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  • 1. Good Morning• Today is Monday April 9th, 2012• Put your back pack away and use the bathroom if you need to. Then check the job Please do center if you need to. lunch count• Yesterday Was Sunday Tomorrow is Tuesday.• Turn in your homework, name on it.
  • 2. Question of the DayQuestion ofthe dayis, “What didyou like aboutthe First day ofschool?”
  • 3. Question of the Day.Think of threethings youcould do todayto makesomeonesmile.
  • 4. Question of the Day.What was the titleof the book weread yesterday.Tell me what Peterfound out about hisfamily.Do you think he willbe happy or sad?What do you thinkwill happen to day?
  • 5. Question of the Day. The weekend is Saturday and SundayWrite a storyabout whatyou want to dothis weekendand draw apicture at thebottom.Then get mathworksheet.
  • 6. Question of the dayWrite aboutyour weekend.5 Sentences anda picture at thebottom.Then get yourmoose math.
  • 7. Question of the dayWhat does itmean to be aScientist?Create a circlemap about ascientist anddraw apicture.
  • 8. Question of the Day.In your ScienceJournals Tell mewhat you thinkScientists do.Why are theyimportant?
  • 9. Question of the day2+2=5+5=4+4=3+3=1+2=2-1=2-2=4-2=
  • 10. Question of the day.Tell me what Digits are.Then tell me how many digits are inthe following numbers:1,232________5___________67_______689________4,000,000__________
  • 11. Question of the Day.In your WRITINGJournals tell meabout your longweekend. What didyou do? Who didyou do it with? Tellme something thatyou want me toknow.
  • 12. • When you are FinishedQuestion of the Day turn in your circle map toOn your notebook me and get a mathpaper create a worksheetcircle map.On your circle mapI want 5 things youdid this lastweekend.
  • 13. • Why is 8+9=17 Not aQuestion of the Day double?Are these Doubles??4+4=8 • When you are finished5+5=10 make sure I have checked4+9=13 your work. Then get a2+2=4 worksheet from the tray3+6=96+6=123+5=83+3=6
  • 14. • When you are finishedQuestion of the Day come to me to check yourAdd The Near Doubles work and you may begin at4+5= a math center.3+4=5+6=7+8=9+8=10+11=7+6=1+2=
  • 15. Question of the DayIf you could be anySuper Hero in theWorld who would yoube?Tell me WhyTell me what yourpowers might beTell me who yourenemy would beI want to see 6Sentences and aPicture of yourself.
  • 16. • When you are finished letQuestion of the Day me check it and begin withWhat is a addend? a math center.What are the answers3+4=6+10=6+2=3+3=4+9=3+7=14+0=11+2=4+6=9+1=5+6=
  • 17. Question of the Day1+2=2+1=3+1=1+3=2+4=4+2=5+6=6+5=8+7=7+8=What are Doubles?What are Addends?What does Sum Mean?
  • 18. Adding 3 numbers2+2+6=3+5+6=2+2+4=4+2+1=1+2+7=9+1+0=6+4+2=
  • 19. Question of the day6+6+3=3+6+4=4+2+1=4+1+5=Adding Number 9, Use your strategyfrom yesterday.SHOW your work9+5=9+2=9+6=9+5=9+7=9+1=9+3=
  • 20. • Please Show me your work.Question of the Day • Remember if we have 9+5 • Then we take 1 away from2+2=2+2+2=3+3=3+3+3= the 5 to make 44+4+6= • Then we add that 1 to the 96+1+2=3+2+1= to make 10.9+5=9+4=9+6=9+7=
  • 21. Question of the dayCreate a Circe Map about your favorite3 Monuments
  • 22. Question of the dayWrite about whatyou see, tell mewhat is happeningin this picture.
  • 23. • 1Question of the DayI want you toDescribe theRocks you see. • 2 • 3
  • 24. Question of the day.Put the boxesaround yourflee flow map
  • 25. Question of the dayWrite yourspellingwords 5times each
  • 26. Question of the dayWrite about your favoritecharacter in any book thatyou have EVER read!!!
