Independent Investment Management Service


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Independent Investment Management Service

  1. 1. Independent Investment Management Service
  2. 2. Towry Law is a fast growing Wealth Advice business with Chartered Financial Planner status. Our business is your The company, founded in 1958, was acquired by John Scott & Partners in May 2006. The merged business was and our employees. Independent investment management
  3. 3. Index Investing 1 Your Financial Objectives 2 Independent Investment Management Service Expertise and Governance 4 A Personal Service 4 Our Approach Independent 5 Active Management Approach 5 Managing Risk 6 Independent investment management
  4. 4. investment management services to private individuals. Investing Investing is a complex business which requires skill, Most individuals do not have the resources necessary to look after their investments and turn to a company offering an investment management service. Our service is independent. We focus on managing investment risk to ensure that we achieve a relatively consistent return for your investments – trying to capture rising markets and trying to avoid the worst of falling markets. Our investment managers are dedicated to managing our clients’ investments and our investment process is designed to achieve the best possible return for our clients within their chosen level of risk. 1 Independent investment management
  5. 5. Your Financial Objectives The starting point for any discussion about investment is: what are you trying to achieve? Our plan – a road map for what they are trying to achieve, be it saving for retirement, providing income or preserving capital for yourself or the next generation. lacks a clear purpose. from that, agree the best way to construct your portfolio with a level of risk that is appropriate for you. Understanding risk and the expected range of returns that you might achieve is an important part of determining the right portfolio for you. index benchmarks. We are able therefore to provide you with the likely maximum gain and loss that your portfolio may achieve. We are able to manage money held in your name or in a structure that is appropriate for you, such as a personal pension or Individual Savings Account. Independent investment management 2
  6. 6. Advice Towry Law Investment Policy wealth advice Management Independent Independent financial advice investment management Client financial plan and objectives 3 Independent investment management
  7. 7. Independent Investment Management Service Expertise and Governance efforts to achieve your investment objectives. Our investment experts are not involved in anything other than investment – we have nothing to distract us from achieving what we set out to provide for you. We have a very strong governance process; managing money requires oversight and controls. Our Investment Policy Committee is comprised of our most senior investment professionals and members of our Board. A Personal Service Your Wealth Adviser will be your day to day point of contact with us. Their role is to agree your appropriate portfolio for you. We will report to you regularly on the performance of your portfolio and your Wealth Adviser will meet with you to discuss its performance and to not changed. If they have, we will establish a new approach for you – one that is suited to your changed circumstances. Independent investment management 4
  8. 8. Our Approach Independent Active Management We are entirely independent in our approach to Portfolios are reviewed on a daily basis to ensure managing your money. that the investments we hold for our clients are, in our view, the most appropriate to meet their We take no commission on transactions, and use a objectives. In order to ensure that the investments wide range of sophisticated asset classes and global are the most suitable, we are continually researching fund managers to construct your portfolio. new investment opportunities. Our philosophy is that no one company is good at We research a wide range of investment funds and managing all asset classes. Our role is to seek out asset classes, some of which we invest in today, the leading investment managers in each asset class, some of which we might want to invest in in the bring their expertise to bear on your portfolio and future. It is only by doing the necessary research blend them together to create your portfolio. that we can determine whether a particular We have no restriction on the number of asset investment will add value to your portfolio. Typically managers we can access and no restriction on their we meet with between 350 and 400 investment size – we invest with some of the world’s largest fund managers every year. managers and some specialist boutique investment We do not follow the herd or bet on which markets some of the best fund managers are to be found in we make decisions based on our expert knowledge and experience, taking into account your needs. If a around the world on your behalf. particular market rises sharply, then we may reduce your holding to maintain the overall balance in your portfolio. Similarly, if it falls, we may invest in it. Managing your portfolio to maintain the appropriate level of risk is at the heart of our investment process. We use both active investments where we can see that these can add value and passive investments, such as ETFs and index funds, where the opportunity to provide you with superior risk adjusted performance at lower cost. Additionally, we are specialists in alternative investments and understand the way these work and can be used to balance more traditional investments – particularly in volatile times. 5 Independent investment management
  9. 9. Managing Risk Towry Law Portfolio Our investment approach manages risk by investing UK Large Cap your portfolio across a wide range of different UK Small Cap investments and markets. Continental Europe US Large Cap We manage money by investing in funds or US Small Cap collective investments. We think that this is the Asia ex Japan Japan best way of achieving access to a wide range of Emerging Markets investment management skills but is also the best UK Gilts Index Linked Gilts Sterling Credit Through this investment approach we are typically Global Bonds able to achieve an exposure to over 3000 different Commercial Property companies in the key stock markets. Precious Metals Long/Short Equity Investment in a wide range of markets and or Source: Towry Law Growth Portfolio, October 2009 Traded Volatility Macro Strategies asset classes is also a key part of our investment Cash approach. Not all asset classes move in the same direction at the same time. It is through understanding how markets interact with each other Traditional Portfolio that we aim to manage the risk in your portfolio UK effectively. We will typically hold investments in 18 Europe or more different asset classes for you. North America Pacific ex Japan Japan This was evidenced during 2008 when stock Emerging Markets markets in most major countries were falling but UK Fixed interest Global Bonds the values of gold and global Government bonds Commercial Property soared. By investing in a wide range of investments, Alternative Asset including gold and Government bonds, we ensured Cash that our clients did not suffer like those who had invested most of their money in equities. Source: Lipper Life Balanced Managed Fund Sector, October 2009 366 Days From 31/12/2007 To 31/12/2008 60 50 40 Percentage Growth 30 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50 01/2008 04/2008 07/2008 10/2008 Source: Lipper Hindsight, Percentage Growth Total Return, October 2009 Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance FTSE All Share Gold Index Citigroup World Government Bond Index GBP Independent investment management 6
  10. 10. Our Performance Details of how our independent investment management service has performed are available on request. Next Steps We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our independent investment management service with you in more detail and talk about how we might help Please call us on 0845 788 99 33 or email
  11. 11. Independent investment management 8
  12. 12. Towry Law Investment Management Limited Towry Law House Western Road Bracknell RG12 1TL 0845 788 99 33 TA0927/November 2009 Printed on Era, a recycled paper produced with care for the environment. Independent investment management