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Social media twitter_userguide

Social media twitter_userguide






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    Social media twitter_userguide Social media twitter_userguide Document Transcript

    • Twitter User Guide
    • Included in this user guide are the following sections: ƒƒ What Twitter Can Offer Intro: ƒƒ Tool The ƒƒ Up Your Account Set ƒƒ People To Follow Find ƒƒ Tweeting • Understand Twitter Shorthand • Link Shorteners • Space at a Premium • Direct Messages (DMs) • Fodder for Tweets • Twitter Gatherings ƒƒ Managing Twitter • Manage Followers • Being Unfollowed • Manage VolumeThe Twitter User Guide was developed by Michelle Golden of Golden Practices, Inc. 1
    • Intro: What Twitter Can Offer Twitter is extremely simple to navigate, set up and use—there are only a few elements to master. It’s amazing how much you can convey or glean in 140-character posts. Use Twitter to: ƒƒCommunicate timely news and information ƒƒ a good information filter for others Be ƒƒLearn from others ƒƒInteract with others—create and deepen relationships ƒƒStay current on general or industry news and events ƒƒResearch people and companies ƒƒConnect personally with key, influential figures ƒƒPromote others (build goodwill) by sharing their thoughts or content ƒƒRely on good tweeters as information filters It’s amazing how much you can convey or glean in 140-character posts.2
    • The ToolIf you do not already have a Twitter account, you can simply go to Twitter.com, click “sign up” and fill out the required fields. Once you create your account on Twitter, you can begin exploring If you do not alreadythe site and its navigation. If you need additional help from the have a Twitter account, you can simply go tosocial network, you may visit Twitter’s online help center Twitter.com, click “sign up” and fill outat support.twitter.com. the required fields.Navigation: Content others can see:Home Where you view the stream of tweets Lists Twitter’s “list” feature is very powerful.by those whom you follow. Any lists you create will show for you and others (unless you made them private) and listsProfile Where you view your page as others others make, which you “follow,”see it (called your “timeline”). are shown.Messages Lists messages sent privately to Following Those whom you “follow,” a countyou, and those you’ve sent privately to others. and link to the list.Settings Under your name, where you create Followers Those who follow you, a count andyour account and manage your minimal profile. link to the list.Content just for you: Favorites Links to a list of any tweets you’ve@mentions Lists all mentions of your indicated a “favorite” by selecting the “star.”Twitter name. Listed The lists to which other users haveRetweets Lists tweets re-broadcast added you.(or forwarded) using Twitter’s built-in“retweet” feature. Shows retweets by those Other featuresyou follow, your retweets of others and others’ Trending topics At any time, see a quickretweets of your posts. reference of the 10 most popular topics at that given moment. Keep an eye on this listSearches If you’ve performed a search and for breaking news!saved it, it shows up for your future referenceuntil you remove it—clicking the search term Who to Follow Suggestions of peopleopens a new search for that term. who might be of interest to you. Footer The footer of each page contains links to Twitter’s Contact and Help information. 3
    • Set Up Your Account Choosing Your Name It’s always better to tweet personally, under your own name (e.g., Bill Jones with username @billjones or @billjonescpa) versus under your business name (e.g., Smith Jones LLC with username @smithjonesllc). Even when a marketing or customer service person handles company tweeting, he or she should be set up as an individual—this makes you and your business more accessible in order to better develop relationships. Several big corporations do this such as “@ChrisatDell.” These are the two Twitter name fields: ƒƒDon’t use all caps. All lowercase is fine Name: Use your actual human name, and or capitalize first letters of words. definitely put CPA or other credentials in this space—it displays in text format on your profile. ƒƒLeave out numbers—this isn’t a “login.” Username field: Your “@” name, which is your ƒƒUse a hyphen instead of an underscore main identifier and will be part of your unique between words if a break is necessary. URL (twitter.com/YourUsername). Also, do these few things in your Settings: Your first choice of username may already be taken. Including “CPA” is a good differentiator Account tab: for a common name, and it helps brand you. Tweet Privacy: DO NOT select Protect My Tweets. Hiding your communications defeats Tips for a great name: the purpose of Twitter. Most people won’t ƒƒThe shorter the better − with 140 characters bother to follow you back because they cannot in a post, they all count. see whether your tweets would interest them. ƒƒ okay to run words together It’s Notices tab: Turn on (or off) email notifications (e.g., @dansmith) to keep it short. to receive direct messages (DMs) and new followers. These can be voluminous. Plus you ƒƒKeep it simple and easy for others to recall. can view them on demand, so off is good for most. ƒƒAvoid uncommon abbreviations (e.g., “oklaacctgprof”). Even when a marketing or customer service person handles company tweeting, he or she should be set up as an individual—this makes you and your business more accessible in order to better develop relationships.4
