Recce and make up trials


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Recce and make up trials

  1. 1. Pre-ProductionRECCE and Make-Up Trials
  2. 2. RECCE: The Kitchen Originally in our music video we were going to show the last the downfall of the main character of the narrative in a kitchen like the song illustrates. This is one of the kitchens that we are considering using. However the space of the kitchen makes it unlikely as it is too small to fit in lights, cameras and the rest of the crew and have room to move around and act out the scene effectively. It is unlikely that will use this kitchen mainly as the size of it is an health and safety risk. The size of the kitchen would also limit the number of angles we would be able to shoot. In the song, the gas of the stove gets blown out by the air coming through the window. As the window is the opposite side of the cooker, would be hard to show this and it is at too of an awkward position to get too and film.
  3. 3. RECCE: The Shower In the music video there is going to be a shower scene where the main character attempts to wash off what she has done in order for her to continue feeding her habit. This is the shower we are thinking of using as it is very open which will make it easier for us to film from different angles if necessary. However the style of the shower seems too fancy for status of our character and doesnt keep in tone with the tone and theme of the music video which explores hard times and being stripped bare of emotion and soul.
  4. 4. RECCE: Bedroom 1 This is the kind of bedroom we want to use for the student character, Tamara who is a witness to the attack.There is also enough It has a typical girl studentspace to shoot from look and it is clear to see thedifferent angles and kind of person that residesget the shots we need here. The colours also add ato make the scene touch of innocence to themost effective. character which is prominent in her personality.
  5. 5. RECCE: Streets in Harrow The station is in the perfect walking distance from the street and the alley way which makes it convenient for us to shoot here. This is the alley way we usedThis is the street we in which Tamara witnessesused in the opening the attack on Kelly. This alleyshots and the scenes in was round the corner from thewhich the characters street we used and thought itconfront each other or would be appropriate aswere last seen. We behind every corner youchose this as it seems never know what it waiting forlike idyllic setting which you. A saying which hasis ironic in comparison to relating symbolism to ourwhat occurs there. video.
  6. 6. Make-Up Trials For Main Actress The baggy clothes could be used to make her look thinner which adds emphasis to her condition of being a heroin addict. The make-up from afar comes across as just looking pale which is the case with most addicts until you look close up. Here I used a very white foundation to make her look pale and colourless. I blackened the eyes and made themThese are needle marks look gaunt through black and whitewhich I drew on with a eye shadows which help to makepurple and red eye liner them look sunken. Foundation andpencil to make it look concealer are used on the lips tomore realistic. I drew on make them looked chapped; allmore then one to help common denominators of real heroinexpress the emphasis of addicts which I know from previousher newly found heroin research.drug addiction.
  7. 7. Chosen Make-Up For Artist The make-up I decided to do for the artist was natural colours like browns with subtle hints of gold on the eyes to draw attention for them. Because of the role the artist is playing of guardian angel the colour choice seems appropriate. The eyebrows have been coloured in,along with the use of false eyelashes, to highlight the eyes and help them to look really enhanced on camera. The make-up also reflected well against the light that was used during shooting. Gold luminous powder was used on the cheeks to make them glow against the rest of her face which also helps them to stand out and compliment the rest of the make-up.
  8. 8. Initial Ideas For CostumesKelly:Beginning scenes from intro to the end of the first chorus:Casual clothing: jeans, a nice going out top (white), a jacket (leather or bomber), boots or flatsHouse Scene: second verse onwardsFish net tights, big oversized top or a baggy jumper, torn jean shorts, white nightdress (optional)Tammy:Beginning scene:College clothing casual with an item of white (preferably a top)For the rest of the scenes that she is in wearing something similar but comforting to juxtapose the way she’sfeeling… nothing fancy either baggy clothes or nightwear with a childish icon e.g. mickey mouse etc.Leanne:Beauty shot and performance scenes all black attire; black harem trousers, black vest top and black shoes/boots.For narrative scenes…Saskia:Casual clothing: jeans, a nice going out top (white), a jacket (leather or bomber), boots or flats