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Medical abbreviations glossary

  1. 1. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryThese medical abbreviations are commonly used in hospital, medical, and dental records. There are many others, rarelyused, and some doctors and hospitals create their own. If you cannot locate an abbreviation in this glossary, contact usfor assistance.A ______________________________ alb. albumina artery, before alc. alcoholaa equal part of each alk. phos. alkaline phosphateAA affected area ALL acute lymphocytic leukemiaAAA abdominal aortic aneurysm ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosisA2 aortic second sound ALT alternating with, alanine aminotransferaseAAL acute lymphoblastic, leukemia,anterior (formerly SGPT) axillary line AMA against medical adviceab antibody amb. ambulating, ambulatoryAB abortion AMI acute myocardial infarctionabd abdomen AML acute myeloid leukemiaABG arterial blood gasses amnio amniocentesisABN abnormal amp. amputation, ampuleABP arterial blood pressure ANA antinuclear antibodyabs absent anes. anesthesiaa.c. before meals (ante sebum) ann. fib. annulus fibrosisAc acute ANS autonomic nervous systemAC anterior chamber ant. anterioracc accident ante beforeaccom. accommodation ANUG acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitisacid phos. acid phosphate Anxty anxietyACL anterior cruciate ligament A/O alert and orientedACTH adrenocorticotrophic hormone AOB alcohol on breathAD right ear AODM adult onset diabetes mellitusadd. abductor or abduction AP ante partumADH antidiruetic hormone A&P auscultation and percussionADL activites of daily living A-P anteroposteriorad lib as desired APC atrial premature contractionsadm. admission aph aphasiaAE above elbow A-P & lat anteroposterior and lateralAEA above elbow amputation AP resection abdominal perineal resection of the rec-AF atrial fibrillation, afebrile tumAFB acid fast bacilli aq. waterAFO ankle-foot orthosis AR aortic regurgitationAFP alpha fetoprotein ARD acute respiratory distressA/G albumin globulin ratio (blood) ARDS adult respiratory distress syndromeAGA appropriate gestational age ARF acute respiratory failure, acute rheumaticAI aortic insufficiency feverAIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AROM artificial rupture of membranesAJ ankle jerk art arteriala.k. above knee AS left ear,aortic stenosisaka alcoholic ketoacidosis ASA acetylsalicylic acid, aspirinAKA above knee amputation A.S.A. American Society of Anesthesiologists Only an expert case evaluation, performed by a qualified physician or dentist, can tell you what you need to know. Before you accept a case, be sure the odds are in your favor. Let JD.MD evaluate it. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 1
  2. 2. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryA.S.A. 1 normal healthy patient BiW twice weeklyA.S.A. 2 patient with mild systemic disease BJ biceps reflexA.S.A. 3 patient with severe systemic disease bk. backA.S.A. 4 patient with incapacitating systemic dis- BK below knee ease that is constant threat to life BKA below knee amputationASAP as soon as possible bl cult blood cultureASCVD atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease bld. bloodASD atrial septal defect Bl.T bleeding timeASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease BM black male, bone marrow,at. Flutter atrial flutter bowel movementATN acute tubular necrosis BMR basal metabolic rateATNR asymmetrical tonic neck reflex body wt. body weightAU both ears BOMA otitis media, both ears,aud. auditory acuteAur. Fib auricular fibrillation BOW bag of waterA-V arteriovenous BP blood pressureAVF arteriovenous fistula BPD bronchopulmonary dysplasiaAVR aortic valve replacement BPH benign prostatic hypertrophyA&W alive and well BPM beats per minuteAx. axilla, axillary Br. breech presentationA.Z. Ascheim-Zondek test BR bedrest, bathroom brach. brachialB ______________________________ BrBx. breast biopsyB. bath broncho bronchoscopyBA barium BRP bathroom privilegesBab. Babinski sign BS blood sugar, bowel soundsBa.E barium enema B.S. breath soundsBas. basal,basilar BSA body surface areabaso basophile BSB bedside bagBBB bundle branch block BSC bedside commodeBBT basal body temperature BSD bedside drainageBCA basal cell atypia BSO bilateral salpingooophorectomyBCD basal cell dysplasia BST blood serologic testBCE