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Notes from the field_We're the One

  1. 1. Award winning hydronic systems. The highest quality components. Web-enabled building management. Total training and support. That’s Taco. Notes from the field PAG E 1
  2. 2. We’re the one. We are a third generation, family-owned American company. We started out in 1920 building Firepot Generators and grew into the leader in high quality advanced hydronic systems. Our systems are second to none because we stay close to our customers, we listen to them, and we build the sophisticated systems that satisfy the need to save energy, resources, and the environment. Just as our customers provide us with valuable input, we in turn support them with outstanding system design software, training, field support, and internet communities to ensure each project’s success from concept to commissioning. The opening of our new Innovation and Development Center marks a milestone in our commitment to training. It is the most advanced learning facility in the industry, and it’s all yours. People make the difference. When you choose Taco, you’re partnering with the most dedicated group of great people you’ll ever meet; people who truly want to help you do your best work. You don’t find that everywhere. That’s why we’re the one. John Hazen White, Jr., Owner, Taco, Inc. PA G E 2
  3. 3. “The most advanced learning facility in the industry” PAG E 3
  4. 4. PA G E 4
  5. 5. American Can Lofts Cincinnati, OH Bob Stiens of Cincinnati Air Conditioning with Ray Fischer, the project’s Design Engineer “I was very impressed with the HSS tool. As for LoadMatch®, I’d use it again!” said design engineer Ray Fischer. The install also included four KV & KS Vertical In-line Pumps, a Taco Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger and a 4900 Series Air Separator. Despite the space limitations, Bob Stiens says it was a “turn-key install.” Penn Foundation Sellersville, PA Glenn Synder, PE, of Lederach and Associates “I don’t think you can find a smarter, more efficient mechanical system than the one we’ve installed here.” Full system payback was achieved within 16 months of commissioning. PAG E 5
  6. 6. PA G E 6
  7. 7. Williston Northampton School — UPDATE Easthampton, MA Jeff Tannatt, Director of Physical Plant at Williston Phase two of the retrofit included iWorx. “iWorx is attractive due to the ability to control all the buildings from anywhere there is an internet connection. No matter what kind of HVAC equipment we install in the future, the iWorx system will easily adapt to it.” Phase one of the school retrofit featured installation of the Taco LoadMatch® System. Eliminating control valves realized “big savings” for the school. “Long term, we hope to build additional geothermally heated and cooled dormitories” said Tannatt. Tanque Verde Apartments Tuscon, AZ Mo Forrey, owner of Oracle Control Systems, Inc. (OCSI). “iWorx controls are easy to install and require minimal programming. There was virtually no learning curve when we started using the product. We’ve been looking for a controls platform just like it... Not only is it a great product, but our rep stands behind it entirely.” PAG E 7
  8. 8. PA G E 8
  9. 9. Sierra Grande School Fort Garland, CO Steve Shaw with McCoy Sales in Littleton, CO “The old pneumatic controls had been a real problem for the school, so we’re using Taco’s new iWorx control system to bring the building into the next century.” This installation also utilizes six Taco1900 Series pumps that controls six zones, each pressurized by one of Taco’s new ECM, variable-speed Viridian® pumps. D’Youville College Buffalo, NY Jeff Garwol, Project Manager John W. Danforth Company “The LoadMatch® system saved us a lot of labor time and money on materials... Being a young engineer and evaluating the system for the first time, I looked at the design and the data and it all made sense. It turned out to be a great install.” PAG E 9
  10. 10. PA G E 1 0
  11. 11. Northland Pines High School Eagle River, WI Mark Hanson, Director of Sustainable Services Hoffman LLC “The client is very happy with the building and the HVAC performance, as we are.” Nathan Bishop Middle School Providence, RI Wayne Mattson. P.E. Principal with G&V Consulting Engineers “All the hydronic equipment in the mechanical room – the pumps, valves and accessories - is by Taco. At Griffith & Vary we’ve been specifying Taco products for a good number of years. Taco’s products are very reliable and we’ve never encountered a problem with them.” PAG E 11
  12. 12. PA G E 1 2
  13. 13. Lois Hole Library Edmonton, Canada David Folster, C.E.T.. Lead Designer, Williams Engineering Canada, Inc. “We first used the LoadMatch® system in an Islamic center here in Edmonton. Using the HSS design tool, everything told us it was going to work, and it has since day one. The Lois Hole Library is our second install of the system. I like LoadMatch. For pipe 2-1/2” and above, LoadMatch makes perfect sense.” Waterloo High School Waterloo, IL Tom Baker President of Hurst-Rosche Engineers “Taco Hydronic Systems Solutions® (HSS) software proved to be a great time saver for us. It helped minimize errors, allowed us to check and then guarantee our design with Taco, and to link in associated disciplines such as electrical, plumbing, condensate piping and controls into the system design.” PAG E 13
