Chapter 7 sec 1


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  • More loyal to their states than to the United StatesDrafted in 1777 after the battle of saratoga
  • Who owned this land? The US had to make treaties with the Indians in order to sell this land under the Northwest Ordinance
  • Cost was $1 per acre…you had to buy an entire section (640 acres)Could have made more money, but was trying to get people to buy land for family farmsYou can still see this layout in the Midwest and Plains states…straight lines and right angles
  • Ohio River became dividing line between slavery and nonslavery
  • People ignored or disobeyed the national government laws with little risk of punishmentAsked states for money, but they didn’t do it…needed money to pay for war debts…needed to pay soldiers, foreign nations and war bond holdersStates printed so much money that it became worthless
  • Shay’s rebellion song!
  • Met in secrecy…freedom to speak their minds, as well as change them without fear of public criticism. More likely that states would ratify the new one, if they knew that the men didn’t agree on everything, they may not have had complete faith in the new constitution
  • Called the “Father of the Constitution”Kept diary of the convention
  • Sense of humor relieved tensionOldest delegate at 82
  • Broad knowledge of hisotry and government
  • Captivating speaker and persuasive debater
  • Focused energy of solving financial problems of the US
  • Chapter 7 sec 1

    1. 1. The New Government of the United States of America
    2. 2. Articles of Confederation • Drafted by John Dickinson • Americans feared a strong government • It took four years for the US to ratify the Articles. • Lasted only 8 years
    3. 3. Power of the Articles • Congress had few powers, states held more power.
    4. 4. Articles vs. States Army Articles States Declare War yes Make Treaties Manage Indians Make Money Tax Trade
    5. 5. Northwest Ordinance of 1785 • Drafted by Thomas Jefferson • Provided for selling and surveying of Northwest Territory
    6. 6. 15 Land sold in section 15 supported public schools. 16 Section Township
    7. 7. Northwest Territory of 1787 • • • • 5,000 voters = election of own legislature 60,000 voters = apply for statehood 5 states came out of the Northwest Territory Slavery was banned in the territory
    8. 8. Jefferson’s other state suggestions • • • • • • • • Michigania Cherronesus Metropotania Assenisipia Sylvania Illinoia Pilypotania Pelisipia
    9. 9. Weaknesses of the Confederation 1. Lack of power to enforce the laws that it made 2. Couldn’t levy taxes 3. Didn’t have sole power to coin money
    10. 10. Shay’s Rebellion • Farmers in Massachusetts were losing their lands due to the heavy taxes by Massachusetts and the worthless money • Daniel Shay led one mob of farmers to the federal arsenal • Were dispersed by the Massachusetts militia • This showed the weakness of the Articles!
    11. 11. • Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Shays • Poor ol’farmer whose debts weren’t gettin’ paid • So one day he rallied up his friends • And that my dear is where it all begins
    12. 12. • Well, Shays and his friends they stole a lot of guns • They closed down the bank • They shouted “Re-bell-yun” • The wise men knew this Shay wasn’t a fool, they knew to others he’d seem really cool • (smart that is, John Locke, don’t ya’ see)
    13. 13. • Well the next thing you know the rich folks got all scared • Madison said “Let’s get out of here!” • He said “Philadelphia is the place we oughta be” • So they saddled up the horse and they rode off to Philly • (PA that is, making rules, changing laws)
    14. 14. • • • • And that my friends was really just the start Those 55 men were really very smart They made a constitution for you and me And it has lasted for two-20 (years that is)
    15. 15. Philadelphia Convention • Meeting of the states to revise the Articles of Confederation • 12 states were represented. Rhode Island didn’t come. • George Washington was elected convention chairman
    16. 16. Notable men at the convention:
    17. 17. George Washington
    18. 18. James Madison
    19. 19. Benjamin Franklin
    20. 20. James Wilson
    21. 21. Gouverneur Morris
    22. 22. Alexander Hamilton