Making travel arrangements 4 thessaly


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This is an economical trip to Thessaly , Greece

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Making travel arrangements 4 thessaly

  1. 1. Making Travel Arrangements M Transportation - Air Travel(Flight reservation, lowest fares,advance booking,Frequent flier mileage, map of airport, cost), Trains and Buses(travel times, fares, booking tickets), Rental cars(can you reserve a car on website?, cancellation penalty,list of car types, collision insurance, corporate rates, travel maps) p Weather Conditions & maps. - landmarks, start and stop sites, hotels and restaurants on map, directions o Lodging - rates, amenities, surroundings, food, discounts, booking room, spas, promotions, Destination information - restaurants, museums, shows, shopping, special attractions, sports, concerts, cuisines, culture, local language, guides etc s Total cost and sources online Map Of Greece
  2. 2. Thessaly Mount Olympus (Greek--Olympos) is the highest peak of the Pindus Mountainrange, the southernmost extension of the Alps. Located in Northern Greece on the boundary between Thessaly and Macedonia is the loftiest point in Greece 2,917m (9,570ft) above sea level. In early Greek Mythology it was believed to have been the home of the gods. On its summit were the palaces of the gods, which were built by Hepheastus, god of metalwork. The entrance to Olympus was trough The Gate of Clouds, protected by the goddesses known as the Seasons. Zeus, father of all gods, had his throne on the mountain's highest crest, and they all feasted on nectar and ambrosia while being serenaded by the Muses. The 12 major Olympian deities were Zeus and his wife Hera, his brothers Poseidon, god of the sea, and Hades, god of the underworld, his sister Hestia, goddess of the hearth, and his children Athena, goddess of wisdom, Aris, god of war, Apollo, god of the sun, Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt, Aphrodite, goddess of love, Hermes, the messenger of the gods, andHephaestus. Later Greek writers transferred the home of these deities to a heavenly region free from snow and storms and filled with light.
  3. 3. Weather Conditions
  4. 4. Places to Visit in Thessaly • Vólos • Kalambáka/Metéora • Témbi Valley • Makrinítsa • Tríkala • Eláti • Ambelákia • Lárissa Vólos
  5. 5. 1954/55 was the port town (82 500 Ew.) Victims of severe earthquakes, it has virtually no older b... from 35 Kalambáka/Metéora Monasteries perched atop sandstone peaks. In a region of almost inaccessible sandstone peaks, mo... Témbi Valley Pilgrim bustle and fun boat trips at the gate of central Greece . The 5 mile long, ravine like val... Makrinítsa The jewel of mountain villages in the Pílion Mountains.Makrinítsa is the jewel among the many bea... from Tríkala
  6. 6. The city on the edge of the Thessaly plain (48 700 Ew.) Was regarded in antiquity as the birthpla... Eláti Typical Pindos mountain village, in a magnificent mountain backdrop of pine forests to 860 m alti... Ambelákia The once large village (430 Ew.), Five serpentine of kilometers above the Témbi Valley, was in th... Lárissa The city at Pinios (124 400 Ew.) Is a center of the food industry. In a small, former mosque at t...
  7. 7. Booking Flights
  8. 8. Booking Hotels
  9. 9. I decided to book Hotel Aesis after a wide comparison between all hotels. The Amenities and Rates are as follows :
  10. 10. Hotel Map
  11. 11. Road Routes
  12. 12. Transportation Water Ferry Four weekly ferries serve the Sporadic islands of Skiathos (€17.70, seven hours) and Skopelos (€19.90, nine hours); three continue to Alonnisos (€23.20, 10 hours). Boats serve Chios three times weekly (€34.20, 19 hours) via Limnos (€22.10, eight hours, five times weekly) and Lesvos (€34.40, 14 hours, five times weekly). One boat weekly continues to Samos (€39.20, 20 hours). The Dodecanese are also served once weekly, to Kalymnos (€41.90, 21 hours), then Kos (€43.80, 22 hours) andRhodes (€52.40, 26 hours). In summer, two boats weekly serve Iraklio, Crete (€45.60, 26 hours). Get tickets from port-area travel agencies, like the helpful Polaris Travel Services(2310 548 655; fax 2310 548 290; Navarhou Koundourioti 19; 8am-8.30pm), which also has a second, central office (2310 278 613; fax 2310 265 728;; Egnatia 81; 8am-8.30pm) near Agias Sofias on Egnatia. Land Domestic Most Thessaloniki buses depart from the giant space pod known as the main bus station (2310 595 408; Monastiriou 319), located 3km west of the centre. Meant to correct the former chaos of individual stations for individual destinations, the new station has succeeded magnificently in putting all that chaos into one room; there are now different windows selling tickets to specific destinations, meaning the worker at one window cannot sell you a ticket for or give information about anything other than his/her specified destination. There’s no general information booth and this enhances the station’s unpleasant, stressful nature. Buses for the Halkidiki Peninsula leave from the Halkidiki bus terminal (2310 316 555;, on Thessaloniki’s eastern outskirts. Take bus 2 or 31 to the Botsari
