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  • 1. Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note Warming up and Reading
  • 2. Name: Han Lintao English Name: Alex Han School: Shandong Normal University Website:http://kidboy1988.viviti.com
  • 3. Preparation
    • One pencil
    • One blank paper
    • Text book
    • Proweful brain
    • TA(teacher assistant)
    • 4 Ss in a group
    • One number per Student
  • 4. … … … … A3 … … A2 H1 G1 F1 E1 D1 C1 B1 A1
  • 5. Task 1: Read the passage about MT in 30s Task 2: Fill in the blanks in 30s
  • 6. Along the Mississippi River Place where he grew up Hannibal,Missouri Birthplace November 30 th ,1835 Birth Date The water is 2 fathoms deep Meaning of his pen name Samuel Langhorne Clemens Real Name Notes
  • 7. His famous stories
    • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) ( 汤姆 · 索亚历险记)
    • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1894 )(哈克贝利 · 费恩历险记)
  • 8.  
  • 9. What would you do with it?
  • 10. Alex Han will build schools for poor children.
  • 11. Two rich gentlemen made a bet on what would happen to a person if he was given a million pound note. Henry, the hero of the story, an American young man, sailed too far, drifted out to the ocean. A British ship, for London, passing by, fortunately saved him. So he was now in London. Tired, hungry and pennliless…
  • 12. Defaut: Henry Roderick Oliver servant,narrator
  • 13. Task 3: After finish reading, answer the questions as a group. Write your answers down. Choose a representative to answer T's questions.
  • 14. Questions:
    • 1. Where does Henry Adams come from?Does he know much about London?
    • 2. What did he do in America?
    • 3. Why do you think that the brothers chose Henry for their bet?
    • 4.What kind of person do you think Henry is? Why do you think so?
    • 5.How he feels when they seem happy that he has no money?
    • 6.How he feels when they tell him there is money in it?
  • 15. Homework
    • Act the play out with classmates and perform it next class
    • Learn the useful new words and expressions in this part by heart