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New Female Viagra
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New Female Viagra


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  • 1. Women are Complex! Men are Simple!
  • 2. is: • An FDA Approved Topical Gel Formulation • Clinically Tested • Based upon the 1998 Medicine Nobel Prize using the same scientific methodology to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) • Gynecologist Developed & Patented
  • 3. Women are Complex! Studies report that less than 25% of women achieve orgasm with intercourse Men are Simple! 98% of men experience orgasm with intercourse
  • 4. Women To achieve orgasm requires ~ effort! Men To experience orgasm ~ effortless!
  • 5. Women Must achieve full arousal to achieve orgasm Men Must have an erection to achieve orgasm
  • 6. A Woman’s Sexual Satisfaction is only achieved when the woman reaches orgasm every time. Therefore… Sexual Satisfaction = Orgasm
  • 7. How does a Woman Achieve Sexual Satisfaction (Orgasm)? Three factors: 1. Location of the woman’s Clitoris 2. Function of the Clitoris 3. Quality of Life Issue
  • 8. This is a Quality of Life Issue. Not about Medicine. Modern Pharmaceuticals treat diseases, cancer, heart disease, etc. Orgasm and Sexual Satisfaction are Quality of Life “Choices” versus a medical concern.
  • 9. The Only Thing That Prevents a Man From Experiencing an Orgasm… is a Lack of an Erection.
  • 10. Women Must Achieve Full Arousal, Like a Man Must Establish A Penile Erection… To Achieve Orgasm.
  • 11. Women Are Complex! Multiple Factors can Prevent A Woman from Achieving… • Full Arousal • Orgasm • Sexual Satisfaction
  • 12. Conditions That Prevent a Woman From Achieving Maximum Arousal, Full Arousal and Orgasm… • Normal aging that decreases hormone levels • Childbirth • Birth control medications • Anti-depressant medications • Uncaring/uniformed sexual partner
  • 13. Contains: • Menthol • L-Arginine (Nitric Oxide Synthase Pathway) • Water Soluble Moisturizing & Lubricating Base
  • 14. Menthol Initially (0 - 5 minutes) • Causes cooling sensations when placed on the clitoris and surrounding tissues • Helps promote natural lubrication (the first component of a woman’s arousal)
  • 15. Where is Placed? Place here
  • 16. Contains L-Arginine • An amino acid found in penile tissue in very small amounts obtained from dietary intake • Also found in clitoral tissues • The beginning of the nitric oxide synthase pathway - 1998 Nobel Prize
  • 17. Overall Response to Pleasur As Measured by a Total of… 100% 1. Increased Lubrication 98% *Percentage of 2. Increased Ability to Achieve Orgasm Participants who Receive 3. Increased Speed to Achieve Orgasm a Positive 4. Increased Orgasm Intensity Response to 50% 5. Increased Ability to Achieve Multiple Orgasms * Consumer Satisfaction Study, 2001
  • 18. Clinically Proven to Increase A Woman’s Orgasm Rate… From 25% to 90% ~ * Equal to a Man’s Orgasm Rate! * Consumer Satisfaction Study, 2001
  • 19. For Every Woman~! • To Achieve Full Arousal • To Achieve Orgasms • To Find Sexual Satisfaction
  • 20. To Learn More About please visit: Or contact Karen directly at 415-513-9558