  • 27. Question of the day1. What is one that that interests you about Spiders?2. What is something that you have learned about spiders
  • 28. Question of the dayI want you towrite a entirepage about howyou should actwhen asubstituteteacher is here.
  • 29. Question of the day RocksWrite a storyabout the day ina life of aScientist . What Fossilsthings might youfind? Weather
  • 30. Question of the dayOn a day like todaywhat aresomethings thatyou might expect • Clouds • Rain • Wet streets • Mud • lightning • thunder
  • 31. Question of the DayYou need your writingjournal.Describe at time that youwent on a vacation.Tell me everything youknow about that trip.In complete sentences.Capitals, periods,everything a sentenceneeds.
  • 32. Place ValueQuestion of the day.Write the correct place value23-----------2 tens 3 ones24-----------2 tens and 4 ones42-----------4 tens and 2 ones568897786435999784112158852645
  • 33. • Write about your weekend.Question of the day • Please tell me everything you did. • Use those important transition words, Capitals, and periods
  • 34. • Greater than and Less thanQuestion of the day or equal42 68 • Show me the correct sign64 7965 1214 1099 8478 7881 8719 7821 6487 7574 6412 1366 6667 10031 5646 59
  • 35. • Look for the numbers thatQuestion of the day come before, after, and in23, ____ between.____,9865,___,67 • When the timer goes off I will79,____62,___ check your work.____,4572,____74 • When you finish your work I33,____88,____ want you to clean out your98,____,10028,_____ desk (1 pencil, 1pencil______,69 box, scholar dollars.)100,____10277,__________,77 • Then I want you to check out books from my library, then bring me your book bag.
  • 36. Question of the day37 thirty-seven42_fourty-two_________36 _thirty-six________14___________25___________38___________Thirty-four 34Twenty________62__________37_________Nineteen_____When you are done readsilently until bell rings
  • 37. Question of the DayWhat is Governmentto you? Draw a picturethat tells me aboutgovernment. Thenunderneath yourpicture write a storyand tell me what youwould do if you werethe president.
  • 38. • Draw a picture first. ThenQuestion of the day tell the story of what youIf you were a would do to help thescientist what planet.would you make tohelp the planet?
  • 39. • CommunitiesQuestion of the dayI want you to write astory using a Librarian,a policeman, and afireman.
  • 40. Question of the DayIn your writing journalwrite the sentencescorrectly.
  • 41. • If you finish everythingQuestion of the day before the timer goes offPlease start on the you may check out 3 newmath worksheets. books.When you finishworksheet turn it intothe tray.Then color in all of thehundreds chartcounting by two’s.Color in all the pairs.
  • 42. • 1-2-3-4-5-6-7____-9-10-11-12-13_____ • 400-401-____-403-404-405-406-407-____Question of the day • 64-____66-67-68-69___-71-72-73-74____Fill in the blanks onthe number lines. • Start math worksheet in trayWrite EVERY number • Set your new writing and math goals. last Read silently
  • 43. • When you are done writeQuestion of the day your spelling words 5 timesPretend that you each.drove through the • Check circle maps on chaircity that you drew. they have no names.What are some ofthe things you • Once you are done withmight have seen. everything return yourWhat are some books to the tub or shelfthings that you marked with your name.didn’t see. DO NOT check out new books.
  • 44. Question of the dayOn the front of onepage Tell me a storyabout Thanksgiving.Pretend that you werea part of the firstthanksgiving whathappened, who wasthere, what did youdo?On the back illustrateyour story.
  • 45. Question of the dayDuring the change ofseasons animals beginto hide their food andhibernate.What animal wouldyou be and wherewould you hide yourfood? What are someclues that would helpyou find your food.When you are donecheck out 3 books
  • 46. • Example 31 is closest to 30Question of the day • 24 is closest toTell what ten the • 17 is closest tonumber is closest to. • 36is closest to • 44 is closest toWhen you are finishedyou may read • 59 is closest tosilently, or write in • 11 is closest toyour writing journalabout Thanksgiving. • 45 is closest to • 88 is closest to • Remember it is asking about the closest ten!!!!
  • 47. • When you finish pleaseQuestion of the day clean out your desks.Tell me all about • Then you may check out 3your books and read silently atThanksgiving!!!!! your desk until bell rings.