basal cell epithelioma BT bleeding timeBCG bacillus Calmette-Guerin BTL bilateral tubal ligation vaccine (tuberculosis BUN blood urea nitrogen vaccine) BW birth weightBDC burn dressing change Bx. biopsyBE below elbow, barium enemaBEA below elbow amputation C ______________________________BFP biological false positive c. withBic. biceps C cervical, Caucasianb.i.d. twice daily C. centigrade, Celsius complementBIH bilateral inguinal hernia CI-XII 1st to 12th cranial nervebilat. Bilateral, bilaterally C-1 to C-7 cervical vertebraebili bilirubin Ca calciumb.i.n. twice a night CA carcinoma, cancer JD.MD is Results… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 2
  3. 3. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryCABG coronary artery bypass graft CNS central nervous systemCAD coronary artery disease cnst. constipationCAHD coronary atherosclerotic heart disease c/o complains of, complaintsCal calorie, calories Co2 carbon dioxideCAPD continuous ambulatory comb. combine, combination peritoneal dialysis comm. communicableCaps capsules comp. compound, compresscar. carotid conc. concentratedcard. cardiac cons. consultationCard Cath cardiac catheterization cont. contractions, continuedCAT computerized axial COPD chronic obstructive tomography pulmonary diseasecath catheterization, catheter Cor heartCB Cesarean birth CPAP continuous positiveCBC complete blood count airway pressureCBD common bile duct CPC clinicopathological conferenceCBF cerebral blood flow CPD cephalo-pelvic disproportionCBG capillary blood gas CPK creatinine phosphokinaseCBR complete bed rest CPPB continuous positivecc. cubic centimeter pressure breathingCC chief complaint CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitationCCU coronary care unit CPT chest physical therapyCD cardiac disease, CR closed reduction contagious disease cran. cranialCEA carcinoembryonic antigen CRD chronic respiratory diseaseCerv. cervix, cervical creat. creatinineCF cardiac failure, cystic fibrosis CRF chronic renal failureCHD congenital heart disease, coronary heart C/S, CS Cesarean section disease C&S culture and sensitivityChem. chemotherapy CSF cerebrospinal fluidCHF congestive heart failure C-spine cervical spineCHO carbohydrate CT computed axial tomographyChol cholesterol C-V cardiovascularChr chronic CVA cerebrovascular accident, costovertebralC.I color index angleCI cardiac insufficiency, cardiac index CVL central venous lineCIS carcinoma in situ CVP central venous pressureCK creatinine kinase CVS cardiovascular systemCl chlorine, chloride Cx cervix, cultureClav. clavicle CxR chest x-raycldy cloudy Cysto cystoscopyCLL chronic lymphocytic leukemiaCl.T clotting time D ______________________________cm. centimeter DAP distal airway pressureCML chronic myeloid leukemia db. decibelCMV cytomegalovirus DBE deep breathing exerciseCN cranial nerve d/c discontinue At JD.MD reliability means performing consistently and meeting your expectations every time. Our medical and dental malpractice case evaluations are on target and on time. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 3
  4. 4. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryDC discharges, discontinue DUB dysfunctional uterine bleedingD&C dilation and curettage DUI driving under influenceDD discharge diagnosis D/W dextrose in waterD/DW dextrose, distilled water Dx diagnosisDDx differential diagnosisD&E dilation and evacuation E ______________________________decr. decreased e withoutdehyd. dehydrated EBL estimated blood lossDerm. Dermatology EBV Epstein-Barr virusDES Diethylstilbestrol ECF extended care facility, extracellular fluidD5RL 5% dextrose and lactated ringers ECG electrocardiogramD5W 5% dextrose and sterile water ECHO enterocytopathogenic human orphan virusDI diabetes insipidus, diagnostic imaging E.coli Escherichia coliDIAG. diagnosis ECS endocervical scrapediam. diameter ECT electroconvulsiveDIC disseminated intravascular coagulation, ED emergency department disseminated coagulopathy EDC estimated date of confinementdiff. differential EDOD estimated date of deliverydil. dilute EEG electroencephalogramdim. diminished EENT eyes, ears, nose, throatDIP distal interphalangeal (joint) EEX electrodiagnosisdis. disease EGA estimated gestational agedisch. discharge EGD esophago- gastroduodenoscopydisp. disposition EKG electrocardiogramdist. distilled, distal elev. elevatedDIU death in utero