Early and final ideas


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Final and early ideas

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Early and final ideas

  1. 1. Early and Final Ideas Narrative For Save me: A girl who had made the wrong choices in her relationships and pushed the person who cared about her the most away. Themes would have been depression and despair.Nicki Minaj- Save Me Ideas for ‘If No One Will Listen’ By Sitting in a car contemplating Kelly Clarkson whether to go or not Final Idea: Outline: Beauty shot lip syncing with the guy Choice of Track: Professor Green character next to her Relating to the things society Astronaut challenges by looking at the Her overseeing his daily activities different lives of people e.g. The reason we chose this track is whilst singing to him but when he homosexuality etc. because we decided to do a song with turns around she’s gone an emotional meaning to move the Following the lives of people and the audience and be really creative when it Singer is not part of the narrative hardship they go through in the came to the filming of it all. more the narrator end they take a stand against the things standing in their way This song has the narrative of a girl Girl in a bath with make- up who is walking home after a day with smudged and everything, lip Clips of used footage like the Martin her best friend. Instead of taking the syncing the chorus and then tries Luther King speech, the twin train, she walks and is brought to her to drown herself. Shot of arms towers and gay pride marches in fate by an attack from a man who also pulling her up from the water and slow motions… no more than 10 injects her with heroin. She becomes trying to revive her by pumping seconds per clip dependent on him and cuts off all on her chest, she wakes up sees contact from her friends and family. In it’s him and wraps her arms Beauty shots of artists lip syncing to the end she dies from the thing that around him as he does to her. the song effectively killed her in the first place… This shot to be shown in the final the heroin. chorus. Close ups of the characters emotion as a beauty shot-: crying, despair Flashbacks of the good times she etc. spent with her boyfriend which The narrative will also contain she no longer has 3 peoples life stories- a gay shots of illustration and person(s), a racially challenged performance shots as the artist Slow motion one shot of a dancer in person and someone who various cuts and parts of the is not part of the narrative but fashionably stands out… like a chorus gothic person or an emo’ mroe of a guardian angel.