    • Profile tab: Do be positive, friendly, and talk about yourself Select onePicture: Add a photo as soon as possible to in the first person. of Twitter’sreplace the default image. A photo croppedtightly on your face, in which you look relaxed Design tab: Select one of Twitter’s backgrounds, orand approachable, is best. Don’t use your backgrounds, or upload a favorite picture as upload a favoritelogo−be human. your background image. Simple is best. If picture as your you want to sport a professionally designed, background image.Location: Add city/state. branded background image, hire a graphic designer or use an inexpensive service Simple is best.Web: List your company website address here (e.g., twitterbackgrounds.com).or that of your blog, your LinkedIn profile, Some examples are:Google profile or other online bio—hopefullyone that links to all your other websites. twitter.com/CLT_CPA ƒƒBio: Don’t leave it blank! Use 160 characters twitter.com/dentalcpas ƒƒto describe yourself, your credentials (sayyou’re a CPA!), your specialties and something twitter.com/Schneider_Downs ƒƒinteresting about yourself, for example: “fatherof 3 beautiful girls,” “die-hard hockey fan,” Because background images aren’t clickable,“birdwatcher,” “love helping people” or “PTA don’t list more than one or two links, and domember.” If your website is your company site, list a phone number and email address.you needn’t repeat your company name here. 5
    • Find People To FollowDid you know the To make Twitter interesting, follow interesting people. Use the Search feature to find people you know.AICPA is on Twitter?Some of our popular Suggestions for whom to follow: Also look for “lists” people have compiled ofaccounts are: those you might like to know. For instance, ƒƒThe AICPA (@AICPA) and its various groups and staff members for CPA types, these lists can be helpful:@AICPANews@AICPA_JofA ƒƒYour state society twitter.com/michellegolden/cpas-cas-who-tweet@CPALetter_Daily ƒƒAny relevant media, both national@YoungCPANetwork twitter.com/michellegolden/accounting-news-info and local ƒƒPeers twitter.com/michellegolden/accounting-firms-corp ƒƒExperts in your industry(ies) twitter.com/AICPA_JofA/statecpasocieties ƒƒAssociation representatives Click on a list to see the most recent tweets, see ƒƒPeople you respect and/or enjoy and directly follow any list members. You also learning from can just “follow” a whole list after which a link to the list will appear on your Twitter page sidebar As you read others’ tweets, you’ll see them for your convenience. referring to others. If you like what you see, follow those people, too. This is how your follower count grows. 6
    • TweetingTwitter wasn’t invented as a sales tool but rather a communication tool (more like a telephone), thus it shouldn’t be used in a pushy or pitchy way. Think how valuable a phone is, and yet how intrusive many people find unsolicited telemarketing calls to be. Don’t be that Twitter user. Use a 10:1 ratio of promoting others to promoting yourself or your business. Retweet (RT)and mention other people often (using their @name). And be sure to mention others whomention you. There is a limit to how much public replying to do in a conversation, though.If you are going to exchange more than three messages with someone, move the conversationto direct message (DM), email or phone—take it private.Twitter Shorthand See the below RT. In this example, the Young“RT” A designation that what follows is CPA Network is RTing an original tweet fromretweeted or re-broadcast by the person typing AICPANews:it. The RT is a powerful tool created by userswithin the Twitter community. When peopleRT you, it spreads your ideas and links to theirbroader audience. To make it easy for peopleto RT, leave extra space in your tweets. @replies or mentions– typing the “@” characterWhen you quote others, always use “RT” and followed by a Twitter username (@name) is antheir @name. RTs can be manual (type or paste @mention or reply and results in two things:someone’s tweet) or you can use Twitter’sbuilt-in RT feature, which offers some benefits: 1) It creates a link to the person’s Twitter page ƒƒ fast and easy. It’s 2) Your tweet appears in their @Mentions list. In other words, they see that you named ƒƒ won’t need to shorten a long tweet to You them. Use this to reach out to, respond to keep it at 140 characters. or thank another Twitter user. If you don’t cite them this way, they are unlikely to see what ƒƒ are captured for you in your sidebar RTs you’ve posted. (“Retweets by you”) so you can measure and analyze. You can use the “reply” button/link (found to the right of a tweet when you hover over it withThe manual RT is necessary, however, if you your mouse) to quickly reply to someone orwant to append the original tweet with your multiple people. This auto-populates the nameown commentary or context. in the tweet field and the post will have a subtle reference under it telling others that your tweet is “in reply to …” with a link to the original tweet. This makes it a lot easier to follow a conversation of your own or among other friends you follow. 7
