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  • We know that we are religious beingsWe know that we are precious to God.Like God we have the ability to think, love, use language, know right and wrong, and enjoy relationships
  • Meaning of creation mandate: p.5Genesis 1:28 “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth”This is called the Creation MandateThis is why God made humans
  • Page 7 – earth rebelling against man
  • Cain became the father of a group of people who were the first to live in civilization. Their civilization was not pleasing to God…their sin was not building a city. Their sin was attempting to live out the Creation Mandate without God.
  • The flood caused the whole earth to be under water. Caused the earth to be without form and void just like its original state.
  • Commanded Noah to spread out and fill the earth

Ch 1 sec 1 Ch 1 sec 1 Presentation Transcript

  • The Beginnings of the Human Race
  • Vocabulary Chapter 1 • Divine sovereignty • Creation mandate • Nation state • City state • Table of nations • Polytheism • Monotheism • Gospel
  • God Created the World • Took only 6 days • Did it by speaking • It was good (Genesis 1:31)
  • Divine Sovereignty • God’s complete and permanent control over this world
  • God created man in the image of God • This means that man has a set of qualities that reflects God’s own personality.
  • God Created Man to Rule • Creation Mandate – think of ways to tame the earth and to make it useful
  • What does the Creation Mandate Mean? • Humans need to develop culture and civilization. • Need to create cities where tasks are shared to improve the quality of life
  • Adam & Eve • They loved God, worshiped God and obeyed God • They sinned against God by eating from the forbidden tree • The entire history of human civilization has been twisted by sin.
  • The effects of the first sin: 1. Human’s love themselves more than anything else 2. Religion has been damaged because man is worshiping their own gods. 3. God changed the earth so it rebelled against their rule. “Cursed is the ground for thy sake.” Genesis 3:17
  • God’s plan for redemption • Human race was divided into two groups: Seed of the serpent and seed of the woman • Satan’s seed would harm God’s people • God’s people is the seed of the woman
  • Adam & Eve Cain Moved to Nod Cainites Abel Seth Killed by Cain Sethites Became unpleasing to God
  • The great flood • God showed favor to one family from the Sethite line • God held back his judgment for 120 years, but in the end he flooded the earth
  • • When Noah landed on Mount Ararat, God repeated the Creation Mandate
  • Noah’s Family Noah Shem Have a great future A wicked man Ham Japeth Blessed with wealth and power
  • Babel • All humans spoke the same language at this time • The city of Babel was trying to build a tower that would reach heaven
  • God’s response to Babel God confused the people by making them all speak different languages so they could not communicate
  • Nations are born • People now lived with others that spoke their same language and created nations • Nation-state – nation that has its own government • City-state—cities that have their own government • Table of Nations – Genesis 10. It lists the decedents of Shem, Ham and Japheth.
  • Vocabulary Example: Tallyn Hughes 7th History 8/16/11 1. Nomadic constantly on the move in search of game, fish and wild plants. 2. Adobe a dried clay and straw mixture used to build houses 3. Totem Poles carvings from large trees that depicted local legends and important events