Feb. 24, 2014
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Feb. 24, 2014






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Feb. 24, 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Today Warm Review Up for Test Khan Academy Notes  Scientific Notation Classwork
  • 2. Notes:  New Khan Posted @v6math (posted with last week's topics, so scroll down to view)  Last weeks Khan Participation was too light considering the impact on your grade.  Alt.Khan due Today; New Alt. ready  Next week is last week before progress reports; extra credit work is available. To receive credit, you must show all necessary work. Accepted only if submitted by this Friday afternoon.
  • 3. Notes:  Our test on multiplying & dividing monomials is tomorrow. Both the warm up and class work is a review for this test. Ask questions if you are unsure how to solve/simplify a problem.  Warm-Up Section of your Notebook, please  You should be able to do all the problems on today's class work. Each problem represents one just like it on the test tomorrow. Again, work together, ask when unsure.
  • 4. Test Review: Reminder: A negative exponent is not a negative number. It means '1 over’ or 1 divided by the exponent. Simplify: either or
  • 5. Test Review: Like the last problem, there are a number of ways to solve this as well. Again, there are a number of ways to solve this problem. Choose the method most comfortable to you.
  • 6. Test Review: With monomials, division problems can be rewritten as multiplication problems and vice-versa. Rewrite as a multiplication problem, then simplify: Rewrite Only Rewrite as a division problem, then simplify.
  • 7. Test Review: What's the difference? Algebra Tip: Relate to what you already know. (See the similarities.) 12 3 • 6 2 For your first step you could either simplify each fraction or multiply across, and then simplify. Now, multiply these fractions
  • 8. Test Review: There will also be questions from our last two tests. Here are 2 examples. Use the information from this line and the point-slope formula to find the new equation. You will need graph paper for our final problem.
  • 9. Test Review: Graphing Graph the solution to the following system of inequalities
  • 10. Class Work: See Handout. The test will have at least one of each of these types of problems.