ELF elective low forcepsdiv. divorced EmBx endometrial biopsyDJD degenerative joint disease EMG electromyogramDKA diabetic ketoacidosis EMS endometrial scrape, emergency medicalDLE disseminated lupus erythematosis serviceD/L DI decilter En. enemaDM diabetes mellitus, diastolic murmur ENT ears, nose, throatDNA deoxyribonucleic acid Eoc. eosinophilesDNKA did not keep appointment EOM extraocular movementDOA dead on arrival Epis. episiotomyDOB date of birth Epis.LML left mediolateral episiotomyDOE dyspnea on exertion Epis. Med. medial episiotomyDors dorsal Epis. RML right mediolateral episiotomyD.P. dorsal pedia ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancre-DPT diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine atographyDR delivery room ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rateD&R dilation and radium implant EST electroshock therapydrsg. dressing ETIOL. etiologyD/S discharge summary ETOH ethanolDTR deep tendon reflexes EUA examine under anesthesiaDT’s delirium tremens EVAL evaluationDU duodenal ulcer ex. exercise, example JD.MD is Reliability… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 4
  5. 5. Medical Abbreviations Glossaryexpir expiration, expiratory FW fetal weightExp. Lap exploratory laparotomy Fx fractureext. extremities, externalext. gen. external genitalia G ______________________________ G gravidaF ______________________________ G.A. general anesthesiaF finger, female, Fahrenheit GB gallbladderFA fluorescent antibody GBS gallbladder seriesF.A. first aid G.C. gonococcusF.B. foreign body GCS Glasgow Coma ScaleFBS fasting blood sugar GE GastroenterologyFD fully dilated G/E gastroenteritisFDA Food and Drug Administration gen, genl. generalFDP flexor digitorum profundus gest. gestationFe def. iron deficiency GFR glomerulo filtration rateFEF forced expiratory flow G.H. growth hormoneFEKG fetal electrocardiogram G.I. gastrointestinalfem. femoral gluc glucosefem. pop. femoral popliteal gm gramfet. fetal Gm+ gram positiveFEV forced expiratory volume Gm- gram negativef.f. force fluid gm.% grams per 100 c.c.FFP fresh frozen plasma GMA grand mal attackfh fundal height GNC general nursing careFH family history, fetal heart GP General Practitioner, general paralysisFHR fetal heart rate gr. grain, grains (dosage)FHR-UC fetal heart rate- uterine contraction Grav. pregnancyFHT fetal heart tones gt. dropFiO2 faction of inspired oxygen concentration gait trainingfl. fluids gtts. dropsflac. flaccid GSW gunshot woundflex. flexor, flexion GTT glucose tolerance testfl. oz. fluid ounce GU genitourinaryFM finger movement G/W glucose and waterFPAL full term premature abortion living GYN Gynecologyfract. fractionalFRC functional residual capacity H ______________________________FS finger stick h hourFSH follicle stimulating hormone H hydrogen history, hour, hypodermicFT full term H/A headacheFTD failure to descend HAF hyperalimentation fluidFTND full term normal delivery HASCVD hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascu-FTT failure to thrive lar diseaseFUB functional uterine bleeding Hb., Hgb hemoglobinF/U,F-U,F.U. follow-up HB heart blockFUO fever of unknown origin HBP high blood pressureFVC forced vital capacity HC head circumference JD.MD provides you with medical and dental malpractice case evaluations performed by appropriate Board Certified Specialists. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 5
  6. 6. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryH&C hot and cold Hyperal. hyperalimenationHCG human chorionic gonadotropin Hz hertz (cycles/second)HCO3 bicarbonateHct. hematocrit I ________________________________HCVD hypertensive cardiovascular disease I radioactive iodineh.d. at bedtime IA intra-arteriallyHd head, Hodgkin’s disease IABP intra-aortic balloon pumpHDl high density lipids i.c. intracutaneous(ly)HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose, throat ICCU intensive coronary care unithern. hernia ICF intracellular fluidHem Hematology ICS intercostal spaceHem Pro hematology profile ICT insulin coma therapyHep. Lock Heparin lock ICU intensive care unitHGO hepatic glucose output i.d. during the dayHH hard of hearing ID intradermal, identification,HIDA(scan) hepatobiliary scan Infectious DiseaseHIE hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy I&D incision and drainagehist. history, histology IDDM insulin dependent diabetesHIV