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Q're 1.

  1. 1. Topic: - “Study on purchase experience of consumer in shopping mall” DECLARATION Dear Respondent I am student of VIVEKANAND COLLEGE FOR B.B.A SURAT. I have to do project report on the study of purchase experience of consumer in shopping mall. I would like to inform you as you are the member of sample size of my survey, I expect you co-operation in my study. This data will be kept confidential and will only be used for survey purpose. 1. How many times you visit the shopping mall? o Once in a week o Occasionally o Once in month o Rarely o Twice in a month 2. On which day you would like to visit the shopping mall? o Sunday o Thursday o Monday o Friday o Tuesday o Saturday o Wednesday 3. If you visit the shopping mall then for which purpose you visit the mall? o Window shopping o Entertainment o Shopping o Casual walk o Wi-Fi connectivity 4. From the following which factor forces you sometimes to purchase unplanned purchasing from the shopping mall? o Quality o Discount and Schemes o Assortment o Price o Purchase Experience o Others _____________________
  2. 2. 5. In which department of mall you would like to visit? o Food and beverages o Apparels o Home appliances o Kitchen ware o Electronics o Jewellery o FMCG o Others __________________6. Please check the box that best indicates how descriptive the statement is of you? Just like A lot Somewhat Not Not at me like me like me much all like like me me  I go window shopping often. o o o o o  I shop online. o o o o o  I have conservative taste. o o o o o  I like stores with very low o o o o o price.  I never seen to have enough o o o o o money.7. From the following which mode of payment do you prefer? o By cash o By debit card o By credit card o By membership card8. Which facilities you expect in one shopping mall? (multiple choices) o Parking facility o Cinema o Assortment o Number of varieties of products o Less prices and offers o Enjoyable o Branded products o Food and beverages o Others ____________________
  3. 3. 9. List of malls visited by you. (Multiple choices) o Central mall o Rahul raj o Iscon mall o D mart o Big bazar o N mart o Star bazar o Dhiraj sons o Sahaj super store o Others _______________________10. Please tick the facilities of mall which you liked when you had visited the shopping mall. (Multiple choices) Facilities Number Discount Assortment Food Ambience Parking Movie of and offers restaurant facilities choices & Space and varieties  Central mall o o o o o o o o  Iscon mall o o o o o o o o  Big bazar o o o o o o o o  Star bazar o o o o o o o o  Rahul raj o o o o o o o o  Dhiraj sons o o o o o o o o  D mart o o o o o o o o  N mart o o o o o o o o  Sahaj super o o o o o o o o store  Other o o o o o o o o
  4. 4. 11. Was your overall purchase experience with shopping mall good? o Yes o No (If, Yes then attempt 12th question or If, No then attempt 13th question)12. If yes, how good was: o Delighted experience o Satisfactory experience13. If No, then why: ________________________________________________________14. Will you continue to visit and purchase from shopping mall in future? o Yes o No15. Would you like to recommend others to have purchase experience in shopping mall? o Yes o No o Can’t say Personal Details: Name: Age: Occupation: Mobile No: Address: