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Web usability
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Web usability


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Web Usability presentation by Senthil Velmurugan at Software Developers Group Reno.

Web Usability presentation by Senthil Velmurugan at Software Developers Group Reno.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Web Usability
  • 2. Web Usability
    • Goal : Your average user can use it without frustration.
    • Usability guidelines :
    • Don’t make users think.
    • Avoid obscure messages.
    Web Usability Web Usability
  • 3. We don’t read pages, we scan them
    • We are usually in a hurry.
    • We know we don’t need to read everything.
    • We are good at it.
    Web Usability
  • 4. Web Usability
  • 5. Web Usability
  • 6. Brochure / Billboard
    • Convey message quickly.
    • Create visual hierarchy on each page.
    • Font sizes
    • Group related things
    • Nested blocks
    • Take advantage of conventions.
    • Minimize noise.
    Web Usability
  • 7. What we see on a page depends on what we have in mind
    • We tend to focus on words/phrases that seem to match
    • Task on hand.
    • Current / Ongoing personal Interests.
    • Trigger words that are hardwired into our nervous systems like
    • Free
    • Sale
    • Se
    • Our own name.
    Web Usability
  • 8. Web Usability
  • 9. Homepage
    • Different from all other pages.
    • It communicates the site’s value and purpose.
    • Shows all major options available on the site.
    • Enable access to home page from any other page.
    Web Usability
  • 10. Navigation
    • We don’t make optimal choices, we satisfice.
    • Back button is the most used feature.
    • Navigation links: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary..
    • Page names are like street signs of the web.
    • Bread crumbs .
    • You are here: Home > Gallery > Art > Photography > Nature
    Web Usability
  • 11. Usability Testing
    • Iterative design approach.
    • Create prototypes.
    • Wireframes.
    • Study: 30% more task completions on sites redesigned following usability rules.
    Web Usability
  • 12. Conclusion
    • No single way to design, but follow the rules.
    • Watch for the trend, don’t copy.
    • Your competition is just one click away, don’t frustrate your users.
    Web Usability
  • 13. Reference / Further reading
    • Don’t make me think – Steve Krug.
    • (research based guidelines)
    • (Jakob Nielsen)
    Web Usability
  • 14. Web Usability