human immunodificiency virus mellitusHKAFO hip knee ankle foot orthosis I/E inspiratory, expiratoryHLA human leukocyte group A, Ig immunoglobulin histocompatibility leukocyte IGA immunoglobulin A focus IGE immunoglobulin EHM hand movement IGG immunoglobulin gammaHMD hyaline membrane disease G(Globulin)HMG human menopausal IGM immunoglobulin M gonadotropin IH infectious hepatitisHNP herniated nucleus IHD ischemic heart disease pulposus IM intramuscular,h/o history of intramedullaryH.O. house officer IMCU intermediate medical careHOB head of bed unithoriz. horizontal imp. impressionH&P history and physical IMP inpatient multidimensionalhpf high power field psych scaleHPI history of present illness IMV intermittent mandatoryHPL human placental lactogen ventilationHR heart rate In. inchesH.R.S.T. heat, reddening, swelling, Inc. AB incomplete abortion tenderness incr. increased (ing)HS bedtime Inev. AB inevitable abortionHSG hysterosalpingography inf infusion, inferiorH2O water inj injured, injectionH2O2 hydrogen peroxide INR coagulant response timeHt height, heart inspir inspiration, inspiratoryHVD hypertensive vascular disease int. internalHx history INTHC intrathecally JD.MD. is Performance… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 6
  7. 7. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryIO inferior oblique KUB kidney, ureter, bladderI&O intake and output (x-rays)IOP intraocular pressure KVO keep vein openIP intraperitonealIPJ interphalangeal joint L ______________________________IPPB intermittent positive L left, liver, liter, lower, light, lumbar pressure breathing L2,L3 second, third lumbar vertebraeIQ intelligence quota LA left antrumIRDS idiopathic respiratory lab. laboratory distress syndrome lac. lacerationirreg. Irregular lacr. lacrimalIS intercostal space lact. lacticIST insulin shock therapy LAD left anterior descending coronary arteryITP idiopathic thrombocytopenic L&D labor and delivery purpura LAE left atrial enlargementI,U., IU International Unit lam. laminectomyIUC intrauterine catheter lap. laparotomyIUCP intrauterine contraceptive lat. lateral device LAVH laparoscopic assisted vaginalIUD intrauterine device hysterectomyIUFD intrauterine fetal death lax laxativeIUGR intrauterine growth retardation lb. poundIUP intrauterine pregnancy LB large bowelIUTP intrauterine term pregnancy LBBB left bundle branch blockIV intravenous(ly) LBP lower back painIVC inferior vena cava, LBW low birth weight intravenous cholangiogram LCA left coronary arteryIVD intervertebral disc L.D. lethal doseIVP intravenous pyelogram LDH lactic dehydrogenaseIVPB intravenous piggy back LDL low density lipidsIVU intravenous urogram LE lupus erythematosus L.E. lower extremitiesJ ________________________________ leuc. leukocytesJ joint LF low forceps, low flapJ-P Jackson Pratt drain LFA left frontoanteriorJRA juvenile rheumatoid arthritis LFD low forceps deliveryjt. joint LFP left frontoposteriorJVP jugular venous pulse LFT left frontotransverse, liver function test lg large, legK ______________________________ LGA large for gestational ageK potassium, kidney LGV lymphogranulomaKC1 potassium chloride venereumKcal. Kilocalorie, calorie LH luteinizing hormoneKg., kg. kilogram LHT left hypertrophiaKJ, K-J knee jerk LICS left intercostal spaceKK knee kick lig. ligament17 KS 17 keto steroids LIH left inguinal hernia JD.MD maintains a complete roster of highly qualified health-care experts. JD.MD handles the medical or dental side of your malpractice case, leaving you to do what you do best… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 7
  8. 8. Medical Abbreviations Glossaryliq. liquid LVH left ventricular hypertrophyLKS liver, kidneys, spleen L&W living and wellLL lower lid LWCT Lee-White Clotting Time,LLE left lower extremity coagulation timeLLG left lateral gaze Lymphs lymphocytesLLL left lower lobe lytes electrolytesLLQ left lower quadrantLMA left mentoanterior M ______________________________LMD family doctor m. miniml/min liter per minute m,M married, male, mother murmur, meter,LML left mediolateral mass, molarLMP left mentoposterior, last menstrual period MA mental ageLMT left mentotransverse macro. macrocytic, macroscopicL.N. lymph node MAP mean arterial pressureLNMP last normal menstrual period max. maximum, maxillaryLOA left occiput anterior MBC maximum breathingL.O.C. loss of consciousness, capacity level of