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GenITeam specialize in developing mobile applications and games. Having developed over 300 applications, we position ourself as premier mobile development company.

GenITeam specialize in developing mobile applications and games. Having developed over 300 applications, we position ourself as premier mobile development company.

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  • 1. Mobilizing Enterprise Applications July 17, 2013
  • 2. Ready to go Mobile? - Princeton Review: World’s largest publishing house uses apps to enhance reach - oDesk: Leading market place for talent gets an App - SXSW: Largest US film festival uses mobile app to facilitate visitors - Dhingana: India’s biggest social music platform adopts mobile to respond to customers needs - Microjuris: Top fully-digital legal publishing and research firms in Latin America gets App to provide access on go Why not YOU? Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 3. We helped them create mobile Apps; We can help you develop mobile Apps - GenITeam specialize in building enterprise applications for smart phones & tablets to enhance productivity and support mobile workforce - 300+ Apps developed on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry since 2008 Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 4. 70+ Resources 40 Application Developers 4 Test Engineers 10 User Experience Designers 6 Data Scientists 4 Project Managers 180+ Man years of experience in analysis, design, development and testing Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 5. 100% Approval of our apps from Apple and Google 90% Customer Retention 75% Repeat Business 80% Support Agreements 100 % Customer satisfaction Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 6. - Top 100 Asian Companies by Red Herring 2012 - Winner of PACHA-ICT Award, 2011 - Finalist in MIT-EFP Business plan competition 2009 - 7th in Global Android Developer Challenge 2009 - Recipient of PASHA awards 2010 for Mobile Development - 3 Featured Applications, 12 Top Free Applications, 7 top grossing application on App Store , in 2010 - Featured by Sony Ericson during Mobile Web Conference, 2010 Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Awards and Recognitions
  • 7. Our Approach Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 8. - Bench Prep - SXSW - oDesk - iCarpool - Microjuris - Demibooks - Vook - …….. And many more Case Studies Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 9. A better way to prepare - Assisted in end to end product development - Profiled by Apple as best in education category in 2009 - Successfully raised series A investment by Groupon founder - Wins Chicago business plan competition, covered in Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 10. Music, Film and Entertainment - SXSW is leading festival for music , film and technology launch in US - SXSW provided fun interactive way to view all events at conference - The iPhone application received rave reviews by attendants - Delivering quality product on tough deadlines by working round clock Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 11. World Leader Market Place for Talent - Allows to monitor work stream of team members on the Go - Enhanced collaboration between team members - Winner of Techcrunch50 Demo Pit - Profiled in Red Herring, CNET and Techcrunch Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 12. Fastest Growing Car Pooling Network - Recognized as best traffic solution in the Global Competition in the ITS congestion Challenge - Designed to reach millions of customers worldwide and in scale up rapidly - Largest deployment in ride matching space to serve Washington, Oregon and Idaho - Find great car pool matches on the go based on your geo location Web2.0 Mobile2.0 & Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 13. Valued Customers Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 14. Scale Mobile App in Cloud - We help in deploying mobile solutions in cloud for rapid scalability - 10 successful deployments in cloud - Expertise in managing apps on the following platforms; -Amazon Cloud – EC2 -Rackspace Cloud Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &
  • 15. We really understand Mobile Apps - We have domain expertise; help us build your applications faster, better and hence cheaper - We understand segmentation and knows how to build cross platform applications - We understand consumers and how to build top notch products Contact to have experts help you build your application Web2.0 Mobile2.0 &