Which Smartphone Operating System is Best?


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Which smartphone operating system is best?

In this presentation I go through the vital statistics ad well as the key differences between Apples iOS, Googles Android, Microsofts Windows and Research In Motions Blackberry!

Which is your favourite?!

The statistics are from 2011and were from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

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  • Which Smartphone Operating System is Best?

    1. 1. Which OS is Boss? www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    2. 2. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    3. 3. Android is Googles mobile operating system which powers millions of UK Market Share 36.9% phones in the UK and around the world. There’s a wide range of phones from cheap ones to top end beasts that use this operating system. Android is known for offering more freedom and customisation options. A fair amount of Androids support Number of apps flash and most of them come within the Play Store 450,000+ navigation and office apps pre installed. As you would expect, Androids are tightly integrated with other Google services like Gmail and Google maps. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    4. 4. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    5. 5. The only mobile phones that use the iOS operating systems are the iPhones.UK Market Share 28.5% iOS devices get access to the highest number of apps from the App Store. New apps and updates generally arrive onto iOS first. Some iOS only features include iMessage, Face-time and iCloud. iOS is known for being quiteNumber of apps restrictive and don’t support popularin the App Store 725,700+ features like widgets. It’s is the most polished operating system of the lot and is generally considered to be the easiest to use. iPhones do not support flash! www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    6. 6. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    7. 7. Blackberry’s current operating system is going through an overhaul so expect everything to change soon for Blackberry 10 (it may already be out depending on when you read this).UK Market Share 18.1% The USP of this operating system is the push-delivery technology used with the Blackberry Internet Services. They have industry leading email and instant messaging services which cost about £5 per month to use in the UK.Number of appsin the App Store 60,000+ Most current Blackberries also have physical keyboards so if you don’t like touch screens then you could like this. The main reason people choose Blackberry is their exclusive messaging service BBM and their superior email service. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    8. 8. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    9. 9. Windows Phone 7 uses a smooth and stylish “metro” interface. The home page is made up of live widgets that automaticallyUK Market Share 2.2% update. It’s a love it or hate it type of operating system and I personally love it! With it being a Microsoft OS, the Windows Phones come with the office packages pre installed.Number of apps One cool thing about Windows Phone isin the App Store 80,000+ the fact that you can try apps before you buy them. This saves you spending money on an app that turns out being quite rubbish! www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    10. 10. www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk
    11. 11. Which is your favourite? www.TrulyUnlimited.co.uk