consciousness, mcg. microgram laxative of choice MCH mean corpuscularLOM left otitis media hemoglobinLOP left occipital posterior MCHC mean corpuscularLOS length of stay hemoglobin concentrationLOT left occiput anterior MCL midclavicular lineLP lumbar puncture, light perception MCP metacarpophalangeal jointlpf low power field MCV mean corpuscular volumeLPN licensed practical nurse MD muscular dystrophyLR labor room, lateral rectus, MDI metered dose inhaler light reflex Mdnt. midnightLRQ lower right quadrant ME middle ear, medical examinerLs. loose MEC medical emergency clinicL.S. lumbosacral Med. medicineLSA lateral sacrum anterior MEq./L milliequivalents per literLSB left sternal border Mets. metastasisLSCS lower segment Cesarean mg. milligram section Mg. magnesiumLSK liver, spleen, kidneys MG myasthenia gravisLSO left salpingo-oophorectomy mg/dl milligrams per deciliterLSP left sacrum posterior mg.% milligrams per 100 ccLST left sacrum transverse m.g.r. murmurs, gallops, or rubsLt. left, light MH marital historyLTCS low transverse Cesarean section Ml myocardial infarction, mitral insufficiencyLUE left upper extremity micro microcytic, microscopicLUL left upper lobe MICU medical intensive care unitLUQ left upper quadrant min minuteLV left ventricle Mitr.I mitral insufficiencyLVEDP left ventricular end diastolic pressure ml. milliliterLVF left ventricular failure MLF medial longitudinal fasciculus JD.MD is Service… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 8
  9. 9. Medical Abbreviations Glossarymm millimeter NG nasogastric tubemm. muscles NI no insuranceMM mucous membrane NIC neonatal intensive careMMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality NICU neonatal intensive care unit Inventory NIDDM noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitusMn. manganese, midnight NKA no known allergiesmod moderate NM neuromuscularMOM milk of magnesia NMR nuclear magnetic resonancemono. monocyte noct. nocturnalMP metacarpophalangea, metacarpopha- NOS not otherwise specified langeal NP neuropsychiatricMPA malpractice attorney N.P. NeuropsychiatryMR medial rectus, mental NPH NPH insulin (Neutral Protamine Zinc) retardation, mitral regurgitation NPN nonprotein nitrogenMRI magnetic resonance imaging NPO nothing by mouthMRM modified radical Ns. nerves mastectomy N.S. nervous systemms mitral stenosis NSA no significant abnormalityMs murmurs NSAID nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugMS mitral stenosis, multiple sclerosis, mor- NSD normal spontaneous delivery phine sulfate NSR normal sinus rhythmMSL midsternal line NST non-stress testmss massage N&V nausea and vomitingMT metacarpophalangeal (joint) NS NeurosurgeryM.T. muscles and tendons NSVD normal spontaneous vaginal deliveryMVA motor vehicle accident NTG nitroglycerineMVP mitral valve prolapse NTP normal temperature and pressureMVR mitral valve replacement nullip never gave birthMW maximum voluntary ventilation NVD nausea, vomiting, diarrhea N&W normal and wellN ______________________________ NWB non-weight bearingn. nerve NYD not yet diagnosedN2 nitrogenN2O nitrous oxide (anesthetic) O ______________________________Na sodium o none, withoutNaCl sodium chloride O oralNAD no apparent distress O2 oxygennb note well O2 cap. oxygen capacityNB newborn O2 sat. oxygen saturationNBM nothing by mouth OA osteoarthritisNBS normal bowel sounds, normal breath OB, OBG Obstetrics sounds OB/GYN Obstetrics and GynecologyNED no evidence of disease Obs observationneg. negative OBS organic brain syndromeNER no evidence of recurrence OCC. occipital, occasionalNERD no evidence of recurrent disease OD right eyeNeur. Neurology O/E on examination JD.MD takes the burden of finding a qualified medical or dental expert off your shoulders. Using JD.MD’s resources lets you concentrate on your case, not on finding an expert. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 9
