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Edct 203 ppt

  1. 1. Kaci Howe Edct 203 4/13/11
  2. 2. Three Different Branches ofGovernmentExecutive BranchLegislative BranchJudicial Branch
  3. 3. Executive Branch The Executive Branch is one branch out of the three that the President of the United States is the head of It’s the President’s job to make sure that the laws of the United States are enforced properly, with the help of the Vice President and the Cabinet The President can either approve or veto (decline) laws that are made
  4. 4. Legislative Branch The Legislative Branch is responsible for creating the laws that the Executive Branch and the citizens of the United States carry out Within Congress, which resides under the Legislative Branch, there are two subgroups: the House of Representatives and the Senate This creates balance within the Legislative Branch and equal opportunity to enforce their unique powers
  5. 5. Judicial Branch The Judicial Branch comes into action when the laws of the United States are broken by people, and the federal (national) court, known as the Supreme Court, is responsible for deciding what to do The Supreme Court has 9 people that are known as justices, including the head or Chief Justice Supreme Court Justices serve their term for life, unless they retire, resign, or are impeached (are made to step down for doing something wrong)
  6. 6. How Many Branches of Government Are There in the United States? Five Three Eight Two
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  9. 9. What Branch of Government does the Presidentof the United States work under? Legislative Judicial Executive None of these
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  12. 12. Who Creates the Laws of theUnited States? Judicial Legislative Branch Branch Executive The Branch President
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  15. 15. How many Supreme Court Justicesare there on the Supreme Court? Nine Twelve Eight Four
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  18. 18. H l ong does each Supr em ow eC t Just i ce ser ve t hei r t er m our ? 10 years 2 years 5 years For Life
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