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Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional
Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional
Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional
Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional
Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional
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Hvac Solution 4.1 Professional


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC ... JUN 26, 2008 Now: $1799.00 HVAC Solution Pro 4.4 Quantity: Home • 1 Examples • Download • Purchase • Partners • Tutorials • Support • Client Login Limitations: None. OK HVAC Solution Pro allows you to drag-and-drop super-intelligent objects to design air systems including both air handlers and rooftops. It provides you with tools to build both hydronic and steam systems. The software includes all the necessary piping and ductwork components to model most systems with unparalleled flexibility. Top this off with the capability to select equipment, export calculation reports, equipment schedules, schematics in dxf format, an electrical coordination matrix and a bill of materials, HVAC Solution has become the design standard of the HVAC industry. HVAC Solution Version 4.3 has the following features.... Functionality enhancements * Allow single insertion of fan coils, terminal boxes, unit heaters, panel/finned radiators, heat pumps * Send to mail recipient * Simplified fan coils * Enhanced air handler and rooftop unit wizards * Preferred manufacturer selection * Allow selection of alternate pump types * PVC piping * Pass-through usage * Multiple generation sources * Watts Radiant import * Fan selection allows for size restriction for air handler cabinets * Air-to-air energy recover efficiency changed to temperature basis * Fan coil external static pressure calculation New components * Mixing storage tank * Sound trap 1 of 5 6/26/2008 2:15 PM
  • 2. Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC ... Selection enhancements * Multiaqua fan coil and air-cooled chillers * TCS fan coils * Taco pressure reducing valves * Taco check valves * Taco balancing valves * Taco self compensating pressure regulator * Taco X-Pump Block * Taco Radiant Mixing Block HVAC Solution Pro Version 4.1 has the following features.... New components • Single unit heater, hydronic • Single unit heater, steam • Single panel radiator, hydronic • Single panel radiator, steam • Single finned radiator, hydronic • Single finned radiator, steam • Single fan coil, hydronic • Single fan coil, steam • Single fluid-to-air heat pump • Single terminal box, hydronic • Single terminal box, steam • Single duct fan coil, hydronic • Single duct fan coil, steam • Single duct fluid-to-air heat pump • Taco X-Pump Block • Taco Radiant Mixing Block • Single fluid-to-fluid heat pump • Self compensating pressure regulator Functionality enhancements • Air-to-air energy recover efficiency changed to temperature basis • Fan coil external static pressure calculation • R - rotate right (clockwise) • L - rotate left (counter clockwise) • M - mirror left to right (about vertical axis) • T - mirror top to bottom (about horizontal axis) • Auto rotate equipment to align with pipe Selection enhancements • TCS fan coils • Taco balancing valves • Taco self compensating pressure regulator • Taco X-Pump Block • Taco Radiant Mixing Block HVAC Solution Pro Version 4.0 included the following features.... 2 of 5 6/26/2008 2:15 PM
  • 3. Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC ... New components • Blowdown separator – This brand new component completes the boiler system toolbox. Functionality enhancements • Shapes – Dress your drawing up with a brand new drawing tool that allows the user to draw rectangles, circles, lines and other objects. Create your own title block or finish up your control schematic. No other software is needed, HVAC Solution can do it all! • Weather database – A brand new weather database has been included in HVAC Solution which allows you to pick your location and automatically location specific altitude, dry bulb, wet bulb and other climatic design data is set for you. No more hunting around! • Metric issues – Check the SI units option to work with a more standard SI unit system. • Allowed fluid head loss factor to be disabled – We heard you, you can now turn off the fluid head loss factor globally to better model what you are thinking. • Calculate and size drip traps – Automatically size steam traps based on the length of pipes. No more searching around for your load, you can figure it just by entering pipe length. • Allow pipes to terminate without an ending component – Double-left click