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A brief hisotry of Hineamaru given by Powerpoint; the author is unknown so I am unable to acknowledge the writer.

A brief hisotry of Hineamaru given by Powerpoint; the author is unknown so I am unable to acknowledge the writer.

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  • Kena koe, Just to let you know Te Iwi Puihi Tipene (Uncle Percy) did this, Kiaora Theresa
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  • the artwork that is used in the powerpoint is by artist Theresa Reihana.
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  • 1. Rahiri = Ahuaiti Uenukukuare = Kareariki Hauhaua = Torongare HINEAMARU = KOPERU
  • 2. Rahiri = Ahuaiti o Te Tahuhunui a Rangi Uenuku = Kareariki Uewhati – Maikuku – Hauhaua – Tamure – Ruakiwhiria Hua Takaroa = Maikuku Te Ra – Rangiheketini – Kaiangaanga – Torongare – Ruangaio - Ruakino Torongare = Hauhaua Tamangana - Hineamaru
  • 3. Hauhaua and Torongare
    • Torongare fell out of favour his and his wifes people
    • Exiled from Ngaitamatea sub-tribe of Waimamaku
    • Here with his family and a group of faithful followers
    • they Journeyed their way through Waipoua down through Tutamoe into the region of Whangarei (Terenga Paraoa) to a place called Raurangi.
    • Here they stayed and raised their family. From that day to this day this place the headland jutting out to the sea is known as “ The resting place of Torongare”
    • Te Kahu o Torongare
    • Torongare and Hauhaua and some of his family left Ruarangi to find other new lands to settle in heading towards Ngararatunua, Pipiwai setting up Pa in various areas ending up in Kaikou.
    • It has been said that Hauhaua died during this journey and her body was taken into a Torere (Cave) in Pipiwai /Kaikau.
  • 4. Hineamaru given leadership
    • The mana and the leadership,power and wisdom became Hineamaru as of right as for she was the eldest child and great great grand daughter of Rahiri
    • By the time Torongare reached Papataharoa near the Motatau Ranges, Torongare was ailing and unable to walk due to a injured leg and he settled to rest.
    • Hineamaru builds a Pa in Kaikau for her people to care for her father.
    • Hineamaru leaves Kaikau to find new lands spying out new lands and testing it for fertility but always moving on other people on the land before them so they were forced to continue their journey to avoid disputes.
    • Fifteen miles south-west of Waiomio Hineamaru led expeditions through the Waiomio valley and along the south banks of the Taumarere river to the fishing grounds of the southern Bay of Islands.
  • 5. Hineamaru find new land
    • At Paparata Hineamaru set fire to some dead Rata
    • trees. She took some earth from the burnt-out site
    • and headed back to Papatahora to show her father.
    • On her next visit back to the coast, she takes kumara seeds with her and planted a garden on the ground cleared earlier by the fire.
    • On the autumn visit to the coast she dug up the kumara and filled ten paaro (large food baskets) with a good variety of large middle sized and small kumara and took some to show her father.
    • On seeing the quantity and quality of the kumara
    • Torongare declared, E ko nana taua whenua (My daughter, behold our land)
  • 6.
    • Torongare settle in the next valley near Waiomio called Mohinui which he named after the large whitebait Mohi-nui where his children caught in the river.
    • Waiomio
    • Hineamaru Settles in Waiomio “Otarawa”
    • Hineamaru Builds her Pa in Waiomio “Otarawa” utilizing the high limestone rocks and underground caves resembling a castle and made it her home.
    • A discovered cave by Hineamaru near her Pa likened to a sacred chest or box was named Te Pouaka a Hineamaru
    Torongare settles in Waiomio “Mohinui”
  • 7. Hineamaru Married Koperu
    • Hineamaru meets Koperu of Ngatitu and of Ngati Wai at his home in Te Wharau on the left shore of the Taumarere river “Derricks Landing.”
    • A huge hangi was lit at Tapahina to cook seventy kits of pipi in her honour.
    • Nga here = our ties
    • Ngati Wai ki te tua whenua Ngati Wai ki te tua moana
    • Ngati Hine ki te tua whenua Ngati Hine ki te tua moana
  • 8. The death of Hineamaru
    • It is said that Hineamaru died at Pokapu at another Pa of hers
    • After her death she was taken back to Waiomio to the cave she had discovered years back which became her Urupa
    • Records handed down states that “I whakahokia atu ona koiwi ki te pouaka a Hineamaru” (the remains were return to the cave of Hineamaru)
    • Down the succeeding generations bodies of Ngati Hine leaders and warriors of great mana were returned to Otarawa Te Pouaka O Hineamaru to lie with their tupuna.
  • 9. Ngati Hine Lands
    • Ngati Hine occupation of their lands has never
    • been seriously challenged during the four hundred years
    • since Hineamaru’s time.
    • There have been able warriors in every generation ready to
    • defend it these warriors leaders, commencing with Hingatuauri great grandson of Hineamaru, Moeahu, Moraki and ending with Kawiti.
    • Hineamaru occupies a place of honor in a form of a carved Pou (pillar) in many carved meeting houses throughout North today.
  • 10. Kia tukau nga mara a Hineamaru
    • Traditionally this pepeha was in reference to chiefs of Ngati Hine in this sense it refers to our descendency from Hineamaru. Who through the principles of Mana Tupuna we derive our Ancestral hereditary rights and who through the principles of Whanaungatanga we are united.
    • This tukau is a variety of kumara which she grew in mara or plots which Hineamaru cultivated
  • 11. Rakaumangamanga Manaia Whatatiri Tutamoe Te Tarai o Rahiri Hikurangi Pouerua Te Rohe Whenua O Ngati Hine
  • 12. TE KARA O NGATI HINE Me nga korero. Te Kara O Ngati Hine ki te whakakotahi I nga Mana Pukepuke Rau O Ngati Hine I runga I o tatau Whanaungatanga, Taonga, Whenua, Tikanga.
  • 13. WHE: Tupuna o Matawaia