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Ql.Admin Policy Administration Software
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Ql.Admin Policy Administration Software


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QL Admin is a Windows-based life and health insurance policy administration program that allows for accurate, automated and comprehensive management of your block of business. Let’s schedule a …

QL Admin is a Windows-based life and health insurance policy administration program that allows for accurate, automated and comprehensive management of your block of business. Let’s schedule a demonstration today!

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  • 1. Policy Display Policy Issue Policy Issue
  • 2. Software Features Policy Display Policy Display QL.Admin's Policy Display window shows information about a policy in a single window using multiple tabs. Complete coverage information is provided, including premium history, policy values, beneficiaries, assignees, agent earnings, policy memos, user defined data, claim information and underwriting requirements. A policy is located by specifying the Policy Issue number, insured name, social security number, or date of birth. Changes to a policy are tracked with a complete policy transaction audit trail, and various aspects of a policy’s history is one right-click away. QL.Admin allows the user to quickly navigate from policy display to the Edit or Maintenance screens for service processing. The system also has a document editor with mail-merge capabilities to create policy correspondence and contract forms. Documents are generated on request or as scheduled and are auto-saved for future review or re-print. Policy Issue New business is added to the QL.Admin system through one easy-to-use New Issue input window and shows a Pending status code until underwriting is approved and the policy is released from Pending. QL.Admin Policy Issue populates certain coverage information based upon data in your insurance rate files. Agent hierarchies automatically are automatically completed from the agent maintenance file. Extensive policy level validation ensures data integrity. QL.Admin allows users to track policy underwriting and issue requirements and accounts for cash with application (CWA) money. The system supports printing complete policy forms as well as policy insert pages such as the policy schedule/data page, cash value pages, cost disclosure pages, and welcome letters.
  • 3. Software Features Policy Add / Edit Policy Display Policy Issue Routine policy transactions such as beneficiary updates, change of address, changing billing modes or updating bank account information are processed with the QL.Admin Edit function. After a user makes policy changes, the editing routine goes through extensive and comprehensive policy level validation to ensure data integrity. To further protect a client’s data, the system also allows users to be granted specific security levels. Policy changes are recorded in a transaction audit file. Policy Maintenance Policy Maintenance provides automated processing for surrenders, death claims, lapses, loans, annuities and more. Accounting extracts are generated where appropriate. QL.Admin produces accounting calculations for all policy administration. transactions, including:   Cash Surrenders   Extended Term Insurance   Reduced Paid-Up   Automatic Premium Loan   Death / Health Claims   Lapse / Suspend Changes   Cancellations   Reinstatements   Policy Loans and Payments   Dividend Deposit Withdrawals   Annuity Withdrawals (RMD and Regular) QL.Admin automatically prints before and after policy status pages that show who made the change and when, and any applicable accounting information. Automated memos can also be set up to track all policy transactions. Billing QL.Admin supports a wide variety of billing methods including direct pay, multiple direct pay, group bills, coupon books, bank draft policies, and automatic premium loans. First, second, and third notices are available for direct pay bills. The system easily handles all traditional billing modes, and complete billing registers and billing histories are created for audit purposes. Premium notices can also be bar-coded to allow for easy data entry via a bar-code scanner. Policy Display
  • 4. Software Features Premium Application Policy Issue Premium processing is designed to QL.Admin allow for quick and accurate premium entry. Paid- to dates, commission records and financial values are updated in real time as the payments are applied. Premiums may be applied by individual policy or by group, and pre-authorized drafts are automatically created and posted when billed. The system automatically determines the best method to account for the premium payment - whether the payment is a multiple of the current mode or a modal payment that is different from the current policy mode. Over/short and suspense amounts are calculated according to your system’s configuration. Commissions are Policy Issue adjusted for any premium reversals or changes to previously applied payments. Preliminary and final automatically premium application reports are created and identified for each user who enters premiums. Group premiums are applied using the Group Explorer data window. Payment amounts on a group bill can be edited to match the returned bill, new policies can be added to the group, and the entire group can be zeroed out or terminated. A running premium total is displayed so that the amount due and amount received can be reconciled. Valuation Valuations can be run on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. The level of reporting detail is chosen at the time the valuation is run. Statutory, GAAP and Tax reserves are all supported. QL.Admin valuation reports include: Policy Display   Policy Reserve Valuation   Annuity Reserve Valuation with Due, Deferred and Advance Premiums   Policy Loan Valuation   A&H Tabular Reserve   Temporary Values Valuation With Due, Advance and Unearned Premium Valuation   Dividend Accumulations Valuation   Premium Suspense Valuation   Pending Death Valuation
  • 5. Software Features AgentDisplay Policy Processing Agent management includes agent advances, chargebacks, reserve accounts, multiple hierarchy schemes, 1099's, agent balance reports, licensing and appointments, policy tracking and periodic commission statements. As many as 100 agents may be assigned to a single policy, permitting your company to have an extensive hierarchy of commission payments. Commission rates may be set up to vary by agent level, by plan code and by duration. Agent administration has the flexibility to do the following:   Add, change, or delete agent information   Maintain agent contract information including agent level, status, manager, assignment, minimum payment amounts, advancing criteria, chargeback rules, reserve accounting, and licensing information. Policy Issue   View premiums and commissions earnings, separated into first year or renewal amounts for the prior period, the current period, and year-to-date.   Calculate, edit, and add manual payments to or from agents to be included on the periodic statements.   Produce periodic statements with complete accounting of premium payments, earned commissions, advances, chargebacks, and agents' accounts.   Agent statements can be produced in a .pdf format for easy electronic distribution.   Agent payments can be made by check via the A/P export, or by direct deposit.   Generate 1099's on paper and E-file with the IRS.   Real time balance calculations   Complete display of all policies per agent Policy Issue Accounting QL.Admin is configured to integrate with many of today’s most popular PC-based accounting programs. The system provides everything necessary to capture all required accounting transactions and map them to your Chart of Accounts Policy Issue while still allowing for variations by company and plan code. An export option is provided which creates either G/L or A/P reports that get imported into your accounting system. QL.Admin provides for separate Charts of Accounts for a multi-company environment. Other variations can be handled on an exception basis.
