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  • What to call the new president? His Excellency…his highness…his majesty
  • Washington’s annual salary -- $25,000 (he agreed to be paid only for expenses) The president earns a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainmentMember of house and senate -- $6.00 per daySpeaker of the house -- $12.00 a dayCabinet members -- $3500 annually6-9 cents per gallon
  • Tried to hire George Rogers Clark to fight…wanted to use American privateers to fight the British navyGenet was going to be beheaded, so Washington lets him stay
  • The British navy was bad food and harsh discipline and many jumped ship and joined American ships
  • Called Jay an arch traitor worse than Benedict Arnold…could have found his way across America by night using the light from the many burning effigies of himselfUS agreed to limit trade with France and pay British citizens what we owed themBritain agreed to abandon their forts in the Northwest, to pay the US for ships seized and open some ports in British West Indies to American trade
  • Right of deposit – ability to store things with out paying at the docks until the ships arrived to take them
  • Ch 8 sec 1

    1. 1. Challenges for the New Government
    2. 2. • Cabinet • Neutrality Proclamation • Impressment
    3. 3. Washington’s Cabinet • Cabinet -- A group of advisors to help Washington
    4. 4. Secretary of State – Thomas Jefferson
    5. 5. Secretary of Treasury – Alexander Hamilton
    6. 6. Secretary of War – Henry Knox
    7. 7. Attorney General – Edmund Randolph
    8. 8. Federalist vs. Republican Strong Government Federalists Hamilton DemocraticRepublican Party Jefferson Weak Government Friend of farmer Friend of industry
    9. 9. National Debt • Alexander Hamilton designed a four part plan to pay the national debt: 1. Impose taxes – A tax on whiskey was one of them – Whiskey Rebellion erupted when farmers refused to pay the tax – Washington led 13,000 troops to Pennsylvania to put it down – Showed the governments power to back up its laws
    10. 10. 2. Repay the war bonds (Funding Bill of 1790)
    11. 11. 3. Assume state debts (Assumption Act of 1790) – The South didn’t want this because they had paid off their war debts – The compromise – The North got their debts paid off and the capital of the United States was placed in the South 4. Establish a national bank
    12. 12. Trouble with France • France began a revolution (like the US) – At first the US supported them as they did for us • France and Britain were at war – Washington issued a Neutrality Proclamation (we would be impartial toward all foreign foes) – Citizen Genet (Frenchman) came to US to find support for the war. Washington asks France to come and get him!
    13. 13. Storming the Bastille
    14. 14. Citizen Genet
    15. 15. Trouble with Britain • Britain seized 250 American ships, cargo and crew. • Practiced impressment – seizure of American sailors and forcing them to serve the British
    16. 16. Jay Treaty • Washington sent John Jay to Britain to keep us out of war. • Americans were unhappy with the treaty, but it kept us out of war
    17. 17. Trouble with Spain • Pinckney Treaty (by Thomas Pinckney) was drawn up between Spain and the US – Gave the US right of deposit at New Orleans – Set southern boundary of the US • Very popular!