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A simple how-to to get started with the social bookmarking site

A simple how-to to get started with the social bookmarking site

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Social Bookmarking If you have a acct, please use the font tool to add your user name here: Kristin Hokanson Jim Gates
  • 2. What is
    • A collection of favorites
    • Access your favorite links from anywher.
    • Share with friends, coworkers and the community.
    • Discover new things. Everything on is someone's favorite, so is full of the best
  • 3. Browser Buttons FIREFOX http://del. icio .us/help/buttons? ua=ff INTERNET EXPLORER http://del. icio .us/help/buttons? ua=ie
  • 4. Using tags
    • Recommended tags are a combination of tags you have already used and tags that other people have used.
    • Popular tags are what other people have tagged this page as
  • 5. Searching
    • Using the search box
    • Shows your bookmarks and others
    • Each tag has its own page
    • ie
    • shows related tags as well
    • Search most popular sites
  • 6. Your Network
    • You can add users to your network to see what they have bookmarked.
    • You can subscribe to a user with RSS feed
  • 7. Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions allow you to watch all your favorite tags in one place.
    • Click on subscriptions- Edit
    • Fill in the tag / user to which you want to subscribe.
  • 8. Links for you
    • A user in your network can share bookmarks using for: username.
    • Links for you are private until you save to your bookmarks.
    • When you tag a site, you can tag is for:username to add to another user’s links.
  • 9. Sharing Bookmarks
    • By topic
    • By user
    • Subscribe via RSS feed
    • Creating a network
    • for:username
    • linkroll
  • 10. Editing / Deleting Bookmarks
    • From your user site you can edit the tags & notes of any site
  • 11. Settings
  • 12. Public / Private Bookmarks
    • To change a public bookmark to private, first enable private saving in your settings.
    • Check the do not share box
    • While saving a new bookmark, you can also check the do not share box to make that bookmark private.
  • 13. Organizing your bookmarks
    • Bundles are a way to arrange previously-used tags into groups.
    • From settings: click on bundle tags
    • You can also rename tags
  • 14. Importing Bookmarks
    • Sign in to and click on the settings tab.
    • First export your bookmarks from your browser.
    • You can choose whether or not to add popular tags
    • Bookmarks you import remain private until you share them.
    You can also export your links as a back up.