    • #Hashtag Link Shorteners Hashtags are used often in Twitter to isolate or When you share links, you’ll quickly find that designate multi-party conversations. This is how they consume a lot of precious space in your groups converse about specific topics. You can tweet. Link shortening services convert very search by hashtag to find an entire conversation. long links into nice, short ones. A popular Highly publicized events, for example, include one is bit.ly because, when you create a (free) the #hudson airline landing or #haiti. account, you can revisit bit.ly anytime to see click-through statistics for your links. If you For most conferences or events, in person or have a bit.ly account, you can choose a online, attendees or hosts designate an event custom (or vanity) name for your link such hashtag. For instance, the AICPA’s National Tax as bit.ly/mybio instead of the random Conference used the hashtag #AICPANatTax. letter/number combo bit.ly auto-generates. Before, during and after the event, people could follow along by reading #AICPANatTax Other link shortening services and some search results. The act of sharing tidbits during third-party Twitter reader applications (e.g., the event is called “live-tweeting.” TweetDeck) have built-in URL shorteners. A comparison chart (from 2009) of link Anyone can make a hashtag—just announce it shorteners is found at: searchengineland.com/ to likeminded friends—and consider registering analysis-which-url-shortening-service-should- it with a site like What the Hashtag? you-use-17204 (wthashtag.com) to archive it and help promote it to others. When you tweet links, a key to good readership and getting retweeted is to write great, compelling “headlines.” And when you share a link, always provide context! Don’t just write: “Great article: LINKHERE.” State why you think someone ought to read it. Anyone can make a hashtag—just announce it to likeminded friends—and consider registering it with a site like What the Hashtag? (wthashtag.com) to archive it and help promote it to others.8
    • Space at a Premium some “Auto DMs.” This is not a good practice. When people RTAt just 140 characters per tweet, Twitter Auto DMs (canned auto-responses) do not you, follow you ordefinitely teaches brevity! As you type your serve to build goodwill and they lack thetweet, a remaining character countdown personal touch. otherwise mentionappears. Type out your thoughts, then whittle you, it is consideratedown your words as needed to fit. When people RT you, follow you or otherwise to thank them. You mention you, it is considerate to thank them. can do this with anSometimes you’ll need to abbreviate whether You can do this with an @reply (which all will see) or send such thanks in a DM. @reply (which allcomposing a tweet or shortening a RT ofothers. Avoid obscure abbreviations, but it’s will see) or send suchokay to use common shortcuts. You’ll see Note: you can only DM people who follow you. thanks in a DM.“mktg” for marketing, “preso” and “convo” This prevents all Twitter users from getting DMfor presentation and conversation, respectively, spam from just anyone. So if someone mentionsand SM for social media is a standard as is you, and they don’t already follow you, the only“yest” for yesterday, and so forth. If you need way to thank them is to do so publicly with anhelp shortening a tweet, try twonvert.com that @reply. If people bombard you with DMs,automatically suggests how to conserve space. you can unfollow them.On a limited basis, it’s acceptable to resort to In general, don’t click links sent to you in DMs“U2” and “B4” but don’t write every tweet in unless you are expecting them. Like email,this manner if you want to convey an overall there are some malicious users, and sometimesprofessional image. Twitter accounts get “hijacked” so you could receive something nasty from a “friend.” IfDirect Messages (DMs) unsure about an unexpected link, ignore it orYou might receive a private thank you DM from ask the friend if it’s a legitimate before you click.people you follow, mention or RT. This is a verygood practice. You will also, no doubt, receive 9
