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Fundraising for film


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  • 1. Kenda HembroughMay 16, 2013
  • 2. Agenda for TodayI. IntroductionsII. About GENESISIII. Overview of how films are typically financedIV. Overview of fundraising methodsV. Crowdfunding tipsVI. Next steps
  • 3. My Interestin Promoting Indie Film B. S. in Marketing at UF, 2000 11 years experience in fundraising Direct mail, e-solicitations, giving web sites, events,phonathon, peer-to-peer fundraising 1 year in health care consulting Strategic planning, employee management, projectmanagement B. A. in Communication at UWF, August 2013 Extensive research on the independent film industry Industry structure and trends, marketing strategy,distribution strategy, fan group formation.
  • 4. IntroductionsWho is onyour team?
  • 5. About GENESIS Production company and fiscal sponsor Production Budget Prints & Advertising (P&A) budget Target release date Gifts versus investments Past fundraising efforts Future fundraising plans Donor base Communications (e-mail, newsletter, social media, etc.) Past feature-length film productions
  • 6. How Films are Financed1. In-house studio production2. Studio Production, Finance & Distribution (PFD)Deal3. Negative Pick-up Deal4. Single, active investor5. Investor (Equity) Financing6. Self-financing / Fundraising
  • 7. Fundraising Methods1. Grant writing2. Corporate solicitations3. Public broadcasting funds4. Personal solicitation One-on-one, events, peer-to-peer, challenges, etc. My experience with RED SEPTEMBER; the fundingproposal5. Crowdfunding
  • 8. Sources: Tim Ferris article Help section ofIndiegogo andKickstarter websites
  • 9. Budget No costs to get started on Indiegogo Funds for a virtual assistant are helpful Indiegogo charges 4% if you reach our goal and 0% ifyou do not charges 4% of every donationprocessed through a nonprofit organization (EINnumber required for set-up) Fees are deducted from donations before they are sentto the nonprofit organization
  • 10. “Hacking Kickstarter” ArticleI. Minimum Effective Dose (MED) Focus on the top three things that will bring the mostresults and eliminate any extrasII. Outsource and automate Virtual assistant (VA) is more affordable than ZirtualIII. Prep and pick up Do 90% of the work in advance of your launch date.
  • 11. How Much? How Long? Crowdfunding is ONE piece of the funding pie Success stories often relate to a personal network builtover many years or via wealthy friends People respond to goalsand deadlines Determine your timeline Consider multiple campaigns Set a realistic goal
  • 12. Key = Driving Traffic Drive a large number of the right people to yourcampaign page How?1. tracking Give your virtual assistant a list of projects like yours andhave him / her list the referral sources for each one Focus your attention on those types of media
  • 13. How to Drive Traffic (Cont’d)2. Work with your VA to create a media list based on Relevance Readership (traffic) Relationships (do you know anyone related?) Reach (will they send it out?)3. Identify bloggers who will promote your campaign Google images Identify mutual friends on Facebook
  • 14. How to Drive Traffic (Cont’d)4. Prioritize and arrange introductions for the top 10bloggers5. Build genuine, mutually-beneficial relationshipswith those 106. Get coverage Make it VERY easy for them to write a story that theirreaders will LOVE Ask if they can publicize the story on day one of yourcampaign Can they feature it in their newsletter? On Facebook?Put a picture on Pinterest?
  • 15. Use Humor Humor drives traffic Post new media tokeep the page fresh(pics, clips, posters,etc.) Provide frequentupdates(every 3 or 4 days)
  • 16. Activate your Network Create an Advisory Committee Expands your personal network Ensures high quality campaign page Create ownership Ask for advice Offer sneak peaks that no one else gets Throw a launch party Day 1 is Critical Secure commitments from advisory committee members,colleagues, friends and family to make a gift and share thepage ON DAY ONE.
  • 17. Other Key Tips Consider perks carefully Use a landing page to encourage sharing
  • 18. Ralph & Reality Television? Hmmm…..OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP UNSCRIPTED REALITY SERIESThe History channel (AETN) is seeking new ideas/characters that couldbe turned into an unscripted reality series and could lead to a $10,000 fee.We are looking for fascinating American characters that live and/or workin interesting environments that may not be familiar to ouraudience. The main characters should be male (History is a male-skewing network) and could be buddies, part of a multi-generationalfamily, competitors, and/or people who work together. It’s critical thattheir personalities and everyday lives are strong enough to engage atelevision audience week after week.Models for success include: Duck Dynasty (A+E), Ax Men (History),Pawn Stars (History), Swamp People (History).Deadline is June 30, 2013.
  • 19. Top 3 Things YouLearnedQuestions?Next Steps?