any pipe to terminate it. This feature works well for when you are connecting to systems that you don’t need to design. All the relevant temperature data required to define a system can be set right within the pipe. This feature works for steam and hydronic systems. • Added fuel oil pump to boiler – For oil systems we have added oil fuel pump information in the boiler. Selection enhancements • Hurst boiler selection – Boilers big and small, no more catalogs required. Select a high quality Hurst boiler automatically and without effort right from within HVAC Solution. • Hurst deaerator selection – Would you like a side order deaerator with that boiler, yes you can have it right now! • Hurst boiler feed selection – Confused at how to size a boiler feed tank, HVAC Solution can help! • Hurst blowdown separator selection – One more great Hurst product selectable from within HVAC Solution. • Twin City fan selection – Fans anyone? Hit the thumbs up button and boom baby, all your fans are automatically selected. View fan curves, get dimensions, we got it all. This feature will save you hundreds of tedious last minute hours. • Ruskin louver selection – Louver selection is now automatic and easy. Quality Ruskin products, including louvers of every size, shape and use, can automatically be selected by HVAC Solution. • Ruskin damper selection – Another great Ruskin product selectable within HVAC Solution. No more hunting around though the catalog to get the exact damper you want. • Ruskin fire damper selection – Select and schedule you fire dampers automatically. • Ruskin fire/smoke damper selection – This smoking hot feature gets your fire/smoke dampers selected fast. 3 of 5 6/26/2008 2:15 PM
  • 4. Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC ... • Ruskin smoke damper selection – Yet more great Ruskin products! HVAC Solution – Pro 3.2 – included the following enhancements… Components • Dry cooler – A brand new hydronic component. • Storage tank (open and closed systems, 2 connections) – Finish off your hydronic system with this very requested component. • Air handler evaporative cooler (direct and indirect) – Save energy in a dry climate using an evaporative cooler. • Air handler/rooftop unit/airflow heat recovery (rotary wheel, fixed plate, membrane plate and heat pipe – A green building design tool. • Rooftop unit evaporative cooler (direct and indirect) Functionality enhancements • Improved interface for exporting Coordination Files – Much easier to export files for use in Word, Excel and AutoCAD. • Improved Manage Coordination interface and filtering – Choose which report items to turn on and off. • Electrical Coordination Schedule – Generate a schedule for coordinating mechanical needs to be sent to the electrical side of the project. • Bill of Materials – Can you say, cost estimate? • Push the “Esc” button to halt calculations – A graceful way to halt a long calculation so that you can get back to work. • Key data tabs – Oh baby you are going to love this one. Edit data faster, stronger and better! • Zoom window – Zoom in on a small area, no more panning around! • Flow, load, or delta T direct entry – Pick any two variables to enter load, flow or temperature. The others will be calculated. The very handy feature is worth the purchase price alone. • Heat pump COP and EER flow adjustments – Have a heat pump? Let HVAC Solution help you calculate the flow by automatically making flow adjustments required for the heat of absorption and heat of rejection. • Taco steam-to-steam heat exchangers – Did we say steam? Yes we did! • Smith boilers – A superior boiler for your project and selectable from within HVAC Solution. • RBI boilers – Do you need a copper water tube boiler for automatically select and schedule one now! • SpiraxSarco steam traps – Wow steam traps selectable on the fly. • SpiraxSarco automatic pump traps – Couldn’t be any easier to select. A very powerful feature for a powerful product. • SpiraxSarco mechanical condensate pumps –It’s easy to select them from within HVAC Solution. • SpiraxSarco steam PRVs – Tired of catalogs? Want to live in this century? Now you can select steam PRVs right from within HVAC Solution. Steam Components Here they are a whole new array of components for steam including 4 of 5 6/26/2008 2:15 PM
  • 5. Welcome to HVAC Solution - New HVAC Software Design for HVAC ... steam-to-steam heat exchanger, steam traps, mechanical condensate pumps, steam piping and most everything else you need to design steam systems. Back To List Search | View Cart | Checkout | My Account | Order History | Home © 2004 HVAC Solution, Inc. All rights reserved. | Hosted & Designed by Xclusive Marketing 5 of 5 6/26/2008 2:15 PM