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Qnet --Dream will come true

Qnet --Dream will come true

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  • 1. Believe in yourself…
  • 2. "Could It Really Be Possible To Die Broke, Sick And Alone Just Because You Procrastinate, Feel Unmotivated And Fail To Achieve Your Goals?" Sadly, the answer is "yes"... And if you want to eliminate fear, doubts, and lack of energy from your life and finally experience the triumph of accomplishing your goals... then this will be the most important opportunity you’ll ever read... Courtesy: Mr. Khurram Zafar
  • 3. Presentation on QuestNet™ Step 1: Greeting and Brief Introduction Step 2: Why would anyone like to join this business? Step 3: Why I came into this Business? Step 4: Company’s Profile Step 5: Credibility Step 6: Products Range Step 7: Business Plan Step 8: Potential
  • 4. Why would anyone like to join this Business? Reality Check: Prospect has to write any 3 to 5 Dreams. e.g. 1- Bungalow 2- Bmw 3- Bank balance Add the cost of every dream. Tentative cost towards the dreams. Now, 1. Take the total of the costs of all dreams. This will be ‘This is what I want’ 2. The amount (including cash, property and other assets) prospect has with him for his dreams will be ‘This is what I have’ 3. The amount (e.g. annually) prospect can save for his dreams is ‘This is what I can’ 4. Subtract ’This is what I have’ and ‘This is what I can’ from the amount ‘This is what I want’, the resulting amount will be ‘This is what I need’ 5. Then, divide ‘This is what I need’ by ’This is what I can’, the answer will be the ‘number of years’ one needs to get to his dreams.
  • 5. Company’s Profile • The name of our company is QuestNet™ • Company’s website is • It uses power of internet, based on E-commerce. • Company started in September 1998, with a paid up capital of $10 million. • At present, its annual turnover ATO is more than $1.33 billion. • Its Head Office is in Hong Kong with 44 regional offices in different countries around the world. • QuestNet™ has more 5.5 million customers, distributers and consumers in 230 countries around the world.
  • 6. Credibility QuestNet™ is currently associated with: • U.N (United Nations) Company is constantly working for humanity and mankind. Revenue generated from the sale of coins goes to charity ‘RYTHM’ which stands for ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’, and through this organization to U.N’s program ‘Remove Hunger from World’. • FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) • IBF (International Badminton Federation) • I.O.C (International Olympics Committee) Company makes gold, bronze and silver medallions for all these federations like FIFA, IBF, and IOC. Moreover, whole Brazil team was sponsored by QuestNet™ in the last FIFA World Cup. • JPMorgan Bank It’s the world’s 3rd largest investment bank in the world. As, company is indulged in making coins for certain Countries, it has strong relations with JPMorgan in case of securities. • Microsoft™ The whole web portal of QuestNet™ is developed, managed, and maintained by Microsoft.
  • 7. • Formula 1 GP2 Races QuestNet™ owns a personal racing car with name ‘Qi Meritus’ used in Formula 1 GP2 races. Other big names like Shell don’t have their personal car for GP2 races. Products Range The products QuestNet™ offers are: Jewelry and Watches: • Bernhard H. Mayer® watches, one of the top 10 Swiss brands • Exclusive and limited editions • QuestNet has its exclusive rights • World class branded jewelry Coins and Medallions: • Coins of famous personalities and places such as Makah and Medina • Silver, gold, platinum embossed coins • Company makes medals for FIFA, IBF, and IOC. Telecommunication Products: • Company has a UK/USA based carrier with name ‘Invoice’ • 50-60% discount on all calls placed anywhere in the world.
  • 8. Vacation Packages: • Normally you have to pay minimum $250 for a Five Star category room per night, accommodating 2 persons. • QuestNet is linked with ‘Xchange World’ • It has more than 3,000 resorts and furnished apartments all over the world. • Here, you can get a Seven Star category room for minimum $125 per night, accommodating four persons. (50% discount) Wellness Tools: • Bio Disc and Chi-Pendant Effective for the patients of: • Diabetes • Blood Pressure • Heart Diseases • Cholesterol • Joints pain • Hepatitis • Cancer • Asthma • Kidney By using these products, these diseases can be controlled.
  • 9. Business Plan: • Referral Marketing Concept For Example: You buy Honda Civic and refer it to your friend. When your friend purchases Honda Civic, the Company ‘Honda’ does not compensate it. In contrary, QuestNet pays you while you refer to others. Another one is referring a good restaurant to a friend. Three Steps: 1. Sign up / be a customer / Purchase a product 2. Be a referrer / Refer to other 3. Get paid for it • Once in a lifetime Investment. You get registered by paying $10 and buying a product whose price ranges from $600 - $12,000. • No fixed time limit for bringing someone into the business. • Single person never earns. You earn when your downsides earn. • When you register, you get a virtual office with your name and you’re given an IR (Independent representative) and a password. • Company opens a RSG (Right Sale Group) and a LSG (Left Sale Group)
  • 10. Person LSG RSG How Does It Work? • Bring minimum 2 persons, one on each side. You get $50 per person. You $50 $50 A B
  • 11. • It is called ‘Direct Sale Commission’
  • 12. • Company has another policy. When you have 3 on left and 3 on right, you get $250. 3 on left and 3 on right you get YOU $250 Omer Rehan $100 $100 Usman Faisal Haris Rizwan
  • 13. Earning on slowest pace month wise: You Months Earning 01 1 1 $100 02 2 2 $250
  • 14. 03 4 (-1) = 3 4 (-1) = 3 $250 04 8+1 = 9 8+1 = 9 $750 05 16 (-1) = 15 16 (-1) = 15 $1250 06 32+1 = 33 32+1 = 33 $2750 $5350 If we continue this for one year: 07 64 (-1) = 63 64 (-1) = 63 $5250 08 128+1 = 129 128+1 = 129 $10750 09 256 (-1) = 255 256 (-1) = 255 $21250 10 512+1 = 513 512+1 = 513 $42750 11 1024 (-1) = 1023 1024 (-1) = 1023 $85250 12 2048+1 = 2049 2048+1 = 2049 $170750 $341350 Direct Sale Commission DSC = $50 x ( )= $___ Potential
  • 15. • You can take business anywhere around the globe (global business) • Growth of healthy relations in the form of trusted, sincere and reliable contacts and business partners • It’s a ‘Rich SURE scheme’, but not a ‘Quick RICH scheme’. • 24/7 international team support Golden Rules and Advices • Make a name list with a minimum of 150 names. • Present yourself to your contacts. Try to show a minimum of 3-4 presentations a week. • Don’t be afraid of Rejections. It’s a part of the game. • Be serious and focused. • All success starts with a vision. Have a strong vision and look at the future. • Invest proper time and never stop learning things. Just learn everything about the business.
  • 16. Best of Luck...