  • 48. • If you did finish please doQuestion of the day the math below • 44 + 6= did you regroupIf you did not • 65+9= did you regroupfinish your circle • 64+7= Did you regroup • 72+9= did you regroupmap yesterday • 60+4= Did you regroupthen you need • 72+4= Did you regroupto do that now. • 66+8= Did you regroupThe topic wastell me aboutyour favoriteparts ofThanksgiving.
  • 49. • What do you think it wouldQuestion of the Day be like to be one of Santa’sCreate A Circle ElvesMap about Santa’sElves
  • 50. • 46+22=Question of the Day • 54+39=What are the 7 Continentsand 4 Oceans? • 23+49= • 24+36=Give me a Example of5 Adjectives • 37+48= • 62+69=Write and answer themath problems • When you finish you may read silently and clean out your desk.
  • 51. • 1. Finish your rainbowQuestion of the day writing.Write 5 adjectives • 2. Do your morning workand 5 verbs. • 3. Clean out your desk • 4. Read silentlyWrite a story toexplain to the restof the school whathas happened withSanta’s BlackmailMystery.
  • 52. • After you are done pleaseQuestion of the day clean out your desks!!!!!Write down 5Adjectives, 5nouns, and 5 verbs.When you arefinished you maywrite any story youwant aboutanything. 1 page
  • 53. Question of the dayYou have two things too do.1. Please write a story about what you want for Christmas.2. Please tell me what you think would happen if Rudolph’s nose would not work.
  • 54. Question of the dayWhat would youdo and look like ifyou were SantaClause??
  • 55. Question of the DayLook at the pictureand write a story frontand back about whatyou think ishappening.
  • 56. Question of the dayLook at the pictureuse your imaginationto tell me what ishappening, becreative.When your finishedget the other secretmessage sheet fromthe tray.
  • 57. • Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!Question of the day • Best workers will getFind a spot and computer timeget a mathworksheet!
  • 58. • Write your name on yourQuestion of the day new Spiral. That spiral is forPlease write about this: morning work only.Brrr… it’s cold • Put your library books inoutside! Pretend you the black tub.followed a set ofstrange tracks in • When you finish create asnow. What did youdiscover at the end of circle map about yourself.the trail? What did you Write your name in thesee along the way? Didyou hear any strange middle.noises?
  • 59. • Start your morning work.Question of the Day • If you finish it bring it toYum!! Something me.smells sodelicious! Imagine • Then you may read silently.these foods are cookingin a kitchen near theclassroom. What foodswould they be? Is ityour favoritefood? Describe whatyou are smelling, whatit would taste like andhow it would look.
  • 60. Question of the dayImagine that a birdleft you a note ona new bird feederyou put by your • When you finish bring it tohouse. What did me to check your work.the note • When you are finished yousay? What kind ofbird was it? may free write or read silently.
  • 61. Question of the dayIt’s time to giveaway some ofyour oldtoys! Where willyou send yourold toys? Whichtoys will yousend away?
  • 62. • When you are finishedQuestion of the day bring it to me to check.Imagine a • Then you may check out 3candlelit path new booksleads you to the • Then you may read to self.door of a large,glitterycastle. Describewhat you seewhen you openthe door!
  • 63. Question of the dayYou wake up thismorning and findout that yourbedroom hasbecome an icecastle. Describewhat you see andfeel.
  • 64. Question of the DayImagine you arethe lead dog in adog sleddingrace! Write aboutyour adventures ofthe race and whatyou did to helpyour team win!
  • 65. • When you are finished youQuestion of the Day may read silently.Would yourather be an ice • Please make sure you haveskater or a only 1 pencil.hockeyplayer? Why?Describe yourdaily life as oneof theseathletes!
  • 66. • When you are done writeQuestion of the Day your spelling words 3 timesJanuary is National eachOatmeal Month! • Then you may check out 3Oatmeal is considereda healthy breakfast new books for next weekfood. Write about the • Then you may read thosefoods you eat forbreakfast and the books silentlyfoods you would wantto eat for breakfast!
