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Microsoft Office

  1. 1. Standard Toolbar Setting Margins Formatting Toolbar Graphics Formatting Font Style And Font Size Spell Check Paragraph Indent Markers Save As Setting Indents Print Paragraph alignment Paragraph And Line Spacing Click on the Tabs Delete header/ Footer Quit
  2. 2. Standard Toolbar Setting Margins Formatting Toolbar Graphics Formatting Font Style And Font Size Spell Check Paragraph Indent Markers Save As Setting Indents Print Paragraph alignment Paragraph And Line Spacing Click on the Tabs Delete header/ Footer Quit
  3. 3. New : New documents will open. Open : You have clicked on this button, the open screen will appear with the files in them. You have to click on the File to open the file to work on it. Save : Just click on it. Computer will remember store everything for your Print : Dotoyou have a printer? futureon Click references. this button. Whatever is there on the screen will be printed without
  4. 4.  Print Preview : you have written a long letter. Do you like to see it before it is being printed? Go ahead and click. The document Will become small and the entire letter will be on the screen for you to check.  Spell Check : click on this button, the spelling check will be carried out by your friendly computer.  Scissors : you can cut anything with it. But pleas  do not :apply your scissors on the screen . Your Copy again highlight/select the text. teacher mayNothing happened? the clouds over Click on it. not like it. Bring But yes, your text. The computer buffs call the next something has happened. Go to it high lighting. button and click.
  5. 5.  Paste : the text has reappeared. You can click as many times and the text will appear that many times.  Format painter : just ignore it. You have nothing to do with it now.  Undo : make any mistake and click on it. Your best friend.  Redo : you can redo your mistake. Insert Tables insert the table.  Web Toolbar : toolbar for the internet links. Insert and borders shows the toolbar  TablesExcel Chart ::we shall leave the for next button tables and its next. creating theand jump toborder.
  6. 6. The toolbar in microsoft word contains a lot of information and options. The purpose of the toolbar is to save you the trouble of finding the same options in the menus at the top of the screen. If there are unnecessary items on the toolbar that you rarely use or if you have trouble navigating around so many different buttons, you can format the toolbar to save yourself time and frustration. Formatting the toolbar lets you customize word to fit your needs by placing the items that you use the most in the toolbar.
  7. 7. You have already learnt font styles and font sizes using the button available on the Formatting Toolbar. You may carry out similar functions once you select font option from Format Menu. Follow the steps : Click on Format Menu. Select Font Option and click. See the Dialog box as shown.
  8. 8. You may carry out font changes. You may carry out font size changes. You may change colour for your text. You may underline your selected text. You may space the characters. Please note that one point of a Font size is equal 1/72 of an inch.
  9. 9. The indent markers help to control the positions of the selected paragraph’s indent There are three indent markers : First line indent controls the first line. Left indent controls left margin of all other lines. Right indent controls the right margin of every line of a paragraph.
  10. 10. Select paragraph. Click and drag the indents as desired. To increase/decrease indent, use the buttons on the Formatting Toolbar. Click on them as required.
  11. 11. • • • • Paragraph alignment can be carried out with help of alignment button on the formatting toolbar. Click on this button to align the paragraph from the left. Click on this button to align the paragraph from the right. Click here for centre text. Justify : Spacing between words will be increased to fill up each line of the selected paragraph so that your text looks good. Both left
  12. 12. Follow the steps : Select the paragraph. Click on format menu. Select paragraph option. The dialog box will open. Select double spacing. Click OK. The paragraph will have double spaces between each line.
  13. 13. To delete or remove the header or footer from the document follow the steps : Open header or footer area. From edit menu. Select all option. Press Del key. The header or footer will disappear. Click on Close to close header or footer. It may be noted that Date /Time, Page No., etc can be inserted at the Top or Bottom or on Each page.
  14. 14. Word can help you to draw margins on all sides of the documents. Left, right, Top and Bottom. Margins con be set in two ways : a) Page setup option to set margins.  Click on File.  Select page setup option. Page setup dialog box will be available .  You may select all the margins. b) Faster way to change the margin will be to use print preview option. Please follow the steps :  From File menu, select option print preview.  The preview will be seen on the screen.
  15. 15. Various types of graphics can be placed in word document. These may be done in various ways :  By using drawing toolbar, you should be able to draw out number of graphics.  By using Word art you should be in a position to write graphic related colourful alphabets. Apart from this you may follow the following steps :  Please the cursor in the document where you want to insert your picture/Clip Art/Graphics.  From the insert menu, click on picture option.  Now you are in a position to bring any graphics from any drive or directory or from clip Art.
  16. 16. MS Word 2003 automatically checks your spelling and your grammar as you type your document. When you notice a red wavy line it shows there is a spelling mistake. You can correct the spelling in the following way : Bring the Mouse on the Mispelt word. Right click the Mouse to display a pop-up menu the correct word Selectshown in figure. and click on it. The spelling will be corrected.
  17. 17. When you check the spelling of your document through Tool Menu and spelling and Grammar Option. Word 97 will check spelling from the cursor’s current position down to the end of the document. If you want to check the spelling of entire document then get the cursor at the beginning of the document (Ctrl+Home) before carrying out spell check. Follow the instructions given in the spell check dialog box.
  18. 18. To save a document for the first time please follow the steps : Choose from the File Menu. Save As Options. Get the save dialog box. Select the location Drive/Folder. In the File name text box, type the name of the file and click on OK.
  19. 19. Do you want to print your document? Please follow the steps : Click on File Menu. Select Print option. You can see that print dialog box is appeared. You can select number of copies to be printed. You can select the page to be printed. Once you have done the selection. Click OK.