  14. 14. Detail photo shown to indicate the size of this 4900 Series unit. PA G E 1 4
  15. 15. Florida State University Tallahassee, FL Robert Vaughn FSU Utilities Superintendent “Taco’s 4900 Series Air-Dirt Separator works great! Several months after installation the unit was blown down for the first time and three barrels of sand were removed. We perform a weekly blow down of the unit, and we’re still removing sand and dirt each time we do. We’ve been very impressed with the performance of the 4900 Series unit.” Sprint Center Kansas City, MO Jack Hausbeck Foley Mechanical, Kansas City, Missouri “What we appreciated from an installation standpoint, especially on a fast-track project like this one, is the support we received from Taco. All the equipment arrived on site as needed, submittals were received in a timely manner and that permitted us to stay on schedule.” PAG E 15
  16. 16. PA G E 1 6
  17. 17. Maxim Medical Center Buffalo, NY Drew Nowak MJ Mechanical, Buffalo, NY “LoadMatch® works. Why not use it? The Taco Hydronic System Solutions® software makes designing, making changes, and recalculating quick and easy.” Proximity Hotel Greensboro, NC Joe Millikan, P.E. Superior Mechanical, Randleman, North Carolina “Taco brought a lot to the table in terms of systems and design. Our partnership with Taco on this project gave us a complete system.” PAG E 17
  18. 18. PA G E 1 8
  19. 19. Midland Insurance Company Cincinnati, OH John Mullikan Applied Mechanical Systems, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio “With Taco you’re buying not just the dependable products but the excellent service we receive from their representatives here in Ohio, Weber-Huff.” Point Pleasant Middle School Anne Arundel County, MD Ray Pitt Denver Elek, Baltimore, Maryland “Taco equipment was key to this steam to hot water conversion. As big as these Taco KV pumps are and the amount of space we had to work with, it’s a real nice compact job.” PAG E 19
  20. 20. PA G E 2 0
  21. 21. The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge™ Condos Covington, KY Bob Cartwright Commercial HVAC, Cincinnati, Ohio “Taco provides good equipment, excellent engineering, and great backup and support” Renaissance Hotel Providence, RI Steve Beretta Director of Engineering, Renaissance Hotel “Troubleshooting the HVAC closed loop system, Taco determined that corrosive iron oxide gunk was fouling the system’s components. The clear solution: install two 4900 Series Air and Dirt Separators to eliminate microbubbles, sand, dirt and rust in the system. “As the quality of the system water improved”, says Steve, “the air conditioning improved.” PAG E 21
  22. 22. PA G E 2 2
  23. 23. Taco Canada, Ltd. Milton, Ontario Jim Garrett Taco (Canada) Ltd. “The advantage of our new LOFlo® radiant cooling system is that it operates with a single pipe at a much higher efficiency level. Our new Radiant Cooling Block makes LOFlo Cooling technology perfect for new installations and retrofits.” Taco (HQ) Warehouse/Distribution Cranston, RI Chris Integlia Executive Vice President, Taco, Inc. “The LEED scorecard for the warehousedistribution facility project, mapped out by the project architectural firm AECOM, called for achieving 29 points to qualify for LEED certification. Taco received LEED NC notification in January of 2009, and held a certification ceremony on April 22nd, Earth Day 2009.” PAG E 23
  24. 24. and our award-winning LOFlo® radiant cooling/chilled beam systems are proven more economical, more comfortable, and healthier than air systems. The web-enabled iWorx® building management system and LOFlo® active chilled beam solutions are the most comfortable, efficient systems in the industry. Why do business with Taco? We’re much more than a manufacturer: we’re a total resource. Take advantage of our systems expertise, advanced hydronic technologies, components, design software, training, and project support. It’s all in place for you, at Taco. E-smart® technology you can trust. We build all of our energy-saving components for the job at hand, so you won’t have to compromise or compensate. From variable speed to ECM to web-enabled, from solar to geothermal, we have what your job demands. Lower first costs, energy use. Shift your thinking from air to hydronic systems. E-smart® Taco LoadMatch® Taco Catalog #300-37 PA G E 2 4 Value-addeds that are priceless. How much is your time worth? Our easy to learn HS2 system design software helps you draw, compare, spec, and model systems in as little as 30 minutes. And our mobile apps are real handy in the field. More training. The new Innovation & Development Center, Taco’s $20 million training center, is the most advanced hydronic learning facility of its kind. It’s a living lab that’s all Taco – and it’s all yours. Real people, real support. Choosing Taco means choosing a team that stays with you. From start to finish, we’re here to help you do your best work. Contact your local Taco rep or visit us on the web to learn more about making your job easier. ©2012 Taco Inc., All Rights Reserved.