  • 67. Question of the DayWould yourather live in an • When you are finished youigloo or a grass bring it to me to check.hut? Why? • Throw away everything in your desks except scholarDescribe what it dollars , pencils.would look like • Then please find a area foron the inside read to self.and the outside • Only two people on the couch
  • 68. Question of the DayImagine a giant snowstorm left youstranded in the schoolovernight. Whatwould you plan to doduring your stay andwith whom would youwant to be withyou? Describe youradventure!
  • 69. Question of the dayIf you were ahibernatingbear, what • When you are finishedwould you be please start writing yourdreaming spelling words in aabout? sentence. On the back draw a picture of each word.
  • 70. Question of the DayImagine thatyou are apenguin. • When you finish bring it toWrite about me.the events that • Check out 3 new bookshappen during • Clean out your deska day in your • Finish your naturallife resource tree map
  • 71. Question of the DayImagine your familyturned into snowpeople and yourhouse into anigloo! How would this • When you are finishedchange your check out 3 new What would you • Make sure you havedo? What would theylook like? What would finished your naturalthey eat or wear for Resources cityclothing? Describeyour new family
  • 72. Question of the DayImagine youreceived a magicsled! Where would • When you are finish makeit take you? How sure you have checked outcould it help three new books for thisyou?! What would do with yoursled? • Start on your spelling words write them in abc order 3 times each.
  • 73. Question of the dayImagine you were afrog on this rainyday. What wouldyou do to • You need, your writingplay? Where journal.would you • Cursive Who wouldyou play Pencil and a spelling listwith? Describe • Your book bagyour day!
  • 74. Question of the DaySome animals’ furchanges to white inthe winter to act ascamouflage in the • When you are finishedsnow. If you couldhide write your spelling words inyourself, where a sentence.would you • Start writing in cursivehide, how wouldyou camouflageyourself andwhy?
  • 75. Question of the DayImagine the itstarted to rain gumdrops andskittles!! Whatwould the stormlook like? What if • When you are finished startit started to your cursive.snow? Whatwould the snow • Write your spelling words 3be? Describe your times each circle the urcandy storm
  • 76. Question of the DayIn some parts ofthe world, theyexperience dayswhen the sun • When you are finisheddoesn’t rise at check out 3 new books.all!! Write about • Read silentlywhat you would dofor a week in the • Get your WFTB papers anddarkness! put them in your binders
  • 77. Question of the dayNational Popcorn Daywill be celebrated thisSunday! Pretend a • Get your WFTB paperspopcorn machine inyour house went crazy • Finish your science papersand now your house is • Check out booksoverflowing withpopcorn. What will • Start on your cursive handyou do? Describe writingyour house and whatit looks like • Read silently
  • 78. Question of the dayImagine that you’re agoing to have a picnicand can invite anyoneyou want. BUT thepicnic is in the cold, • When you are finished startsnowy winter! What on your cursive.would you do? Who • If you haven’t checked outwould youinvite? What would books do eat? How would • Write your spelling wordsthe snow affect thepicnic? in abc order 3 times each
  • 79. Question of the DayImagine yourshadow came tolife! Write aboutan adventure the • Bring me your binderstwo of you had • Write cursive letterstogether. Wherewill you go? What • Write your spelling wordwill you do? screatively look at board forexample.
  • 80. Question of the dayIf there were ablizzard and yougot snowed in atyour house, what • When you finish bring mefive things would your binderyou want to have • Start on Cursivewith you? Explainwhy you chose • Write your spelling words 5each item! times each • Check out 3 new books
  • 81. Question of the dayImagine that itsnowed all nightlong! In the • Clean out your deskmorning, snowcovered all yourwindows anddoors. Whatwould you do?
  • 82. Question of the dayDo you think itwould be fun towork at thezoo? What wouldbe the best or • Check out 3 new booksworst part aboutthe job? What • Start on your cursivewould be our • Clean out your deskfavorite animals towork with?
  • 83. Question of the dayWould yourather be aturkey or a • When you are finished youpenguin? Why? may begin your cursive. Describe youranimal • Please throw away trash and clean your desk • Then start on your spelling look at board for example.