  10. 10. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryOH occupational history PBI protein bound iodine17 OH 17 hydroxy steroid p/c., p.c. after mealsOHD organic heart disease PCL posterior cruciate ligamentoint. ointment PCO2 carbon dioxide concentrationO.M. otitis media PCV packed cell volume (of blood)OMS organic mental syndrome PD pupillary distance, peritoneal dialysisOOB out of bed PDA patent ductus arteriosusOp. operation pdr. powderOPC outpatient clinic PDR Physician’s Desk ReferenceOPD outpatient department PDN private duty nurseOphth. Ophthalmology PE physical examination, pulmonaryOR operating room, open reduction embolismOR-IF open reduction with internal fixation Ped. PediatricsORT operating room technician PEEP positive end expiratory pressureOrtho. Orthopaedic Surgery PEG pneumoencephalogramos opening, mouth, bone PEN PenicillinOS left eye PERRLA pupils equal, round, reactive to light andot. ear accommodation (normal)Oto Otolaryngology PET positron emission tomographyOTC over-the-counter (pharmaceuticals) PF push fluidsO.T. occupational therapy, old tuberculin PFC persistent fetal circulationOU both eyes PFT pulmonary function testOV office visit pH hydrogen ion concentrationoz. ounce PH past history pharm pharmacyP ______________________________ PHYS. physical, physiologyP after, phosphorus pulse PI present illness, pulmonary insufficiencyP2 pulmonic second heart sound PICA posterior inferior coronary arteryPA physician’s assistant PICU pulmonary intensive care unitP-A posteroanterior PID pelvic inflammatory diseasep&a percussion and auscultation PIP proximal interphalangealPAC premature atrial, auricular contraction Pit. PitocinPaCO2 arterial carbon dioxide tension pressure PKU phenylkentonuriaPACU post anesthesia care unit Plac. placentaPAF paroxysmal atrial fibrillation plts. plateletspalp. palpate, palpated, palpable PM petit malPaO2 alveolar oxygen pressure P.M. afternoon, post-mortemPap Papanicolaou test (pap smear) PMH past medical historyPara prior births, paraplegic PMN polymorphonuclear (leukocytes)PARU post anesthesia recovery unit PM&R Physical Medicine and RehabilitationPAS pulmonary artery systolic pressure PN poorly nourished, practical nursePAT pregnancy at term, paroxysm atrial tachy- P&N Psychiatry and Neurology cardia PNC prenatal clinic, premature nodal contrac-Path. Pathology tionPA view posterioranterior view on x-ray PND paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, post nasalPb lead dripPB peripheral blood pneu. pneumo, pneumonia The quality of our service will save you time & effort. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 10
  11. 11. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryPNI peripheral nerve injury PT physical therapyPNX pneumothorax P.T. physical therapy, posterior tibial arteryp.o. by mouth pulsePO2 oxygen pressure (or tension) PTA prior to admission, percutaneous translu-POC product of conception minal angioplastyp.o.d. postoperative day PTB patellar tendon bearingpolys polymorphonuclear PTCA percutaneous transvenous coronary leukocytes angioplasty (balloon angioplasty)POMR problem oriented medical record PU pregnancy urinepoplit. popliteal PUD peptic ulcer diseasepos. positive PUPPP pruritic urticarial papules & plaques ofpost. posterior pregnancyPOSTOP. postoperative PV plasma volume, peripheral vascularpot. or potass. potassium PVC premature ventricularpp post partum, post prandial contractionPPBS post prandial blood sugar PVD peripheral vascular diseasePPD purified protein derivative PVR pulmonary vascular resistancePPF protein plasma fractional PVT previous troublePPH post partum hemorrhage PWB% partial weight bearing withppm parts per million percentPPPG post prandial plasma glucose Px, PX physical examinationp.r. per rectumPR Proctology Q ______________________________PRBC packed red blood cells q everyPRE progressive resistive exercise q.d. every dayprem premature q.h. every hourpre-op preoperative q2H every two hoursprep. prepare for q4H every four hoursprimip. first pregnancy q.i.d. four times a dayp.r.m. according to circumstances q.i.w. four times a weekp.r.n., PRN as often as necessary q.l. as much as desiredprod. productive qn, q.n. every nightProg. prognosis q.n.s., QNS quantity not sufficientPROM passive range of motion, premature rup- q.o.d. every other day ture of membranes q.o.n. every other nightpron. pronator, pronation q.p. as much as you pleasepros. prostate, prostatic q.q., Q.Q. each, everyprosth. prosthesis q.q.h. every four hoursprot. protein, Protestant q.s. quantity, sufficientpro.time prothrombin time qt. quartPS pulmonary stenosis, psychotic, Plastic qts. drops Surgery quad. quadriplegicPSH past surgical history quant. quantitative or quantitypsi pounds per square inch q.v. as much as you wishPSMA progressive spinal muscular atrophy q.w. every weekPsych. Psychiatrypt., Pt. patient We screen our medical and dental experts to maintain the high levels of professionalism and credibility you expect. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 11