    • The AICPA uses Fodder For Tweets ƒƒShare something you enjoyedhashtags for several The best source for tweets is your own content, housed elsewhere online (i.e., website or blogs). ƒƒTeach you somethingof its conferences. But heed the 10:1 ratio of You:Me posts. If youSome recent examples aren’t currently generating content, don’t worry. ƒƒHelp youinclude: Once you start reading tweets, it will not be difficult to find things to share. Even five Twitter “Gatherings”#AICPANatTax minutes of reading per day will provide ideas There are opportunities to join “gatherings” for interesting content to share. of other Twitter users online, real-time, called#AICPABVAL TwitterChats, or in-person gatherings, known as#AICPASEC Read other tweets as well as online and print Tweetups. A core purpose in using Twitter is to news/articles, or simply discuss observations broaden your contacts and develop rapport— (sanitized to protect confidentiality) that you this requires participation. When you attend a have in day-to-day business. It’s a good idea TwitterChat, you’ll discover people to follow to have some focus in your tweets, so primarily who share your interests and, if you participate share content related to your specialty. in the conversation, you’re likely to pick up some new followers, too. Promote others. A lot. RT or @mentions go a long way. Social media is all about courtesy You may stumble upon these gatherings, but and sharing. When others do something for you can also use tools for finding gatherings you, thank them with a nice tweet, especially such as TweetMeUp.net and Tweetvite.com. when they: If you’re attending a conference, ask if there already is a #Hashtag for it, and then search ƒƒAdd you to a list the #Hashtag to see if there is mention of a Tweetup. If not, initiate one! With about 20 ƒƒ you RT million people using Twitter, hardly any event is held without at least a small Tweetup. While ƒƒFollow you at the event, include the #Hashtag in tweets of some of key take-aways—this is “live-tweeting.” ƒƒMention you or your work ƒƒHost live Tweetups, Twitter chats and other events 10
    • Managing TwitterManage Followers User name: Does it seem credible? People will followPeople will follow you, including some shady Or feature a product name or the words “marketing,” “seo,” “guru” or “free?” you, includingtypes. You needn’t follow back everyone whofollows you. But unless they look sketchy, it some shady types.doesn’t hurt to follow back. You can unfollow Bio: Does it seem appropriate or interesting? You needn’t followthem later− perhaps they post too much or Or is it blank, linking to a questionable site back everyone whopost off topic. The person may notice their or salesy?follower count drop but usually won’t know follows you. Butwho dropped them. Bear in mind that if you Their most recent post or posts: Do they unless they lookonly follow a small number of people (fewer seem thoughtful and do they have replies, sketchy, it doesn’tthan 100), one person can seem to flood your interacting with others? Or are there repetitivefeed. You might want to wait until you follow posts (same links) or multiple posts that discuss hurt to follow back.more people before penalizing someone weight loss, teeth whitening, affiliate marketingfor volume. or the like?If someone is abusing Twitter, you may “block” Evaluate who else trusts them: Do they havethem, but only do this if they are truly offensive. a balanced ratio of followers to following, and are they included on some lists? Or do theyWeekly or more often, review your followers list follow far more than follow them back and areand follow back people who seem legitimate. on few or no lists? Note, new users won’t haveA few tips for spotting spammers: many followers or be on lists. If they have only a few tweets, this isn’t a valid indicator. ThatConsider their photo: Does it look “real?” said, if they have tons of followers and fewOr like a stock photo? tweets or are on few lists, they probably aren’t legitimate. 11
    • Filter tweets of Being Unfollowedfavored people People will unfollow you from time to time. Don’t take it personally. Your follower count will rise and fall. Sometimes spammers get booted from Twitter. When Twitter does a bulk cleanup, yourby creating Lists. numbers can drop by dozens. Odds are you did not offend anyone and that changes in yourGrouping people by numbers just reflect some housecleaning.organization, industryor talent (CPAs, Manage Volume Filter tweets of favored people by creating Lists. Grouping people by organization, industry orlawyers, journalists, talent (CPAs, lawyers, journalists, thought-leaders and friends) makes it easy to locate focusedthought leaders and conversations or not miss out on the activity of key people. Lists can be private (e.g., “friends”) butfriends) makes it creating public lists is a service to others who may also value them as content filters. For instance,easy to locate focused a list for people who tweet on “fraud” or “IFRS” might interest you and be helpful to others.conversations or See a tweet about something but can’t read it right away? Simply click on the little star tonot miss out on the “favorite” the tweet to find it later in your Favorites list.activity of key people. Third-party software applications (such as TweetDeck) also can help you manage your Twitter stream. New tools for Twitter emerge every day. To see the newest and most highly rated, visit oneforty.com. 12
    • T: 888.777.7077 | F: 800.362.5066 | E: socialmedia@aicpa.org | W: aicpa.org 10903-312# #