  • 6. Software Features Report Creation and Management Policy Display QL.Admin has extensive reporting capabilities which includes a wide variety of pre-defined reports. Reports are retained until archived or purged using available system settings. You can also create your own report formats with an add-on report manager. QL.Admin system reports include:   Master File Lists   Billing Notices   Billing Registers   PremiumApplication Reports   Past Due Reports   Premium Suspense Reports   Premiums by State Reports   CWAApplication Reports Policy Issue   Agent Commission Statements   Agent Balance Reports   Agent Payments Reports   Annuity Annual Statements to Policyholders   Policy Benefits Reports   Policy Exhibit Reports   Transaction Audit Reports   IRS 1099/5498 Reports   Reserve Valuation Reports   Privacy Notices Automatic Anniversary Updates Daily anniversary processing will automatically identify and update each policy for events such as:   Coverage Becoming Paid-up   Policy Dividend Processing   Coverage Expiring or Maturing   Policy Loan Interest   Scheduled Premium Changes   Annuity Policy Expense Charges   Scheduled Death Benefit Changes   Automatic Lapse/Nonforfeiture processing   Cash Value Updates   Scheduled Policy and Plan Correspondence   Annuity Interest Rate Changes
  • 7. Software Features Policy Issue System Management QL.Admin allows specific global configuration settings that determine how certain parts of the program function. The office sys-op also controls the security settings and establishes security levels for each system   Limits for over/short and suspense amounts   Billing options for second and third notices   Automatic lapse/nonforfeiture processing   Commission calculation methods   Exporting options for your G/L and A/P   Automatic policy number assignment   Policy memo recording options   Annuity interest crediting methods   Death claim processing options   Return of premium and suspense amounts at termination   Automatic e-mail support information   Agent statement .PDF options   Auto-claim numbering   Secure login   Automated system updates Data File Maintenance QL.Admin allows you to enter and modify certain data files by using data entry windows, importing from text files, or Policy Display copying from existing data files. The system allows you to maintain:   Company Information   Terminal Reserves and Net Premiums   Plan Information   Cash Values   Bank Information   Dividends   Group Billing Data   Regular and Override Commissions   Gross Premiums   Annuity Interest Rates, Expense loads, Surrender Charges   Death Benefits   Clone Plan Codes and Related Data Policy Issue
  • 8. Software Features Education & Support Policy Display We provide direct training and ongoing support to each user.   Remote assistance with online chat, desktop viewing and shared control of user screen   Direct access to support staff via email and phone with systematic case tracking   Comprehensive user help guide   System data backup services Customized Functionality The existing QL.Admin routines can be complemented with client-specific utilities. At your request, special reports or activities can be custom programmed and added to your QL.Admin system. Operating Environment QL.Admin runs on a 32-bit Windows-based platform and can be implemented on most major PC networks, including Windows Vista/XP/NT/2003/2000. The system is programmed in Computer Associates’Visual Objects; a true object- oriented, 32-bit programming language. QL.Admin uses the familiar and stable xBase database format with client /server processing, which is enabled via Advantage Database Server from Sybase. More information onADS can be found at QL.Admin also supports a multi-company environment so multiple policy companies can reside within the same database on the same network folder.
  • 9. Additional Modules Reinsurance Administration The QL.Admin Reinsurance Module accommodates all aspects of a reinsurance treaty and allows different requirements for base plans, riders, coinsurance allowances, retained/ceded minimums and carriers. Reinsurance details are displayed at the policy level for business with ceded amounts of coverage, along with a Reinsurance billing history for the policy. Reinsurance billing is also run with QL.Admin creating a statement showing total premiums due to the reinsurer. QL.Admin also provides Reinsurance reports for new business, paid premiums, terminations and an overall reinsurance valuation. Reinsurance data can be edited at both the treaty level and policy level to accommodate exceptions. Health Claims Administration The Health Claim module integrates with the existing QL.Admin claim and payment functions. Claims are accessed directly through the claims tab in Policy Display or the claim function in . Policy Maintenance. The claim adjudication window shows all claim details for each service phase. Claim information such as claim type, loss dates, diagnosis codes and CPT codes are entered by the claim adjustor. Detail and summary amounts are given for coverage, discounts, deductibles, coordination of benefits and benefits paid. As with other system information windows, claim memos can also be added for adjustor and policy service reference. The adjustor can add multiple service phases, link them to the diagnosis codes, then make manual adjustments to the claim until it’s settled. Adjustors are granted varying levels of authority. The benefits payable for each service phase are automatically calculated, and claim data goes through an extensive validation process to confirm plan and benefit limits, precertifications, adjustments and date ranges.
