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  • Communist and Socialists parties also ran candidatesFDR’s campaign was the New Deal to solve the depression, but no one knew what these would beRoosevelt won 42 of the 48 states to be presidentAmerican government would never be the same, Roosevelt's presidency marked a shift from government non-interference and individual responsibility to a government-managed economy and the provision of state welfare.
  • Almost everything FDR proposed was approved by CongressThis didn’t make sense when so many people were hungryG.B. Peterson not only operated a country store but also ran a dairy farm in Tennessee. When New Deal agriculture agents told local dairy farmers to pour out their milk rather than sell it at a loss, Peterson refused. He knew families in the community , many former customers at his store, who could not afford to feed their families. He took his surplus mild to them and gave it away.
  • If you complied, you could disply the NRA seal
  • Employed 2.5 million men
  • Employer pays half and the employee pays the otherAccounts for 26% of our federal budget…more money is spent on social security today than on the national defense

Ch 23 sec 2 Ch 23 sec 2 Presentation Transcript

  • The Depression
  • Dole Camp
  • FDR and the New Deal
  • Election of 1932 • Republicans: Herbert Hoover • Democrats: Franklin D Roosevelt Roosevelt Won!
  • Brain Trust • College professors who advised the president
  • Bank holiday • Roosevelt closed all banks for four days to stabilize them
  • Fireside chats • Radio speeches by FDR to reassure the American public
  • Agriculture Adjustment Act (AAA) • Farmers were told to get rid of excess products to raise the price • They would be paid to do it • The AAA was found to be unconstitutional
  • National Recovery Administration (NRA) • Designed to eliminate “wasteful competition” among firms • Set maximum hours to be worked and minimum wages • Declared unconstitutional
  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) • Gave jobs to unemployed young men
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) • Build dams across the Tennessee River to provide electricity
  • Works Progress Administration (WPA) • Built hospitals, schools, parks, playgrounds and airports
  • Social Securities Act • Offered small monthly payment to the elderly