  13. 13. stop from either the train station or anywhere along Egnatia; at Botsari, the line terminates and you take bus 36 for the final 10 minutes. With traffic, it’s about one hour from the train station to the Halkidiki station. Train Much cheaper, often more comfortable and not always slower than the bus, the train can get you anywhere in mainland Greece (except Kastoria, Halkidiki, Kavala and Epiros) and to all neighbouring countries (except Albania). Further, Thessaloniki’strain station (2310 517 517; Monastiriou) is closer to the centre than the bus station. Get tickets at the station or from OSE (2310 598 120; Aristotelous 18). There are regular trains and intercity (IC or ICE) trains; the latter are substantially more expensive, and slightly faster, than the former. Prices given are for the regular trains. Book in advance for Athens, especially for the cheap train. There are usually long lines at the station, so don’t leave it till the last minute to get a ticket. Domestic Five regular trains daily serve Athens (€15.20, 6¾ hours) via Larisa (€5, two hours), which has connections to Volos (€7, 4½ hours). The Athens intercity is much more expensive (€35.50) but not significantly faster (5½ hours). Some 14 daily trains service Veria (€2.10, one hour) and Edessa (€4.50, 1½ hours); of these, five continue on to Amyndeo (for Kastoria bus connections) before terminating at Florina (€5.30, 2¾ hours), which has bus connections to the Prespa Lakes. Car & motorcycle Car
  14. 14. The ELPA (Greek Automobile Club; 2310 426 319; Vasilissis Olgas 228) is in Kalamaria. Budget Rent a Car (2310 229 519; Angelaki 15) and Euro Rent (2310 826 333; G Papandreou 5) are two of many rental agencies. There’s a large parking lot by the ferry passenger terminal (per hour €1). Parking downtown is tough, but you will eventually succeed. Bus & tram Bus Orange articulated buses operate within Thessaloniki, and blue-and-orange buses operate both within the city and the suburbs. The local bus station is at Plateia Dikastirion on Filippou. Bus 1 connects the bus station and the train station every 10 minutes; bus 31 goes every six minutes through the centre to Voulgari, where you catch bus 36 for the Halkidiki bus station. Bus 78 runs to/from the airport every 30 minutes. To reach major points on Egnatia like Aristotelous, Agias Sofias and Kamara, buses 10 and 14 are fairly frequent and start at the train station. Buy a ticket from a periptero (street kiosk) for €0.50, or from the ticket machine on board (€0.60). If the former, validate it on board. However, if you will use the bus frequently, buy a 24-hour unlimited usage ticket (€2). Note the machine will not give change and doesn’t accept bills. Local transport Taxi Thessaloniki’s blue-and-white taxis carry multiple passengers, and won’t take you if you’re not going in the same direction that the other passengers are. Stand in the direction you hope to go, flag one down and yell out your destination – good luck! The minimum fare is €2.80
  15. 15. Car Rentals Comparisons between Car Rentals and Other Modes of Transport
  16. 16. Renting a Car for 1 day
  17. 17. Renting a Car for 8 days
  18. 18. From The Above discussion I conclude that Retting a Chevrolet Matiz is Cheaper as if I will have to book a car from Airport to Hotel than also it will take 40 euro so for the day when I will reach Airport and the day I will have to leave will be 80 Euro. And Other modes of Transportation will also cost somewhat 40 Euros. So its better to rent a car for a week as it will provide more convinence . So I consider renting a car for 7 days is cheaper.
  19. 19. Other Amenities by Car Rental Companies
  20. 20. Payment Options I can use my Visa card and Master Card to pay.
  21. 21. Enquiry
  22. 22. Restaurants
  23. 23. It will cost on an average of 25 Pound for Lunch and Dinner per day
  24. 24. Holiday Package I am designing a holiday package for 7 days and 6 nights.. Main contents of my package are :  Flight from Delhi to Thessaly + Flight from Thessaly to Delhi  Booking of Hotel (breakfast included)  Car rented for the whole week  Thessaly map  Travel Guide in black and white  Traveling to places marked o Vólos o Kalambáka/Metéora o Témbi Valley o Makrinítsa o Tríkala o Eláti o Ambelákia o Lárissa  Going to restaurants for dinner and lunch  Flight to Thessaly to Delhi Currency 1 Euro = 60.7450503 Indian rupees 1 U.S. dollar = 45.0998963 Indian rupees 1 British pound = 70.250244 Indian rupees
  25. 25. Budget Flight from Delhi to Thessaly + Flight from Thessaly to Delhi Rs 38859 By Ethiad Airways Booking of Hotel (breakfast included) Rs 3156 Anesis Hotel Thessaly at a discount Rs 11041 Car rented from Thessaly Airport to Hotel for Seven Days Eur 136 Chevrolet Matiz Rs.8314 Going to restaurants for dinner + lunch 25 Pound per person per day Gh Kai Ydor , Lykinkos , Poseidon , Dionisis Pound 25* 7= 175 Rs 12294 Others ( including shopping etc.) Euro 200 Rs 12226 Total Expeses 82734 Approx. Rs.83000
  26. 26. References around;jsessionid=797F 9A6B2927C0B5DD0B866336EF5862?execution=e1618514s1 &aql=&oq=175+pound+to+inr&gs_rfai=&fp=3c79b0af67f2a133 www.alltravels/greece/thessaly/
  27. 27.