Librarians in BlackBoard? Savvy Skills


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  • Librarians in BlackBoard? Savvy Skills

    1. 1. Librarians in Blackboard? Collaborating to Help Your Students Do the Best Research PossibleKristin Henrich | Diane Prorak | Jeff Bohlscheid | Jackie Bennett
    2. 2. Why bother?• Don’t students get library instruction in English 102?• Don’t they know how to find information?• Why integrate more information literacy instruction into other courses?• Why would librarians need to be in my Blackboard site?• How much will this add to my workload?
    3. 3. How We Got Started• Supporting Teaching, Advising, Assessment & Technology Integration Grant awarded to Henrich / Prorak in Spring 2009• General goal? Explore and create online content and interactive services that can be accessed directly within BlackBoard to help students learn critical information literacy skills
    4. 4. Main Project Goals of Grant1. Establish library presence in BlackBoard, focusing on pilot courses, to provide students with content and services that can help them do effective research2. Create appealing library instruction content that can be embedded in BlackBoard
    5. 5. Collaborated with:• Food Science 110 (Bohlscheid)• Core 113, Globalization (Honors) (Bohlscheid)• English 102 (2 sections): • Michele Leavitt (Honors) • Jackie Bennett
    6. 6. First Steps:1. Course instructor added us as a co-instructor2. We added our contact information, general content, link to research guide for the course.
    7. 7. Food Science and Globalization Courses• Communication •Announcements from librarian •Brainstorming / coordination / communication between course instructor & librarian•Assignments •Food Science: Find a book, article, website on your topic, then cite, describe, and evaluate it using discussion thread •Globalization: work sessions with librarian
    8. 8. Course Instructor’s and Librarian’s Perspectives?•What worked•What could be improved•Recommendations for other courses
    9. 9. English 102• Many sections = standard library instructioncurriculum•Uploaded traditional worksheets in Blackboard,so they could be completed and turned in online• Created website evaluation module, freeing classtime for hands-on research•Surveyed students
    10. 10. Course Instructor’s and Librarian’s Perspectives?•What worked•What could be improved•Recommendations for other courses
    11. 11. Student Survey Results [all courses]73% of respondents liked completingassignments online and communicatingwith the librarian through BlackBoard 1. Did you like or dislike completing library assignments online through BlackBoard and having communication from the librarian via Blackboard? (all classes) (46 responses) Like : 34 Dislike: 6 Not sure: 6
    12. 12. Regarding delivery method of library instruction,36 % of respondents preferred a combination of online / in-person34 % of respondents preferred online only26 % of respondents preferred in-person only 2. English 102 library week had two in-class sessions supplemented by BlackBoard and one online-only session, which focused on website evaluation. Which delivery method did you prefer? (English 102) (38 responses) Online only: 13 In- person only: 10 Combination: 14 Not sure: 1
    13. 13. 85 % of respondents recommendedthat library services continue to useBlackBoard to reach students! 3. Would you recommend that the library use BlackBoard for future classes like yours? (all classes) (54 responses) Yes: 46 No: 6 Not sure: 2
    14. 14. Selected qualitative student responses• liked having the convenience of all materials online and inone course site• liked having the assignments online where they could dothem anytime • having the assignments online made them less compelling • they would have done them if they had to complete them during class • didn’t always check Blackboard • not all students had laptops with them all the time • some had technical problems
    15. 15. Questions for Part 1 ?
    16. 16. Goal 2•Create appealinglibrary instructioncontent that can beused by studentsremotely throughBlackboard coursesites.
    17. 17. What ‘appealing content’?•Web tutorials? •Many existing UI Library tutorials •How to address skills best learned in person, such as finding a book?•Our Wikipedia video is always popular…whynot make video tutorials?
    18. 18. •Cast a UI VIP as the star…Joe Vandal!•Chose library skills students traditionallystruggle with•Collaborated with Video Production Center• Created script, scenes and booked Joe
    19. 19. Joe Vandal in the Library Videos
    20. 20. Instructional uses of the videos so far:• English 102 and Core Discovery to teach IL skills• Recruitment Visits• Vandal Friday• To change pace of class (very helpful!)• As a link sent out to classes that need to viewthem on their own ( e.g. microfilm users)
    21. 21. Other Potential Uses?• Links in Blackboard for student self-use• Instructor use in your own classroom•Other ideas?
    22. 22. Student assessment of videos (all classes) “The videos starring Joe Vandal helped me helped me learn how to find information in the library.” N=100Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly agree Disagree 20 50 29 1 0
    23. 23. Corny but Funny I understoodhelpful, full clearly how to findof info Well books from the done video.Quite Excellententertaining Cheesy but Amazing, effective proud to be Really straight a Vandal forward and easy Easy to learn to understand from, pay attention to Too cheesy : (
    24. 24. Take-Aways!•We can work with you and your class withinBlackboard to tailor instruction and content foryour objectives and assignments.•We’re glad to meet with you and discuss ideaswhen you are planning your course.•Contact us as soon as possible, sinceschedules fill up.
    25. 25. Diane Prorak, Library InstructionCoordinatorprorak@uidaho.eduKristin Henrich, Reference andInstruction
    26. 26. Questions?