  12. 12. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryR ______________________________ ROA right occipital anteriorr., R right, rectal, roentgen, x-ray ROM range of motion, rupture of membranes,R. rub, rectal temperature right otitis mediaRa radium ROP right occipital posteriorRA rheumatoid arthritis, right atrium ROS review of systemsrad. radial ROT right occipital transverseRAI radioactive iodine RP retrograde pyelogramr.a.m. rapid alternating movements RQ respiratory quotientR.A.S. right arm sitting RR recovery roomRAtx radiation therapy RRE, RR&E round, regular, and equalRBBB right bundle branch block RSO right salpingo-oophorectomyrbc/RBC red blood cell, red blood count RSA right sacrum anteriorRCA right coronary artery RSD reflex sympatheticRCS reticulum cell sarcoma dystrophyRCU respiratory care unit RSP right sacrum posteriorRD respiratory distress, reaction to degenera- RSR regular sinus rhythm tion RST right sacrum transverseRDS respiratory distress syndrome Rt. rightRE reconditioning exercise RT radiation therapy, respiratory therapyrect. rectum, rectal (ly), rectus muscle RTC return to clinicreg. regular RUC regular uterine contractionrehab. rehabilitation RUE right upper extremityresp. respiratory, respirations RUL right upper lobeRF rheumatic fever RUQ right upper quadrantRFA right frontoanterior RV residual volumeRFP right frontoposterior RVH right ventricular hypertrophyRFT right frontotransverse Rx therapy, prescriptionRh, Rh. rhesus blood factorRH right hyperphoria S ______________________________RHD rheumatic heart disease s withoutRHF right heart failure S sensation, sensitive, serumRHT right hypertrophia Sa. SalineRIH right inguinal hernia S&A sugar and acetoneRLA Rancho Los Amigo Scale SAH systemic arterial hypertensionR to L&A react to light and accommodation SaO2 arterial oxygen saturationRLE right lower extremity SB stillbornRLF retrolental fibroplasia SBE subacute bacterial endocarditisRLL right lower lobe SBFT small bowel follow through (x-ray)RLQ right lower quadrant SBO small bowel obstructionRMA right mentoanterior s.c. subcutaneous(ly)RML right mediolateral, SC sickle cell right middle lobe SCC sickle cell crisisRMP right mentoposterior SCD sudden cardiac deathRMSF Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever schiz schizophreniaRMT right mentotransverse SCU special care unitRNA ribonucleic acid sec secondRO, R/O rule out sed. rate erythrocyte sedimentation rate JD.MD maintains an extensive roster of U.S. and Canadian experts in all medical and dental specialties and geographic locations. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 12
  13. 13. Medical Abbreviations Glossarysem. ves seminal vesicles stat.,STAT immediatelySens. sensory, sensation STD sexually transmitted diseasesep. separated stom, st. stomachSept. AB septic abortion strep. streptococcusSerol. serology, serological test S.T.S. serological test for syphilisSGA small for gestational age subcut. without correction (without glasses) subling. sublingualSGOT,SGO-T serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase sulf. sulfateSH social history, serum hepatitis sup. superiorSI sacroiliac joint, stroke index supin. supinationsib. sibling supp suppositorySICU surgical intensive care unit surg. surgery, surgicalSIDS sudden infant death syndrome SVC superior vena cavaskel. skeletal SVD spontaneous vaginaldeliverySl. slightly SVR systemic vascular resistanceSL under the tongue SVT supra ventricular tachycardiaSLE systemic lupus erythematosus SWD short wave diathermySLR straight leg raising Sx symptomssm small sys. systemSMA-14 routine admission chemistry syst. systolicSNS sympathetic nervous systemSO superior oblique T ______________________________SO4 sulfate T3 triodothyronineS.O.A.P. subjective, objective assessment plan T4 total serum thyroxineSOB shortness of breath TA tendon Achillessod. sodium T&A tonsils and adenoids, tonsillectomy andSol. solution adenoidectomysono. sonogram T&C type and crossmatchS.O.S. repeat once if urgent tab. tabletsp. spine, spinal TAB therapeutic abortionS/P status post (previous condition) TAH total abdominal spinal cord T.A.T. tetanus antitoxinspec. specimen TB tuberculosissp.fl. spinal fluid TBI total body