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Locations Locations Document Transcript

  • The Doctor The genre of our film is Horror; therefore, we are going to film our trailer in specific locations that work in favour of horror conventions. In order to work to the required elements of horror conventions we have researched existing media productions and looked at where they film horrific scenes. Ginger Snaps 3 is based within the woods of a derelict area. It is about the beginning of Werewolf’s and the fact that it is set within the woods, scares the audience. It makes the characters vulnerable, because we as an audience feel as though they have no escape, and no one to help. We are going to film a large amount of our trailer in the woods, where the girls come after Dr. Corté, it makes him become vulnerable in a wide area with little escape. The Orphan, once again shows a house out in a derelict area, with little phone connection, and a winding journey off of a main road to get to a house. The picture shown left is a scene within the film where little Esther kills the nun, because there is no one around to see Esther quickly kills her and hides all evidence of a killing. Saw is a universal franchise that has released 7 more films, each one are filmed in different settings. Saw differs from other horror films as it does not necessarily take place in a derelict area, however, where the bodies are found, the police have no idea how to find them until the body is found.
  • After researching different locations, we are going to film the majority of the trailer within Shaw Wood, situated in Armthorpe. We have chosen to do this because we want to reverse the status of the character. The plot contains Dr Corté torturing his young female patients. The status of the characters will change as the female patients take revenge upon Dr Corté. The wood gives the feel of vulnerability towards Dr Corté because it is a wide span of land with no secure place to hide. We also want to film some scenes within a Drs Surgery, because Dr Corté is a psychiatrist we want the scenes to be convincing. Therefore it is important for us to contact a local practice and ask for their permission to film. Here are some pictures of Shaw Wood.