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Empowered Performance Services

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Empowered Performance Llc 5 1 2012

  1. 1. Empowered PerformanceConsulting Services May 1st, 2012
  2. 2. About the Company•  As the “Professional Provokers” we help companies to identify and implement improvements that position them to be the dominant business in their industry.•  Our mission is to engage and empower the minds and spirits of all our clients and to transform that intellectual capital into a sustainable force they can use to dominate their competitors.•  A proven business transformation methodology applying a “Practical Lean” approach with an emphasis on knowledge transfer with guarantee performance improvements sustained through targeted Key Performance Indicators. Our team Assesses the Opportunity, Recommends the Best Solution, and Executes an Action Plan so your business can proceed with a sustainable, Continuous Improvement business culture. 2
  3. 3. Our Approach to Consulting is unique. While many firms try to tell youhow you should do your work with limited exposure to you and yourbusiness, we take the time to understand what is critical to your longterm success. The reality is… no one can understand your businesses aswell as you do. Our approach focuses on helping you understand yourenvironment, your beliefs and your resulting behaviors. It is important tonote that understanding takes place on three levels, intellectually,emotionally and physically. By asking enough of the right questions wehelp you rethink the way you do things and help you discover an evenbetter way that lasts.Our approach is hands on, we dont come in and tell you what you aredoing wrong, write a report, and ride off into the sunset. We help youimplement the new approach and transfer our methodology to you andyour people. This approach will help to position you as a dominatebusiness in your industry.Consulting Practice 3
  4. 4. •  “Practical Lean” - A customized application of Continuous Improvement Techniques, prioritized to deliver immediate results for your business. •  Site Evaluation will determine which of the Lean set of tools will help create the Continuous Improvement Culture necessary for your business to sustain market dominance.•  “Knowledge Transfer” – A proven set of Continuous Improvement Training Material and Hands-On Workshops to transform you into an industry leading business. Our consultants will work onsite to “train the trainers”, applying our technique to prioritize and solve your business needs.Areas of Practice 4
  5. 5. 1.  Provide an initial assessment and proposal – 1 to 2 days2.  Submit Proposal – Timeline, Cost, & Expected Results3.  Execution – - Thorough Site Assessment (3-5 days) - Develop Detailed Implementation Plan (1-5 days) - Execute Implementation Plan (as designed) - Recommend Detailed Sustainment Plan (1-2 days) - Spot Visits to help drive CI Culture (as Required) Proven “Practical Lean” Transformation Methodology 5
  6. 6. Over the last twenty years and 50 plus projects our team has applied a “Practical Lean”approach that will significantly impact the performance of any business. Our “PracticalLean” approach is so effective that many of our clients are using it to actually grow theirbusinesses in a “down economy”. Sales Increased 50% to 200% Equipment Effectiveness Improved 25% to 40% Line Breakdowns Reduced 50% to 75% Factory Floor Space Reduced 25% to 50% Productivity (Throughput) Increased 25% to 50% Defects Reduced 80% to 90% Production Lead Times Reduced 75% to 95% Changeover (Set-up) Times Reduced 90% to 95% Line Shortages for Parts Reduced 80% to 90% Overall Inventory Investment Reduced 50% to 80% Customer Deliveries Reduced Weeks to Hours Profits Increased Doubled and Doubled Again! Typical Results 6
  7. 7. The Scenario -Multiple site operation, 2000 plus employees, poor profit and cash performance, high inventories, poor On-Time Delivery, poor Quality Rating with Customer, declining Revenue, traditional US manufacturing environment-Week 1 – Three consultants begin assessment of Site 1, develop detailed transformation plan, begin assembling site team and launch first project.Week 2 – Hands on consultant returns to Site 1 to continue the execution of detailed project plan, Three consultants visit Site 2 and begin same process, i.e.. Assessment, develop plan, execute plan.Week 3 – Local team continues project at Site 1 for one week without consultant, Hands on consultant returns to Site 2 to continue the execution of detailed project plan, Three consultants visit Site 3 and begin same process.… Continue process with hands on consultant or team alternating between locations, until all sites areunderway with Continuous Improvement Journey The Results- Profit Doubles, Improved Cash Performance by 50% to 80% , Better On Time Delivery, Reduced Defects by 80% to 90%, Reduced Lead Time by 75% to 95%, New Revenue Opportunities… Case Study – Multi Site Environment 7
  8. 8. Over the last thirty-odd years, our experience shows that there is a critical differencebetween education and training. We have helped literally thousands of adults learn andunderstand how to help their companies be successful. We have recognized that this onlyhappens when people become engaged in their work. Only then are people ready to embracechange, become innovative, and manage their own work environments. We believe that byclearly separating education from training you can engage people in their work and releasetheir full potential to help you run the business enterprise.EDUCATION must clearly define what you want people to do, make a strong case for whypeople must do it, help determine what direction the company needs to go, provide whatmethodology is going to be used to get us there, and answer why is there a compellingreason to make these changes?TRAINING must clearly define how the chosen methodology works. For adults, this means1) Some understanding of the principle techniques involved, 2) Examples of how thosetechniques have been applied by other people at other companies, and, most importantly, 3)A “hands-on” application of the techniques by them, in their work environment. Learning Methodology 8
  9. 9. Lean Overview Course Lean Black Belt Workshop (20 Days) Lean Green Belt Workshop (10 Days) Value Stream Mapping and Value Management Workshop Kaizen the Office Workshop Kaizen the Factory Workshop 5Ss Workplace Organization Workshop Mistake - Proofing Workshop Root Cause Problem Solving Workshop Team Building Workshop Cellular/Flow Production Workshop Set-up/Changeover Reduction Workshop Standardization and Standard Work Workshop Total Productive Maintenance WorkshopJust some of the available Courses & Workshops 9
  10. 10. About the TeamMike Stickler has over 30 years of extensive national and international experience working with companies ofvaried sizes and industries helping them implement strategies to attain World-Class levels of performance.Mike is the Founder and President of Empowered Performance, LLC a worldwide management education andconsulting firm.Dean Cantrill has more than 15 years of General Management Executive experience serving the globalaerospace, defense and commercial sectors. Most recently as Vice President of Operations for a global defensesystems business, Cantrill was responsible for creating and leading programs that transform the business into acontinuous improvement organization.Katherine Hunter with 20 years of hands-on practical experience in evaluating and streamlining businessoperations. She is skilled in maximizing the effectiveness of both human and computer-based processesutilizing proven transformation methodologies in a variety of Information Technology and Industrial fields.Kenneth A. Russell is a manufacturing and operations leader with over 20 years’ international experienceleading businesses to new levels of operational excellence. His experience covers many companies andindustries where he has held various leadership positions, most recently as the Sr. Vice President and GM ofthe Aftermarket Business Unit for the leading motor coach supplier in North America.Dennis McCullough has over 30 years of business process improvement experience in a wide variety ofmanufacturing and non-manufacturing environments. He is experienced in many different improvementstrategies including ERP / Supply Chain Management, Lean and Six Sigma.Al Hubbard is a manufacturing and operations leader with over 20 years’ experience leading businesses tonew levels of operational excellence. His experience covers various leadership positions, most recently as thePlant Manager for a leading custom bearing manufacturer in North America. 10
  11. 11. Contact Mike Stickler (708) 220-7101 mstickler@empoweredperformance.com Dean Cantrill (563) 508-4304 dcantrill@empoweredperformance.com Ken Russell (502) 432-3215 krussell@empoweredperformance.comwww.empoweredperformance.com 11