Humble Request for Noble Work!                                     All mighty God has given us the strength to live the li...
We request you to help us in this divine work and help the                                  needy within the society by ou...
4x13 Square feet area floor carpet                                                1404.006x13 Square feet area floor carpe...
:: CONTACT DETAILS ::WEBSITE: OFFICE101, Shyamal Complex, Parivaar Cross Road, Wagh...
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Health foundations medical foundations education foundations healthcare foundations


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Krishna Hari Foundation is an educational, medical and healthcare trust/foundation/NGO/non profit organizations. A request to all of the visitors to donate us affordable charity, donation, bounty, charitable amount/objects, endowment, for children education funds, non-profit execution of the education donation, medical charities, and helping other philanthropic organization.

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Health foundations medical foundations education foundations healthcare foundations

  1. 1. Humble Request for Noble Work! All mighty God has given us the strength to live the life as we want but there are some illustrations in the society who are not able to even pass their lives as they want. THE VISION OF LIVING AS A HUMAN BEING IS DYING! The fast living style has given us the opaque goggles, so that we could not visualize the injustice to the major part of the society is happening now days. This injustice is done by negating their basic rights for living. The proper awareness is necessary to them to get their basic rights from government as such many government projects are running to provide them justice. Inmany cases these people are not aware that what their basic rights for living are! Well all thismuddle is because of illiteracy and unhygienic livelihoodof them. We the “KRISHNA HARI FOUNDATION” isworking for their awareness and is in the process ofspreading word to them about their basic rights. Severaldifferent camps are done for this kind of awareness. Weare having fist of people who are dedicated towards theinitiated task by our honorable Managing Trustee Mr.Jay Sushil Joshi. The dedication of these people isattracting other all noble vision people to join us as ourvolunteer or donate us in our undertaken gracious task. We are getting some private funds anddonations by which these all activities are executed. Now we want to appeal you for donatingsome amount to our organization for the education and medical welfare of the society which is undertaken by us. We are providing Technical Education, Professional Educational Courses and Educational and Medical Awareness Workshops so the needy people can also have a proper stand in the upcoming society. Our project named “Krishna InfoTech” is giving them the technical computer education at low cost so that they may get knowledge about the computers in the today’s technological world.
  2. 2. We request you to help us in this divine work and help the needy within the society by our means. Your initiative of even less can make big sense for the needy. We strongly believe in saying that “God always helps them who helps others”. For the educative help of the needy students you can make a move from even donating Rs.500/- to us. We provide career counseling, Computer Education, Personality Development Courses, Music Healing sessions, Stress relieving Sessionsand many more at very low cost in comparison to the current market rates. If we would get thedescribed total budget fund value approved, we wish that these all educative initiative would begiven at the token rates of Rs.50 only to each enrolledcandidate. We are also running two campaigns named as“Literate world!” and “Vadodara Slums”. Every year we areshort in funds in these two campaigns as well in the project“Krishna InfoTech”. These two campaigns are mainly forspreading awareness for the education and medical facilitiesprovided by several government bodies and NGOs to them. Wewant to start doing “Educational Awareness Camps” inunderprivileged areas of the city and city suburbs initially and then we would like to spread across India for the same noble task. This journey of us would require large amount to expense and dedication. We are prepared for the journey described; by being the volunteer or by donating us you can join us in this journey. By donating or acting as volunteer in our any of the camps organized we would be pleased to receive your efforts given to the education and medical welfare for the society. The yearly budget of our Computer Education project “Krishna InfoTech” is as follows: Particulars Amount (INR)AMC for 7 Computers, 1 Printer, 1 Scanner 9700.00Light Bill & Premises Rent 13200.00 & 38400.00Staff Salary Expenses 270000.00Stationary Courier Charges 24000.00 & 43200.00Building Maintenance & Telephone Expenses 6000.00 & 4800.00Awareness Campaign Expense 150000.00Total 559300.00Our organization is in need of below mentioned instruments and funds also: Instrument name Amount (INR)3 Ceiling Fans 5250.004 Chairs 3600.00
  3. 3. 4x13 Square feet area floor carpet 1404.006x13 Square feet area floor carpet 2106.00Vadodara Slums and Literate World! Education Workshops:Approximate Yearly ExpensesCommutation Expense 80400.00Stationary Expense 48000.00Projector 75000.00DVD Player 3700.00Food Expense for volunteers 108000.00Total 327460.00Total Yearly Needed Funds 886760.00We request to all the readers to donate as much as they can in the described tasks of ourorganization. This is the request on behalf of them to whom we have seen suffering and arein need of healing. Help human help yourself! DONATE NOW FOR EDUCATED BHARAT!
  4. 4. :: CONTACT DETAILS ::WEBSITE: OFFICE101, Shyamal Complex, Parivaar Cross Road, Waghodia Dabhoi Ring Road, Vadodara-390019REGISTERED OFFICE138, Vaikunth Township - I, Bh. Shree Ambe School,Waghodia Road, Vadodara-390017Email : | Website: www.krishnaharifoundation.inContact Numbers: +91 9574349214 | +91 9737478196 :: WAYS OF DONATION ::There are following way to give you precious contributions fund to us:1) Every one who wants to donate us they can donate by depositing funds in our State Bank ofIndia Account.Bank Name: SBIBranch: Parivaar Char RastaAccount No.: 316871003662) You can send Money Order on the name of Krishna Hari Foundation at following address:o/o Krishna InfoTech 101, Shyamal Complex, B/h Swamivivekanand School, ParivaarCrossroad, Dabhoi - Waghodia Ring Road, Vadodara-193) You can send Demand Draft payable to Krishna Hari Foundation, Vadodara at same abovementioned address.4) You can also donate by calling our volunteer at +91 9574349214.