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  • Called it Chung KuoChina has existed as the central nation and great power in Asia for 2000 years
  • Came about by overthrowing the Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty (foreign rulers)
  • Was an absoluteruler..harshDemanded that his ministers kneel before him … before they could sit or standWorked to manage every aspect of Chinese society including householdsUsed a secret police to discover who opposed him…they would be public beaten and sometimes died
  • Defeated the second emperor in a civil war (he was his uncle)Was also harshHad a literary collection of over 2000 scholars
  • Exported porcelain products on a massive scale and sold around the worldMost people refer to porcelain as china
  • Blue and white was produced for the royal family alone
  • Enamel colors were added, and five-colored enamels became highly prized during 15th century
  • Bookstores sold samples of examination that all students had to pass in order to gain government employmentNovel and short stories became popularOral stories were written down and sold
  • Started about 700 BC (now we are in 1400s)More than 1100 miles longVarious canals were dug and finally connectedNo longer needed an ocean navy to transport and protect food supplies to the capital
  • Were to demonstrate Chinese superiority over countries along the Indian OceanAlso reduced the threat of pirates
  • His army and crew numbered almost 30,000Took gold, silver, porcelain, and silk to foreign rulers…brought back ostriches, camels and giraffesWhen the navy was reduced, piracy returned
  • He and his fleet traveled more than 30,000 milesZheng died on the 7th voyage and was buried at sea
  • The Ming emperors became distracted with matters not related to governing ChinaOne emperor spend his life making furniture
  • From 1644-1911Allowed the Chinese to have a say in governmentEmperor still had absolute power
  • Darker orange is Ming DynastyLighter orange is Manchu Dynasty

Ch 11 sec 1 Ch 11 sec 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Chinese
  • • The Chinese called their land the Middle Kingdom or Central Nation • Did this because they thought they were the center of the world
  • Ming Dynasty • Enjoyed peace and prosperity under this dynasty • Founded by Taizu • He was very harsh
  • Chengzu • Sponsored many scholarly events
  • The Arts • Ming craftsmen perfected porcelain production
  • • Increased wealth provided the opportunity for increased literacy and expanded literature.
  • • Drama developed into long and complex plays
  • • Landscape paintings
  • Reconstruction • Rebuilt broken portion of the Great Wall of China and added to it
  • • Built the Imperial City in what is now Beijing • Also called the Forbidden City
  • • Completed the Grand Canal • Could now easily transport grain to the capital
  • Exploration • Ming Dynasty sent out over 7 naval expeditions • They were to represent a renewed China and gain control over trade
  • Zheng He • The admiral of this navy • His goal was to enhance China’s reputation and bring countries into submission • Extended Chinese influence beyond the Indian Ocean and possibly into Iran
  • Decline • Asked the manchu in to help the Ming defeat a group of rebels • They ended up taking over
  • MANCHU DYNASTY • The last dynasty of China • The Manchu tried to become Chinese instead of the other way around
  • • Manchu tried to keep China from having any contact with the West through trade • This caused them to fall behind in technology and military