Coro tech overview presentation 2013
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Coro tech overview presentation 2013



CoroTech is a corrosion preventive company that specializes is acid brick/ceramic glazed tile lining systems and modifications in all types of industries. ...

CoroTech is a corrosion preventive company that specializes is acid brick/ceramic glazed tile lining systems and modifications in all types of industries.
Please take a look at our overview and email me for more information!!
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Coro tech overview presentation 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. About CoroTech • 37 year leader in corrosion lining solutions • Located in Grand Rapids, MI • Wholly owned subsidiary of the Armada Group Innovative Solutions, Exceptional Performance
  • 2. About the Armada Group • Privately held group of diversified manufacturing, construction and real estate companies. • Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI • Growing, financially strong company with over 250 employees • Wholly owned subsidiaries: – CoroTech • Corrosion lining solution expert – Steel Supply and Engineering • Designs, fabricates, and erects over 30,000 tons of steel annually (structural and miscellaneous) – Imperial Metal Products • Manufacturers precision metal products – Tallgrass Properties • Manages commercial and industrial properties in the Midwest
  • 3. CoroTech Strategy Statement • Build lasting customer relationships • Provide innovative solutions and preconstruction services • Exceptional project performance
  • 4. CoroTech’s Capabilities • Designs, fabricates, installs and maintains custom systems that provide excellent abrasion and chemical resistance – Tile-lined tanks and vessels – Advanced composite tanks, piping and components – Brick and tile tank and floor linings – Various applied lining systems – Thermal Insulation Coatings • Manufacturing – Coro-Tile / Coro-Brick • Inspection and maintenance services • Single Source capabilities for clients capital and maintenance needs • Excellent Safety Record with a dedicated Corporate Safety Manager
  • 5. Industries Served • Power Generation • Pulp and Paper • Others needing corrosion protection for processes – Mining – Chemical processing – Food and Beverage – Etc.
  • 6. Power Generation Market • Construction and maintenance of tile-lined wet FGD scrubber systems • Advanced composite, tile and borosilicate block lining systems to protect ductwork, support tanks, and piping • Strategic alliance with lining systems expert Atlas Minerals for superior corrosion solutions
  • 7. Lining Options • Tile Lined, Reinforced Concrete • Acid Resistant Brick • C276 or Other Alloy • Lined Carbon Steel (Resinous Material or Tile) • Flake glass / applied linings • Glass mat reinforced mortar • Borosilicate block
  • 8. Tile-Lined FGD Scrubbers • Construction and maintenance of tile-lined wet FGD scrubber systems • Glazed Ceramic Tile Linings • Installed with Corrosion Resistant Vinyl Ester Mortar • Tile Lined Reinforced Concrete Vessels • Tile Lined Carbon Steel Vessels
  • 9. Tile-Lined FGD Scrubbers • Glazed Ceramic Tile are virtually impervious • 20+ Years of Successful FGD Service • Excellent corrosion and erosion resistance • Unlimited Chloride Resistance
  • 10. Steel,Tile-Lined Support Tanks
  • 11. Custom Solutions • Fillet at floor to wall intersection • Previous application • New solution
  • 12. Pulp and Paper Market • Inspection and maintenance services for process vessels, tile tank vessels, containment areas, sumps, pits, and trenches • Design, construction and maintenance of tile-lined tanks and vessels • Specification and application of chemical resistant coating and lining systems • Design and installation of various corrosion resistant brick systems for tank linings and floors • Selection of installation of silicate and polymer concretes
  • 13. Inspection and Maintenance
  • 14. Inspection and Maintenance
  • 15. Inspection and Maintenance
  • 16. Inspection and Maintenance
  • 17. Maintenance – HD Tank Structural Rehab
  • 18. Thermal Insulation Coatings
  • 19. Capital Projects CoroTech Major Capital Projects Since 1985: • 100 Capital Projects (ranging from 1 to 25 items each) • 60 Large Vessels - Greater than 50’ diameter - Greater than 60’ tall
  • 20. Capital Project Examples
  • 21. HD Tanks and Pulp Washers
  • 22. Rectangular Chest
  • 23. Why CoroTech? • 37 years experience • Commitment to high quality systems, project performance, and customer satisfaction • Flexible to meet customer needs • Industry expertise to apply multiple lining solutions • Custom, innovative solutions • Profession project planning process and pre- construction services • Exceptional safety performance and history • Strong bonding capabilities as part of the diverse Armada Group
  • 24. Thank You CoroTech Company 1222 Burton St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507 Phone: 616.456.5552 Fax: 616.456.5557