Question 2 continued…Poster we chose of her and why? Colours that we used on the poster promotes her in a bright happy way...
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Question 2 continued


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Question 2 continued

  1. 1. Question 2 continued…Poster we chose of her and why? Colours that we used on the poster promotes her in a bright happy way, the exact image that we wanted our artist to be portrayed as. Although it’s a different style of the one on the front, we could reveal more attitude and style however her dignity is still kept as she is captured from the waist upwards. Her attitude illustrates a feisty and confident character by her the way she is standing and the look on her face. Back Cover: For the back cover we kept a plain black background with an effect because it made the font and the writing stand out more. To continue with the bright effect, we made the colours of the song list orange/yellow which reflects the glow and intensity. Bold and strong font we went for as it symbolised the music produced by the artist. The icons on theback of the cover we used because, we wanted the front to remain attractive. Also the back is informative and for the fans to gain information whereas in my opinion the front is about the style and how it looks which attracts the audience. Forexample when people pick up the CD, they will be able to see what’s she looks like and the back they would be able to seewhat music she produces and decide whether they want to purchase the CD. The copyright symbol is also kept on the back cover because it’s another form of information and this is not what we are using to attract the audience, hence why it’s not kept on the front cover.And introduction page: perfect opportunity to expand on the idea of giving the fans extra. It allows them to have a deeper communication with their fans as they would be able to read about her and know her life story. Also it can give fans a deeper meaning of belonging because it’s as if they have been there from the start. By having this introduction, we wanted the artist to give inspiration to her young fans by giving them a message of encouragement, as the messageincludes where she has grown up, what it was like and how she made it. In this picture that we used for the introduction, it reveals slightly more attitude and goes well with the message that is in the message. The handwritten font reveals a more deeper connection with the fans as it’s like she has written the message herself. Branding – The brand of the artist is very effortless. It focuses on the artists’ simple but nice music, and the unique style that she had.Target Audience – 16-25 year old would be the most suitable target audience as teenager and young adults they are most like to be in contact and know off chart music and who is number at the moment in time, as they are more I touch with technologies. Most of them are young so will not usually have financial difficulties (paying bills etc) and will money andtime to waste on buying into music. Furthermore, as they are young they are most likely to stay loyal to the artist and feel as if they are getting older with her.