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  • Took advantage of the chaos in France to take controlGreat general who led forces to many victories by using unusual battle tactics – marching troops all night and launching attacks on unprepared enemy troops
  • Public works projects…building of roads, bridges, and canals…founded the Bank of France…improved the tax system and stabilized the national debt…established a system of public education…
  • Russia ignored the blockade and France declare war…went to Russia with 600,000 troops. The outnumbered Russians withdrew and drew the French deep into Russia. The Russian winter came and only about 100,000 survived
  • Got help from russia, britain, and france
  • Although they fought hard, couldn’t decide it…called on the Great Powers for a peaceful resolution (major European nations)
  • Got help from russia, britain, and france
  • The Russians reduced the freedoms of the Poles and installed a brutal regimeDidn’t gain independence until after WWI
  • Got help from russia, britain, and france
  • Initially, the Austrian ruler gave in to demands of Hungary of freedom of the press, trial by jury, religious libertyA new Austrian leader sent an army to subjugate the HungariansHungarian leaders were executed and others escaped into exileGained independence after WWI
  • Got help from russia, britain, and france
  • Ch 12 sce 2

    1. 1. Napoleon
    2. 2. Napoleon Bonaparte • Took control of the French government
    3. 3. • He supported the overthrow of the Directory • Three councils led the new government • Napoleon was one of the three
    4. 4. • Napoleon pushed the other two aside and became the First Consul • Became the dictator of France
    5. 5. • Napoleon set about to win the support of the French people • Set up a commission to organize the many laws that were passed during the Revolution • Known as the Code of Napoleon
    6. 6. • Conquered many nations and placed a relative on each throne • Wanted to destroy the British economy
    7. 7. • He suffered a defeat at Leipzig, Germany and went into exile. • He escaped and returned to France to raise another army
    8. 8. • Prussia and Britain attack Napoleon at Waterloo. • Napoleon’s army collapsed • He is sent into exile again to St. Helena in the South Atlantic
    9. 9. • Nationalism – intense devotion and loyalty to one’s own people. • Series of revolts as people looked for independence
    10. 10. Greece • Greece wanted independence from the Ottoman Empire • Got help from Russia, Britain and France • Gained independence in 1832
    11. 11. Belgium • Wanted independence from the Dutch Kingdom • Gained independence in 1831
    12. 12. Poland • Napoleon liberated Poland, but placed it under his rule • After Napoleon was defeated, part of Poland was annexed to Russia • Poland tried to gain independence from Russia • They were crushed
    13. 13. Hungary • Wanted independence from Austria • Austria got help from Russia and overwhelmed the Hungarians