Gymnasium Suspended Floors

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  • 1. From the 54 page demolition permit application
  • 2. Labor Missionaries followed the plans • Increasing evidence that the labor missionaries and their supervisors followed the plans will: • Continue to unravel the various layers of deception and misinformation • Provide Church auditors with a clearer view of methods and motives. • Dispel the many enabling myths that have perpetuated this fraud over 15 years. • Require Beca to reciprocate with plan details and pictures or retract • Warrants a call to the CEO of Beca to voluntarily come forward and make things right.
  • 3. What of the plan details? • The 10 seismic claims do not reference any related plan details or pictures • They are not specific to any particular location • These unsubstantiated seismic assumptions have cast a wide net over the David O McKay Building, the Temple and the Fosters Road chapel • They have become the basis of all past, present and future decisions • Including the already approved and planned $4 million expenditure on the Temple and Fosters Road chapel. • One positive result of the decision to demolish the school is that these consulting companies will not enjoy their biggest pay day. • The $60 million estimate to repair the David O McKay Building
  • 4. Integrity • These seismic claims are a summary of all of the reports over a 15 year time span. • They are broad and sweeping with little to no plan details and pictures. • The mounting evidence will expose the guilty parties to the light of day • The seismic claims are not tied to any code issues. • Statements such as “the walls are not connected to the foundations or the columns” are statements of assumed fact. • Our evidence turns these facts to fiction
  • 5. The labor missionaries followed the detailed plans and strongly tied the gymnasium floors to the foundations.