Mobilizing Microsoft Sharepoint Server


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Mobilizing Microsoft Sharepoint Server

  1. 1. Mobilizing Microsoft SharePoint Server Jesus Rodriguez & Carlos Ovalles KidoZen
  2. 2. About Me • Hackerpreneur • Co-Founder KidoZen, Inc • Advisor to software companies (Microsoft, Oracle….) • Board member • Investor • Speaker, Author, Blogger • • • •
  3. 3. About KidoZen COMPANY  Enterprise MobileApp Platform (PaaS)  Headquarters: Miami, FL  DevelopmentCenter: BuenosAires,Argentina  Privately Held  SeriesA of $5 Million: November 2013,Third PointVentures WHATWE PROVIDE  Enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service API  Mobile SDKs  Mobile Enterprise Application Center  HTML 5 Hosting  Mobile DataVirtualization  Mobile Data Management  Mobile Analytics  Mobile App Prototyper CUSTOMERS HIGHLIGHTS • Large Number of EnterpriseAPIs • Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud & On-Premise • Access and Manage Enterprise Data Sources by Applying Security Policies at the Data Level for Mobility Management • 100+ Global 1000 Customers • Pricing starts at $5k/10M API Calls/10K Users/200GB Store per Month
  4. 4. MOBILE ENTERPRISE APPLICATION PLATFORM (MEAP) FOCUS ON PROVIDING END TO END, DESIGN- TO-MANAGEMENT TOOLS AND INFRASTRUCTURE FOR BUILDING ENTERPRISE MOBILE APPS ENTERPRISE MOBILE BACKEND AS A SERVICE (EmBaaS) PLATFORM FOR PROVIDING INFRASTRUCTURE FOR DESIGNING AND OPERATING BACKEND/SAAS SYSTEMS ENTERPRISE MOBILE PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (EmPaaS) MOBILE-FIRST/CLOUD ENABLED FROM THE GROUD UP Enterprise Mobile Platform Evolutionary Path KidoZen “We believe that the company’s product vision is consistent with the next stage of enterprise mobility, where data-level access and management will be a key capability to provide IT managers with additional tools to apply security policies” Yankee Group
  5. 5. 100+ customers in 12 countries Canada United States AustraliaSouth Africa Taiwan Philippines Argentin a Egypt Kuwait Saudi Arabia UAE Mexico India Malaysia Singapore Indonesia China Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Russia Geographic &Vertical Coverage
  6. 6. Agenda • Current solutions for mobilizing SharePoint Server • The challenges (user experience, authentication, integration) • A better way: how to leverage SharePoint assets from mobile apps • KidoZen’s SharePoint Server support • Demo
  7. 7. Mobilizing SharePoint? I want an app!
  8. 8. The Current Solutions…
  9. 9. You can use SharePoint’s support for mobile…
  10. 10. Mobile Support in SharePoint Server 2013 • Mobile views • Contemporary • Classic • Full • Mobile Alerts • Device channels • Push notifications • BI content
  11. 11. Or you can use third party mobile SharePoint apps…
  12. 12. SharePoint Mobile Apps…
  13. 13. There are a few challenges….
  14. 14. I would like a native experience…
  15. 15. And a better user experience…
  16. 16. SharePoint authentication from mobile devices (Claims,Windows) is a pain in the…..
  17. 17. With mobile we need new levels of authorization and access control: Apps & Devices
  18. 18. API and client libraries integration from mobile apps is not exactly trivial
  19. 19. No easy way to leverage SharePoint content, data from mobile apps…
  20. 20. And every enterprise mobile app needs backend capabilities other than SharePoint. Example: Storage, logging, integration with other systems…
  21. 21. It’s not about pre-built apps… It’s about leveraging SharePoint as a platform
  22. 22. The KidoZen Solution…
  23. 23. KidoZen SharePoint Support KidoZen Enterprise mBaaS • SharePoint connector KidoZen Mobile DataVirtualization • SharePoint Data Sources KidoZen Identity Federation Gateway • SharePoint Passive Authentication and SharePoint Authorization
  24. 24. KidoZen SharePoint Connector • Mobile-first API to integrate mobile apps with SharePoint Server • Connect to SharePoint with one line of code across a dozen mobile platforms • Builds on top of the SharePoint object model • Extensible & versionable • Works for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online
  25. 25. KidoZen SharePointVirtual Data Sources • Abstract access to SharePoint Server from mobile apps • Single API to access all your SharePoint data from mobile apps • Single API to access all your enterprise data from mobile apps • Enables a mobile data source catalog Require EncryptionWhen Accessed from an AT&T Network
  26. 26. KidoZen SharePoint Identity Federation • Leverage SharePoint authentication from mobile applications • Impersonate users from mobile applications • Enable SharePoint-driven authorization for mobile applications
  27. 27. Demos…
  28. 28. • The default solutions for mobilizing SharePoint Server don’t work • The key is to leverage SharePoint assets from mobile applications • KidoZen integrates mobile applications with SharePoint via three fundamental mechanisms: • Mobile SharePoint connectors • Mobile data virtualization • SharePoint passive authentication and identity federation • Give KidoZen a go and send us some feedback! Summary
  29. 29. Thanks Jesus Rodriguez:!/jrodthoughts Carlos Ovalles