How to find and win scholarships

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  • National Center for Education Statistics
  • Numbers game
  • 1.5 million scholarships listed


  • 1. How to Find Scholarships Karina Hirschfield, College Counselor Science Leadership Academy
  • 2. QuizHow Much Do You Really Know About Scholarships?
  • 3. Todays objectiveGet overview on scholarshipsLearn which are the TOP scholarships for SLA studentsCreate Fastweb account/Research scholarships/Organizational system
  • 4. Truth About College Cost
  • 5. Why Should Students Applyfor Scholarships?Help students succeed in college by reducing loan and work burden.Scholarship recipients are more likely to graduate.Students who graduate with no debt or low debt are more likely to attend graduate programs.
  • 6. Types of scholarshipsCollege - most common way to earnOutside - given by organizations not associated with college or the federal government o Local (Merritt Wilson, Philadelphia City scholarship, Phi Delta Kappa) o State (PA House of Representatives, PA Legislative Black Caucus) o National (GM, NMS, Coca-Cola, Robert Byrd)
  • 7. How much $money$ is outthere?• 750,ooo scholarships earmarked• 1.2 billion in government and private scholarships• Average government grant is $2,001.• Average private scholarship is $2,051.
  • 8. Who tends to winscholarships?• Students with better grades and above average test scores.• Students who demonstrate leadership abilities through extra-curriculars and community service.• Students majoring in STEM fields.• Students with specific talent (athletic, artistic, etc.) *Very few students win a completely free ride.*
  • 9. More scholarship selectioncriteriaCareerGenderRace/ethnicityIncomeDisabilityReligious affiliationOrganization membershipGrade point averageTalent (art, athletic, etc.)
  • 10. How do I improve mychances?• Increase the number of applications• Search offline in addition to online• Include a resume• Network
  • 11. Will my online presenceaffect scholarship chances?1/4 of scholarship providers are reviewingUnprofessional appearance can affect your chancesUse school e-mail (but make sure to check it!)
  • 12. What are the topscholarship search sites?Naviance - Scholarship MatchCollege News Blog - Scholarship tabSDP Scholarship ClearinghouseFastwebCollege BoardSallie Mae
  • 13. What are SLAs topscholarships?Gates MilleniumQuestBridgeFIBOTLiberty ScholarsNational Merit Scholarship*College Scholarships
  • 14. What is typically needed tocomplete scholarships?Application formEssaysResumeTranscriptRecommendation lettersFinancial documentation
  • 15. When Should I BeginSearching for Scholarships?The earlier you start to organize and prep, the more likely you will complete scholarship application and feel less stressed!ASAP!
  • 16. Words of wisdom….• “Juniors should start looking for scholarships as soon as possible because the competition is really intense.” Christian• “Juniors should already start looking for scholarships. You want to get a lot of things done. Senior year will be really crazy. Know the game and play it well.” Pauline• “Remember that senior year will be filled with many deadlines and scholarship deadlines will be one of them. Get started early in the summer of Junior year because it will be hectic when we get back to school.” Shamarlon
  • 17. Set up Fastweb account!fastweb.comReview match listUnder status select might applyComplete profile will increase matches
  • 18. Organize scholarship listusing Naviance worksheet!•• Under links section select scholarship wksht• Copy and paste into a google doc• Research a minimum of three scholarships from Fastweb accountLog in to Naviance
  • 19. Other worthy of bookmarksCollege News BlogSDP Scholarship ClearinghouseCollege BoardSallie Mae
  • 20. In sum….• College tuition is costly and students need to be proactively pursuing free money.• There are lots of scholarships opportunities!• Start researching and organizing EARLY!