  • 84. Question of the dayIf anyone in theworld could movein next door toyou, who wouldyou like it to • Write your spelling words 3be? What kind of times each circle the outhings would youdo together? • Start Cursive
  • 85. Question of the dayImagine that thesnow from lastnight was still onthe ground and we • When you are finisheddid not have school check out 3 new! What • Clean out your desks.would you do athome? How would Nothing but pencils andyou spend your scholar dollars.snow day?
  • 86. Question of the DayIf you could sendanyone in theworld a ValentineCard who would • When you are finished startyou send itto? What would your cursive say? Describe • Read silentlywhere it wouldgo. What wouldit look like?
  • 87. Question of the DayWow! What a greatparty we hadyesterday! Tell mesome of your favoriteparts of Valentine’s • When you are finishedDay! Also tell me if work on got anything else • Write the 3 words on thefrom your family. back board in cursive,
  • 88. Question of the DayNational PancakeWeek is inFebruary! Describe • Start your Cursivethe perfect stack ofpancakes, how do • Write to words on the backthey look and in cursive.smell? If you could • Choose a silent readingcreate your own spot.kind what would • Best workers will get onthey be? computers.
  • 89. Question of the dayToday is classpicture day! Ifyou could invite • Start on your cursive whenanyone to be in you are finished.our class picturewho would it • Start on the cursive on thebe? What would board.they wear? Tell • Clean out your all about it! • Read silently
  • 90. Question of the DayToday is President’sDay!! If you were • When you finish start onelected President howwould you want to the cursive words on thecelebrate Name all of • Then pick a silent readingthe fun activities you spot from Mr. Hatcherwould do. Wherewould you go and with • Check out 3 new books. Putwhom would you your other books backchoose to celebrate nicelywith?
  • 91. Question of the DayIf you wereNemo, and youescaped from thefish tank where • Write the cursive words onwould you swim to. the boardWhat part of the • Write your spelling wordsEarth would youswim to? Who like they are on the mathwould you swim boardwith? • Read at your reading spot
  • 92. Question of the DayIf you could beyour favoritecartoon character • When you finish writefor a day who down the words on thewould it be and board.why? What wouldyour day be like • Start on your spelling.and what would Write each word in ayou do sentence. Circle the c • Read to Self
  • 93. If you were a frogwould you preferto live in the wild • Write the cursive words onor as a the back Why? Describe what you would • Write your spelling words 5look like! What times each circle the cwould you do as a • Read to Selffrog • Best gets will get on computer for classworks
  • 94. Question of the DayHow is yourneighborhood • When you are finisheddifferent in the winterthan the write the cursive words onsummer? What the board.activities do you do in • Draw pictures of eacheach season? What spelling wordplants grow or don’tgrow? • Create a circle map like mine on board of your spelling words
  • 95. Question of the dayIt is almost springbreak. Think aboutsome of the thingsyou like to do whenyou are off of school. • Check out 3 new booksWhat is your favorite • Clean out your deskthing to do by yourselfand what is your • Pick a reading spotfavorite thing to do • Start on your cursive wordswhen you are withyour friends or family.
  • 96. Question of the DayYesterday westarted to learn • Finish your a poemabout time. If youhad a time • When you finish start themachine, where cursive words on the backwould you go? boardWhat time periodwould you go to? • Read to selfWho would youtake with you.?
  • 97. Question of the DayImagine youbuilt a rocket tovisit to the • When you finish start on yourmoon. Write cursive words.about your • Write a story about anythingrocket and tell you want and illustrate it.all of its special • Write two new goals forfeatures! math and writing • Read to Self
  • 98. Question of the DayImagine thatMud pies couldreally be eaten . • When you finish start theWhat flavor cursive words on the backwould yours be? board.Would there beicing? Who • When you finish that writewould you serve a story with your spellingit to? words in it.
  • 99. Question of the DayThink aboutpasta…now I wantyou to invent anoodle shape of • When you finish start onyour own! Writeabout your noodle your cursive.shape and how a • After that write yourrestaurant in townwill cook it and serve spelling words in abc orderit customers! What three times each. On thewill it looklike? What will it back draw a picture of yourtaste like? Describe wordyour noodle.