  • 10. Additional Modules Health Plan Benefits Maintenance Each health plan will have one or more benefit codes, also known as adjudication codes, to which it is associated. The general attributes, thresholds and maximums for each benefit are created in the Plan Maintenance File. General Attributes include basic benefit information, such as the per unit maximum, UCR percentages and number of days in the waiting period. Thresholds set specific parameters for the benefit, such as with pre- existing conditions and penalties for no pre- certifications. Maximums for the benefits are Policy Issue defined in terms of time and dollars. QL.Admin also provides easy processing of claim pre-certifications. The adjustor or third-party pre-certification agency can modify pre-certifications and the updates are available to Adjustors in real-time. Requirements and parameters for claim or service pre-certifications are also managed in the plan and benefits tables. . Health System Data Maintenance All of the supporting data for the Health Claims Module are established and maintained in the Health Tables in the Data Maintenance menu option. These data tables store adjustor and provider information, claim adjustment codes and pending underwriting codes. The unique industry data for UCR information, CPT codes and ICD codes are uploaded to the system and can easily be updated when new data is released to the public. The QL.Admin system keeps track of when new data has been updated and applies the new rates and codes to all claims entered after the update.
  • 11. Client References Contact Policy Display Insurance Company Location Michael McLemore Texas Savings Life Insurance Co. Duncan, OK President (800) 544-9242 Client since 1988 Wendell Klein Texas Security Life Insurance Co. Houston, TX Delise Lee (361) 594-8520 Client since 1990 Jim Smith Southwest Reinsure Inc. Albuquerque, NM (800) 634-4333 Client since 1990 Chris Urban Catholic Union of Texas - KJT La Grange, TX (800) 245-8182 Client since 1991 Susan Thomas Winnfield Life Insurance Co. Austin, TX (512) 263-6977 Client since 1993 Jim Montee Preferred Security Life Insurance Co. Dallas, TX Vice President (214) 946-9592 Client since 1994 Lucille Ulcak Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas Austin, TX President (512) 444-9586 Client since 1994 Betty Kincaid Southern Life and Health Insurance Co. Birmingham, AL Asst. Vice President (205) 414-3000 Client since 1995 Lynn Bockhorn Germania Life Insurance Co. Brenham, TX (800) 392-2202 Client since 1997 Leslie Rudy Standard Security Life Insurance Co. New York, NY Vice President (260) 459-0624 Client since 1997 Charlie Allison United Benefits, Inc. Dallas, TX President (800) 766-0018 Client since 1998 Ann Gidney Scor Re Dallas, TX (972) 560-9505 Client since 1998 Ric Jernigan American Farm Life Fort Worth, TX (817) 451-9550 Client since 1998 Robert Wakelin CUMIS Life Insurance Co. Burlington, Ontario, CAN (905) 632-1221 Client since 1998 Debra Riley Bankers Life Insurance Co. St. Petersburg, FL (800) 839-2731 Client since 1999
  • 12. Client References Contact Policy Display Insurance Company Location Leyland Mahon CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society Port of Spain, Trinidad (868) 627-7060 Client since 2000 Judy Majko Professional Life and Casualty Chicago, IL Treasurer (312) 220-0655 Client since 2001 Ron Parker Wichita National Life Insurance Co. Lawton, OK (800) 522-1625 Client since 2001 Clif Mitchell North America Holdings, Ltd. Austin, TX President (512) 347-1835 Client since 2001 Ted Ludlam Provident American Life Insurance Co. Dallas, TX President (214) 696-9091 Client since 2002 Brent Gibson Great Cornerstone Life Edmond, OK (800) 272-5466 Client since 2002 Larry Tunnell Agee and Associates Dallas, TX (972) 234-3770 Client since 2003 Aaron Searle Capital Reserve Life Insurance Co. Salt Lake City, UT (800) 222-4275 Client since 2004 Tom Munson Landmark Life Insurance Co. Brownwood, TX President (800) 299-5433 Client since 2004 Tony Gonzalez Atlantic Southern San Juan, PR Vice President (800) 981-5564 Client since 2005 Kim Gavlik American Century Life Tulsa, OK President (888) 712-7770 Client since 2005 Jim Michalak Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Co. Plymouth, MI Vice President (866) 453-8510 Client since 2006 Mike Simmard Liberty Bankers Life Dallas, TX (469) 522-4203 Client since 2007 Kelly Rush Williams Great Central Life Oakdale, LA President (318) 335-0500 Client since 2007 Nikki May Family Liberty Life Texarkana, TX (903) 794-1300 Client since 2008