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Ch 9 sec 1

Ch 9 sec 1






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  • Royal control of the colonies and taxation of the wealth from the colonies enhanced royal power
  • Unlimited power over his people..directed all the activities in his kingdom…every activity of his subjects was designed to glorify the king
  • While other countries were developing governments that gave the ruler more and more power, English were trying to limit power

Ch 9 sec 1 Ch 9 sec 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 9• Glorious Revolution• Enlightenment• Secularism• Empiricism
  • European countries rushed to establish colonies
  • Louis XIV• French king• One of the most successful absolute monarchs• Financial and social cost of absolute monarchy was great
  • King Louis XIV
  • Charles I• From England• Supported the Church of Rome• Wanted absolute power
  • Charles I
  • English Civil War• Between Charles I and Parliament• Charles entered the House of Commons with soldiers and tried to arrest them• They had escaped
  • • Oliver Cromwell lead the Parliament forces• Overthrew the King and• The king was tried and executed in 1649• Cromwell ruled until his death in 1658
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Beheading of Charles I
  • • Cromwell set up a Protectorate (like a government) – It set up a constitution called the Instruments of Government – People soon wanted another king
  • Charles II• The son of Charles I• Asked by the people to become the king when Cromwell died• He didn’t mess with Parliament but received money from the French – In exchange he became Roman Catholic
  • Charles II
  • James II• Brother of Charles II• He was a strong Roman Catholic, but he was old so the people tolerated him• He didn’t have any boy children yet• When he had a son, they became worried that they would have a Roman Catholic on the throne for many years to come
  • James II
  • Glorious Revolution• The people asked James II daughter and her husband to take the throne. They were protestant• James II fled England rather than fight• This transfer of power without a fight is known as the glorious revolution
  • William of Orange and Mary• To gain the throne, Parliament made them sign the English Bill of Rights – This set limits on royal power – Provided basic rights for the English people – Prevented future ruler from being Roman Catholic
  • William and Mary
  • • The colonists in America demanded on the same civil rights that the English were getting with the English Bill of Rights