  • 100. Question of the DayImagine that you area kite flying high inthe sky. You areflying all over the • When you are finished startplace…tell about your cursive.your adventure asyou soar. Describe • Write your spelling wordswhat you see on the like they are on the whiteground. How high board.are you? What doesyour kite look like?
  • 101. Question of the DaySpring break is comingup. I want you to tellme about one of yourfavorite times of theyear. • When you finish write theBirthday, Christmas, sp cursive spelling wordsring Return your books andbreak, summer, Tellme why and what you check out 3 new ones.have done during thatfavorite time.
  • 102. Question of the DayImagine that youfound a magic redshoe. Write a storyabout the • When you finish start onstrange, silly orwonderful events your cursive.that happen when • Write your spelling words 5you wear the red times each.shoe. • Select a Read to Self spotWe are writing 1 • Read to Selfwhole page
  • 103. Question of the DayPretend that itrained so much itflooded. Whatwould you do? • When you finish start onWould you build a your cursive handwritingboat, would you • Put your spelling words inswim somewhere,what would you abc orderdo? • Go to your read to Self spots
  • 104. Question of the DayThe temperature isgetting warmerand warmer. Tellme what your • When you finish start onfavorite thing to do your outside. Tell me • Write your spelling wordswhat your favoritething to do inside . like they are on the board.Who do you like to • Draw a picture of eachdo them with? spelling word.
  • 105. Question of The DayImagine that youhave just found apackage ofseeds. After you • When you finish start onplant the seeds, your cursive.something very • Write your spelling wordssillyhappens. Write in a sentence. You cannotabout the silly use I, My, or We to startadventure! your sentence.
  • 106. Question of the DayTomorrow startsSpring Break. Whereare you going? If you • Clean out your deskcould go anywhereyou would like where • Start on your cursivewould you go and who • Write your spelling words 5would go with you? If times eachyou could pick onemovie star to go withyou who would it be?Why?
  • 107. Question of the DayToday is NationalMake Up Your OwnHoliday! I want you tocome up with yourown Holiday. What • Check out 3 new bookswill you call it? How • Start on your cursivewill you celebrateit, what will you • Write about what you diddo, what will you on your spring, who will youinvite?
  • 108. Question of the DayWhat would yourather do, climb tothe top of amountain or see Start on your cursivethe ocean floor in a Create a Circle Mapsubmarine? Why? describing what you are doing for market day Read to Self
  • 109. Question of the dayIf you could eat anyfood for breakfast, • Start on your cursivelunch, or dinner fora entire week what • Draw a picture of yourwould it be? Why? spelling wordsHow are the • Put your spelling words indifferent ways youcould make the abc orderfood you would • Read to Selfeat.
  • 110. Question of the DayPretend that an egghatches, andsomething strange • Start on your cursivecomes out of it. Writea story about the • Write your spelling wordsstrangecreature. Describe like they are on the board.what it looks • Read to Selflike. Where did thisegg comefrom? Where did youfind it and what didthe egg look like?
  • 111. Question of the DayImagine that youentered a time • Start on your cursivecapsule and youare now living 50 • Write your spelling words 5years in the times eachfuture. What is • Check out 4 NEW BOOKSyour school, home,and family like in • Read To Selfthe future?
  • 112. Question of the DayYesterday was a scaryday with the badweather. Tell me what • Start your cursiveyou thought washappening. Also tell • Write your spelling wordsme what you noticed in a sentence.about the weather. • Draw a picture of eachWas it lightning, was itthundering. What are spelling word onsome different types construction paperof weather you didn’tsee. • Read to Self
  • 113. Question of the DayOkay here’s the bigquestion…would • Start on your spellingyou rather be arainbow or words abc order 5 timesraindrop? Why? eachWhat would you • Clean out your desksdo as either ofthese? • Return 4 new books • Check 4 new books
  • 114. Question of the DayYesterday wasEaster, did you do • Cursiveanything fun? Didyou hunt Easter • Spelling words 5 times eacheggs? Tell me • Find a new reading spotabout yourweekend and what • Read to Selfyou did on yourday off.