irradiationspg. sponge TBLC term birth living specific gravity tbsp. tablespoonsp&H speech and hearing TCDB turn, cough, deep breathespin. spine, spinal TEE transesophageal echocardiographyspont. spontaneous temp temperatureSR system review, superior rectus muscle, TENS transient electric nerve stimulation sedimentation rate, stimulus response TESD total end systolic diameterSROM spontaneous rupture of membranes T.F. tuning forkSS social service T of F tetralogy of FallotSSE soap suds enema TGA transposition great vesselsst stage (of disease) THERAP. therapy,therapeuticst. stomach thor. thorax, thoracicStaph, Staph. staphylococcus THR total hip replacement Expedited service is available on all medical and dental malpractice case evaluations and experts’ reports. For complete details on fees, contact us, and ask for our free Attorney Information Packet. ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 13
  14. 14. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryTI tricuspid insufficiency U/A urinalysisTIA transient ischemic shock, transient UC uterine contractions ischemic attack UCD usual childhood diseasest.i.d. three times a day UCG urinary chorionic gonadotropinTIP terminal interphalangeal (joint) UCHD usual childhood diseasesTIUP term intrauterine pregnancy UG upward gazet.i.w. three times per week UGI upper gastrointestinal series (x-rays),TJ triceps reflex upper gastrointestinal tractTKR total knee replacement UL upper lidTLC tender loving care, total lung capacity uln ulnarT.M. tympanum membrani (ear drum) ULQ upper left quadrantTMJ temporomandibular joint ung. ointmentTNI total nodal irradiation unilat. unilateralTNM tumor, nodes, and metastases u/o under observation for, urine outputTO telephone order Ur. urineTOA tubo-ovarian abscess URD upper respiratory diseaseto AA to affected areas URI upper respiratory infectionT, OD tension, right eye Urol. UrologyTORCH (titer) toxoplamosis others (hepatitis, beta strep, URQ upper right quadrant flu, mumps, etc.) rubella, cytomegalovirus u/s, US ultrasound (CMV), herpes virus II USI urinary stress incontinenceTP term pregnancy USN ultrasonic nebulizerTPA thrombo proteolytic activity USP. United States PharmacyTPN total parenteral nutrition USPHA United States Public HealthTPR temperature, pulse, respiration Administrationtr trace ut. uterus, uterinetrach tracheostomy UTI urinary tract infectionTS tricuspid stenosis UVL ultraviolet lightTSH thyroid stimulating hormonetsp. teaspoon V ______________________________TSS toxic shock syndrome V veinT,T. temperature, thoracic VA visual acuityTTI total thromboplastin index vag vagina, vaginalTTP thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura VC, (vit.cap) vital capacityT-Tube cholangiogram VCS vasoconstrictor substanceTUR transurethral resection VCU voiding cystourethrogramTURB transurethral resection of the bladder Vd voidTURP transurethral resection of the prostate VD venereal diseaseTV tidal volume VDRL blood test for syphilisTVH total vaginal hysterectomy vent. ventilatorTVR tricuspid valve replacement vert. verticalTx treatment, traction VF visual fields, ventricular fibrillation VG vein graft VHD valvular heart disease VI volume indexU ______________________________ V.I. vaginal irrigationU. unit Via by way of JD.MD is Results… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 14
  15. 15. Medical Abbreviations GlossaryVIPS voluntary interruption of pregnancy and Y ______________________________ sterilization service y.o. years oldvit. vitamin yrs. yearsVLDL very low density lipoproteinsVM vestibular membraneVN visiting nurseVO verbal orderVOD vision right eyevol volumeVOS vision left eyeVP venous pressureVPC ventricular premature contractionVS, V.S. vital signsVSA vital signs absentVSD ventricular septal defectVSS vital signs stableVT, V Tach ventricular tachycardiaV&T volume and tension (pulse)VTX vertexVx. vertex presentationW ______________________________W widowed, whiteW/A while awakeWass. WassermanWB whole bloodwbc, WBC white blood cells, white blood countW/C, wheelchairWBT weight bearing to toleranceWDWN well developed, well nourishedWE wide excisionWF white femalewk weekWM white malew/n withinWN well nourishedWNL within normal limitsWP whirlpoolwt. weightw/u workupX ______________________________x timesX exophoria distanceXT exotrophia distance JD.MD is Reliability… ¤ 800-225-JDMD or e-u 15