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What Would Your Stuffed Animals Do Over Night
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What Would Your Stuffed Animals Do Over Night


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  • 1. What would your stuffed animals do over night in the library?
    We wondered too. So, we invited the animals to spend the night with us. Look at what we found out!!!
    November 14, 2009
    Chagrin Falls Public Library
  • 2. The animals enjoyed the library just like you do.
    They checked out their books.
  • 3. .
    They looked at books that interested them.
  • 4. .
    They found books that they would like to take home.
  • 5. .
    They played with the puzzles.
  • 6. .
    They played with, well ON, the train table.
  • 7. .
    They loved moving the engines around . . .
  • 8. .
    And around.
  • 9. .
    They took turns drawing pictures.
  • 10. .
    Some even wrote their own stories.
  • 11. It was all very calm and quiet. Until . . .
    Someone found the music CDs and BOOM BOX.
  • 12. .
    Elephant tried to play along.
  • 13. .
    All the animals joined in for a sing-along.
  • 14. .
    After the singing, things started to get out of control quickly. The animals held a meeting to decide how they could spend the hours until bedtime.
  • 15. .
    Bunny played with all the phones.
  • 16. Monkey thought the copy machine looked like fun.
    But, it was only fun for Monkey!
  • 17. .
    It wasn’t a very good idea at all!
  • 18. .
    Some friends started a game of hide and seek. Do you think hiding in the cash register is a good idea?
  • 19. .
    They had truck races. It was noisy but sure looked like fun!
  • 20. .
    Some teams vroomed all through the library.
  • 21. .
    Others stayed in the Children’s Room.
  • 22. .
    They raced and raced and
  • 23. .
    Raced! Each time had a chance to be the winners!
  • 24. Other animals decided to investigate
    Places they had never noticed before. Like on top of the audio books..
  • 25. .
    They found new places up high!
  • 26. .
    They looked all around.
  • 27. Some animals were a little bit naughty.
    Like when they played in he elevator.
  • 28. .
    And slid down the banisters.
  • 29. .
    They animals had to be reminded that some activities are not safe inside a library.
  • 30. It was definitely time to calm things down.
    With a snack.
  • 31. .
    The animals enjoyed pretzels and raisins.
  • 32. .
    They were very good at sharing.
  • 33. They were good helpers too.
    This friend helped the librarians straighten a shelf .
  • 34. .
    The cleaning crew was happy to have help putting away the comic books.
  • 35. As a reward,
    The animals were given a little computer time before getting ready for bed.
  • 36. .
    They found some of their favorite games on Mrs. B’s computer.
  • 37. Booker, the library dog
    Was looking a little lonely, he wanted to play with his new friends.
  • 38. .Booker looks so much happier with friends!
    But it’s time to pick out a bedtime story.
  • 39. All the animals
    Wanted a different book!
  • 40. Miss R finally
    Choose a book that everyone would enjoy. All the animals cuddled up to listen.
  • 41. They washed their faces, brushed their teeth
    And combed their fur.
  • 42. .
    They were very good at waiting their turn in the bathrooms.
  • 43. Mrs. B let everyone have a little
    Drink of water before the lights were turned out.
  • 44. Everyone was getting sleepy!
    (and thirsty)!
  • 45. Luckily,
    No water was spilled and
  • 46. .
    No one had any accidents.
  • 47. Miss R laid down,
    Just so the animals would feel at home!
  • 48. Goodnight friends.
    Goodnight library!
  • 49. Slumber parties are so
    Much fun!!!!
  • 50. The animals loved sleeping at the library but,
    There’s really no place like home!
  • 51.
    This presentation will be posted to Miss R’s twitter page within a few days. You can also follow the link from our Branch Home Page.