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Do not be_late_inshallah_5_jan_2014-1

  1. 1. Do not be late By : Khawar Nehal 5 January 2014 Applied Technology Research Center
  2. 2. Culture of being late Some muslims are late and blame it on culture.
  3. 3. Culture of being late Culture is what you live in. Tradition is what older generations did or still do. Values are your own and are different from others usually. Some people mix up the words culture and tradition.
  4. 4. Culture of being on time As a muslim, I would like to request you to think about some things. We use the word inshallah. So much that the others think it means “yeah right. As if that will ever happen.”
  5. 5. Quran 2:224 And do not make [your oath by] Allah an excuse against being righteous and fearing Allah and making peace among people. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.
  6. 6. Quran 18:23-24 And never say of anything, "Indeed, I will do that tomorrow," Except [when adding], "If Allah wills." And remember your Lord when you forget [it] and say, "Perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is nearer than this to right conduct."
  7. 7. Allah's commands Allah says to say inshallah for anything in the future. (18:23-24) He also says do not make an oath uselessly. (2:224)
  8. 8. Inshallah So as a muslim, you cannot say anything unless you really committed 100% to the act. This because you are using God's name to affirm that you shall be doing everything in your power for the future event and committing to it. The only thing which shall stop you is God. And that too if God has some other plan which you are not sure of.
  9. 9. Inshallah Now if you are not 100% planning to do something, and you tell someone inshallah, then you are actually giving the wrong information and misleading the other person about your intentions. Some people may say “what ?!” on this.
  10. 10. Culture explained When everyone around you does it, then it is called culture. What you do is based on your values.
  11. 11. Islam explained As a muslim, look at yourself from the outside and the values which you are supposed to have.
  12. 12. Muslim values (suggested) 1. Truthful 2. Punctual (come on you have to pray five times a day without missing anyone.) No other faith expects so much practice on time management. 3. Fearing God only. 4. Fighting for God only. 5. Getting up before sunrise daily. Means you plan to sleep early. Another time investment management as[ect.
  13. 13. Coming late Now consider this. Many people due to peer pressure and cultural values have adopted a habit of saying inshallah even if they do not care to be on time to the next meeting.
  14. 14. Consequences 1. You are lying. (not telling your real intentions and values) 2. You are taking an oath that if it does not happen, then you are not responsible because you did your best (assumed by the other party) and blaming God for the change of plans as if you were not part of it. 3. When the other person finds out, then they shall know that you are not afraid of God. 4. God already knew you intentions and values and efforts. Cannot hide from him.
  15. 15. Request Please stop taking oaths. Be truthful. Fear only God and tell your real values. If you do not care to be on time, then have the courage to tell others how much you value their event. Do not commit 100% from your side and then place God's name as a seal on the verbal contract to give the wrong impression.
  16. 16. Being truthful Speak reality. Say you shall come if you can. Like the way people use the word ASAP to be ambiguous. If you are thinking “I shall come to the meeting if I feel like it at the time.” Then say it. Use one of the best marketing rules available. Commit less. Deliver more.
  17. 17. Over commitment is dangerous If you over commit then people shall complain to 11 people. If you deliver on time, they shall refer you to 3 other people. These are the marketing rules.
  18. 18. Al Rajhi example One of the most wealthy people (world money wise) has the trait of being on time for every meeting. This person demonstrates that you can speak the truth and be the richest person on earth. Yes he had more money and is was not on the forbes list for multiple reasons. But his wealth was more than the number one forbes knows about.
  19. 19. Do not be afraid So stop being afraid of what people think about your straightforwardness and being truthful. You still have the choice to say nothing. Fear God and place your trust in him. And next time you find yourself saying inshallah due to cultured habits and are not committed, please tell the other person that you want to take it back because you are not committed 100% and need to restate until your habits change. Also when you are 100% sure about your commitment, then say inshallah.
  20. 20. Saying no to others Once you commit by saying inshallah, then do not be afraid to let go of other more enticing commitments which come in the way. Think of it as a duty to God. If you committed with inshallah, then complete the commitment even if you have to sacrifice a lot of other offers. Trust God that he shall provide you with even better opportunities to say inshallah to in the future.
  21. 21. Getting up You need to plan to go to sleep early to be able to wake up on time with near 100% surety. If you do not plan, then you plan to fail. Skip the late night movie in favor of your commitments and also plan for the morning prayer. You shall find that your life improves greatly if you meet your obligations and your commitments. Also God shall inshallah make your life very pleasant. But you need to request for it also.