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Naturaltreatmentforadult adhd

  1. 1. 155 - Friends: A natural treatment for adult ADHD Natural treatment for adhdMedication and counseling can help treat the symptoms of ADHD, but for many adults,have a good friend is the best alternative treatment.Nan Bailey, 42, a marketing consultant, was diagnosed with ADHD a year and a half.The medication and yoga have been useful, but the best weapon against Nan ADHDsymptoms is her friend Janice, a graphic artist who works with her occasionally. Sheunderstands the behavior of Nan, and helps to control them.Why do friends help treat the symptoms of ADHDThe research reveals the importance of friendship for adult ADHD. In a study entitled "Responses to Stress in Females: Tend-and-Befriend, Not Fight-or-Flight", published inPsychological Review, UCLA researchers suggest that having a close friend helpswomen cope with the stress and live more time and with better health. Friendship isespecially important for women who were diagnosed with ADHD in their 30 to 40 years.Many of these women have lost a job, friends and possibly a wedding, and some wereisolated and avoided trying to make friends. Women with close friends, however, arebetter able to control their lives and heal the wounds of the past related to ADHD."Women with ADHD find it more difficult to make friends and socialize," says TimothyS. Bilkey, MD, director of Bilkey ADHD Clinics in Ontario, Canada. "If a woman haslost friends because of impulsive or a comment about something that she said, her self-esteem will suffer. Women with ADHD do not realize that inappropriate comments orhave offensive behaviors that alienate some people. These women are sensitive torejection. Find a good friend is critical to cross that wall. ""Having someone you can talk about their difficulties is extremely important for self-esteem and to promote understanding of himself," says Nancy A. Ratey, in ADHD coachand author of "Desorganized Mind." Ratey was diagnosed with 29 years of age, and sheuses her experience when acting as a coach for adults with ADHD.As the right friends can help the symptoms of ADHDAlthough ADHD coaching is recommended as a component of treatment, many womenseek their friends to get further help. Nan has friends and not ADHD. Of her friends notADHD, she says, "Some have found that I get overwhelmed by simple tasks - filling rolesor household chores like vacuuming and dusting off - which leaves me with an amazinglymessy house. My friends help me without making me feel guilty. They have washed myclothes and checked my checkbook. "
  2. 2. Amelia, 49, is a visual artist and poet. Adults diagnosed with ADHD three years ago, shehas a close friend. "It gives me suggestions and tips to help me live in a world that I donot understand," she reveals.The key to a productive and lasting friendship is to choose friends wisely. I - and many ofmy friends ADHD - look for patience, support and a good sense of humor of a friend. Myfriends help me control my deep insecurity and anxiety. Even today, when I find myselfin a situation in which someone is abusive, irrational or acting improperly, I think if Ishould blame my social skills. This is probably due to the fact that my family saw myhyperactivity and malice. They thought I could control my behavior, but I did not want. Alink to my dearest friend put things right. She knows what I feel inside - and not alwaysme who is wrong.Be friends with ADHD or not?"Friendships with other women ADHD are difficult," said Amelia, "because they seem toexacerbate my symptoms. ADHD is sufficiently disturbing, dealing with it on otherpeople makes you aware of its limitations. "Nan agrees. "I have a friend with ADHD-like behaviors," she says. "His disorganizationand confusion make me crazy! We are both easily distracted, and we can leave projectsabandoned for months. “On the positive side, "Im less disappointed in myself when Imwith her."Sarah, 33, who was diagnosed with ADHD hyperactive and impulsive at age 24, says herfriends do not ADHD to calm down, while his highly energetic personality reveals hislighter side. "I admire and like calm and silent types."For some, however, friendships with others with ADHD work better. "Can I appeal to myfriends anytime ADHD," says Ratey. "But if I turn to my friends not ADHD, they take itpersonally. It seems lack of commitment or lack of kindness. "Having friendships with adult ADHD is important to Ratey, because they understandtheir eccentricities and can laugh at them. "Other women do not understand how difficultit can be shopping at the supermarket," she says. "Women with ADHD know very well.If you jump from one item to another, they are able to accompany you. "Ratey remember having made friends with a woman who, as Ratey, had recently beendiagnosed with the disorder. None of them had begun to take medication. While otheryoung college was taking pills to get stimulated, they sat together on a bench on campus,holding hands on the medication. That classic moment of unity that only those withADHD may experience, they began to take their medication together! They have beenfriends ever since.How to maintain friendships with adult ADHD
  3. 3. Winning friends is not difficult for many adults with ADHD. Given its abundance ofcharm, intelligence and humor, not like what? Maintaining friendship is another story.Offensive behavior erratic, impulsive and unpredictable becomes exasperating."The challenge is to maintain friendships make the effort to pay attention and rememberthings like the names of the children of a friend, where she works and she does not eat incertain restaurants," says Amelia. "Many people do not care to remind you once or twice,especially in the early stages of a friendship, but after telling you for the twelfth time thatthe name of her son Jason is; it is understandable that someone will be angry”.For all these challenges, friendship is the difference between a pleasant life and that stateof feeling overwhelmed by stress that many of us experience. Ratey says, "If a frienddoes not add anything to your growth and self-acceptance, that person does not belong toyour life."Tips friendship for adults with ADHD• Take responsibility to control their ADHD to the best of your skills (medicine,coaching, and support groups).• Strive for self-awareness, to learn how to socialize with others.• Start the friendship carefully and go slowly, remember that not every contact is apotential friend.• Agree to disagree. Not always you who is wrong. But it should not be a breach ofcontract if you do not agree with something.• Meet your obligations, keep appointments made with friends.• Acknowledge your mistakes and apologize.• Listen to your friend when he is talking, even when your brain is trying to remake thegrocery list.• Show interest in another person; think about what is important to her. Some friendsexpect you to remember their birthdays; others do not care about a meeting late. Somelike the return of bonds, others like to meet regularly.