to me. I like going to the bush because it makes me feel peaceful. My achievement award makes me feel happy because it shows that I am doing good things. I like earning rewards from my achievements. Bushland - I really like being outdoors having fun. Rock Pools at the Beach - I like the beach because you get to go swimming and have fun.
  • 90. Rhiannon, 15 years This artwork painted by my brother represents the love between us. I lost my mum at a young age, I felt lonely but from having my dad and brothers I have become stronger. When I lived with Mum and Dad, I use to have dream catches which catch my good dreams and protect me from the bad. They remind me of the good years spent with my family. I am proud to be Australian. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! This bird makes me feel hopeful and how I want to be free from the pain and hurt in my life.
  • 91. Rhyana, 12 years My carer tells me I will be a grown up for a very long time, so it is important to enjoy being a kid. Sometimes it‟s hard to express how I feel like I am wearing a mask. There is nobody in this world exactly like you. Be who you are so people get to know the real YOU! Sometimes I find a peaceful quiet place to relax. It‟s hard to make friends because I‟m scared if they find out I‟m in foster care, they will tease me. Sometimes I feel like I‟m the odd one out.
  • 92. Samantha, 18 years My scars are there to remind me of my life‟s journey and how strong I am. I know I can get through anything that life throws my way. My kitten “Skittles” who I love very much. He gives me cuddles and makes me laugh. My Carer - has helped me through a lot of tough times, she is very special to me. Circle of Courage - Allambi have been there for me and I don‟t know where I would be without them. My beautiful girlfriend - she believes in me and makes me feel loved every day.
  • 93. Samuel, 13 years Sammy - I love my pet Sammy because I care for him. The Boat - I like to go out on the river. Zannyboy - I like to play ball with him. The Possum - Possums are my favourite animal. Palm Trees - it‟s my land, so get your greasy paws off it!
  • 94. Sare, 14 years A Learning Curve - is my school, a place where I can learn and spend time with other kids. My Own Little City - is a part of my Lego collection; I use this to escape to my own little world which makes me really happy. My Man Cave is just that, a place where I can relax and have alone time whenever I need it, it is my home. Youth Group (Shirt) - is a great place for me to socialise and have fun!
  • 95. Sari, 8 years My favourite photo is My Special Teddy Charlotte. Ted was the first present I received when I arrived at Mum and Dad‟s house. When I am lost Ted always makes me find my way through. When it is night time Ted will keep me calm if I have nightmares. He makes me feel special, happy when I am sad, adventurous, confident, safe and secure. Ted gets lots of cuddles. Ted also gets washed a lot and has a nature smell when she hangs on the clothes line.
  • 96. Saxon, 8 years I don‟t have much to say about my photos, except I like taking photos. My worker told me I am like my Nanny Jan in that way. Taking photos makes me feel creative. I did my project all about nature. I like the photo of the sun because it brings out the glaze. I like the photo of the caravan because I took it with plants around it to make it look overgrown.
  • 97. Selina, 17 years A multi-flavoured slurpee is a great way to cool yourself down on a warm day. North Wollongong Beach is my favourite place. The sun rising with my feet on either side gives a natural, calm and happy mood. My first reverse park ever was in a manual car - it was very exciting. This photo is practice for my year 12 major artwork. It represents my attempt to surf, to overcome my fear of falling off a wave. Aeroplane - the joy of being next to a window. This photo has texture, line and is so simple, yet interesting.
  • 98. Thalia, 8 years Yum - Ice cream is a family tradition that makes me feel happy. My Special Place - my room has things that make my home feel homely. My Awesome Carer - this photo is about people that are important to me. Teddy - this photo is about things that make me feel safe. Fun in the Sun - this photo is about having fun.
  • 99. Tamara, 16 years The Tree I love nature because no matter how hard you try and hide you can always just listen to the birds, the sound of nature and come out of hiding. Love framed: Nature is peaceful in every way. The Park - Nature is a place to think. Nature Framed Through a Tree - when you are alone it‟s just you and nature.
  • 100. Thomas, 10 years State of Origin is my favourite photo. I chose it because I love the competition. It has the best players from NSW and QLD and it‟s a tough game. I started playing football when I was four years old. Watching State of Origin gives me tactics to improve my game. I go for the NSW Blues. Next year I will live in QLD so will cheer for the Maroons. I like watching football from a distance as well as up close.
  • 101. Tiana, 15 years Family: mending relationships with my family. Under construction: because I‟m rebuilding my life. Break Free: breaking free from the things that hold me back. International Love: learning life skills & growing up. Lights Will Guide You Home: this photo is about leaving care.
  • 102. Tom, 14 years These photos are about where I live. They make me feel frustrated, connected, safe, hopeful, but also lonely. They are about learning life skills and growing up.
  • 103. Tony, 14 years This jewellery is about memories. It helps me remember the events, friends and family that are important to me. My artwork I did at school made me feel proud about myself. My video games are my favourite games to play, they make me feel relaxed. The Hunger Games - I loved the movie and it makes me feel connected to what it means to me to be a teenager My Xbox allows me to chill out and relax - that‟s what being a teenager is all about!
  • 104. Tyrone, 10 years I love eating and cooking pancakes because I am the pancake monnnssssttter. I collect crystals because I like the sparkly bits and they feel good to hold. This is my Dad‟s bike. Sometimes we ride together which is fun  These hats belong to me and my brother. We reckon we look awesome and we wear them whenever we can. My friend‟s dogs Taz and Red in my friends Ute. They are good mates.
  • 105. Tyronne, 16 years Going fishing: I love being free on the lake. It makes me feel hopeful and relaxed. Moons are mad. I was happy and chilling out at sunrise with a full moon. Haha. Midget - she listens to me. Coming Home - when I want to move I move quick. Kane the Toad - this photo is about being staunch.
  • 106. Vanessa, 14 years The wall in room - it makes me feel at home because I feel comfortable and I have a lot of important photos on there. My Pop - is about belonging, family and a place that‟s important to me. Sun shower - is about being relaxed and connected to home. Chook - is about the poor sick chook. Thrill Hill - is about losing your tummy.
  • 107. Will, 13 years I came into this foster family when I was 9 months old. Mum and dad are very important to me and I love this house. Favourites: This is chocolate, I love chocolate. Max: This is my dog Max who I love very much. Laptop: This is my laptop that means lots to me. My Awesome TV: means lots to me. My Speakers and Consoles: means lots to me.
  • 108. William, 11 years A Bird on the Antenna - I feel really proud that I get to take this snap. This photo is about my pet who is my companion. Flowers make me feel happy when I am sad. Our pet chooks -they are beautiful and friendly. The picture of a flower bunch on the grass shows my artistic talent.