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A revolutionary approach to assisting client firms, be they a startup, emerging growth, or turnaround business, with professional mentoring and capitalization services. In short, a hybrid business ...

A revolutionary approach to assisting client firms, be they a startup, emerging growth, or turnaround business, with professional mentoring and capitalization services. In short, a hybrid business incubator and merchant bank.



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Global Enterprise Center Development Global Enterprise Center Development Presentation Transcript

  • Global Enterprise Center
  • Interesting Points to Consider
    • Approximately 50,000 new businesses start monthly
    • About 80% will fail by the 5 th year
    • Failure has tsunami effect
    • Causes of failure
      • Lack of capital
      • Lack of market understanding
      • Limited management skills
      • Working on the wrong “things”
      • Too many demands
      • Fear…
    Causes of Business Failure
  • Major Deficiencies
    • Those involving capital
      • Not necessarily enough
      • Knowledge to use wisely
    • Those involving skills and abilities
      • To produce different results
      • Grow beyond current levels of performance
  • GEC – Service Markets
    • Start-ups (from concept to launch)
    • Emerging Growth Companies
    • Business Accelerations (Turnarounds)
  • Problem & Opportunity
    • Business failures are increasing at an alarming rate
    • Business owners / operators lack sufficient support in needed areas
    • Business owners / operators lack necessary capital to acquire the “best” solutions
    • One-stop shopping offers many advantages = Incubator Center
  • Business Incubator?
    • Business incubators are organizations that support the entrepreneurial process , helping to increase survival rates for innovative startup companies .
    • Entrepreneurs with feasible projects are selected and admitted into the incubators, where they are offered a specialized menu of support resources and services.
            • Source:
    • Premier resource center providing:
    • Insightful, timely, and effective business wisdom
    • Capital acquisition skills
    • Investment opportunity
    • Community development
    The GEC Concept
    • Availability of accomplished, high-level consulting and mentoring resources
    • Mandatory program for individual growth
    • Focused strategy development versus chaos of constantly changing tactics
    • Successful incubation = Successful Stakeholders
    GEC Formula to Maximize Performance & Success
  • Foundational Structure HeinSight Business Consulting Global Brand Builders Company Bridge Fund Resources Enterprise Center
    • Advisory Board Screens companies
    • Supports development of Private Placement Memoranda
    • Establishes a master development team
    • Provides executive oversight for all companies
    • Ownership, senior leadership, and management development
    • Provides management consulting services to private and public companies and government agencies
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Integrates Exit Strategy creation
    • Strategic Brand Building
    • Branding Strategy Development
    • Utilizes ROI to evaluate all impressions related investments
    • Concept franchising
    • K.W. Hein vision dev. 2007
  • What types of businesses? Any industry limitations?
  • Distinction = Insurance for Investors
    • First Clients
    • Strategic Brand Building Co.
    • Specialty Chai Tea Co.
    • Retail Medical Clinics
    • Share Ride Co.
    • Natural Health Products Co.
    • Step-through Motor Scooter
    • High Output Sandbag Machine
    • AZ Shutters & Blinds Mfg.
  • After the incubator is fully performing on all cylinders… 2 nd Round Funding … $25,000,000
    • Grand Canyon Bridge Fund
    • 60% start ups, emerging growth & accelerations
    • 20% equity in assisted companies
    • 8% reserve for additional capitalization
    • 12% Insurance reserve
    • Clients Company
    • Warrants
    • Up to 5% of
    • total stock
  • Next Steps
    • Secure necessary capital
      • Complete required legal work
      • Add critical staff
      • Establish physical presence
    • Launch strategic brand building company
      • Primary Revenue Generator
    • Create initial client relationships and evaluations
  • Contact Information Kenneth W. Hein HBV Holdings, LLC P.O. Box 13277 Tempe, AZ 85284 602.300.2916 [email_address]