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  • 1. Fund Management Sudan Country Office Case 2005-2009
  • 2. Policy framework
    • The fund management services respond to country-level demands and adhere to the Secretary General’s UN reform plan, which places UNDP in a central position to coordinate and provide coherence to all United Nations activities in the country.
  • 3. UN & Sudan
    • In Sudan, UNDP provides programme and operational services to the United Nations, civil society organizations, governments, and donors. Through its fund management service, UNDP is the lead agency in administering pooled funding from various donors, providing operational support for programme resource management, and providing finance, accounting, and legal services across the country.
    UN presence in Sudan
  • 4. UNDP SUDAN What do we do?
    • Delegated Administrative Agent function for fund management UN JP Pass through.
    Management Agent function vis-à-vis INGO and NGOs that have direct access to MDTFs. Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund Darfur Community Peace & Stability Fund Sudan Recovery Fund Southern Sudan
  • 5. Who Manages What? Administrative Agent
    • UNDP – Bureau Of Management – Multi Donor Trust Fund Office
    UNDP – Khartoum UNDP – Juba Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund Darfur Community Peace & Stability Fund Sudan Recovery Fund Southern Sudan Delegation of Authority
  • 6. Who Manages What? Management Agent UNDP –Regional Bureau for Arab States UNDP – Khartoum UNDP – Juba Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund Darfur Community Peace & Stability Fund Sudan Recovery Fund Southern Sudan One Country two systems
  • 7. Fund Management Unit
    • The Fund Management Unit (FMU) in Khartoum and Juba is established in December 2006 within the Country Office Operations taking over from the Trust Fund Management Unit active since early 2005.
    Support to the UNDP Country Director and UNDP Head of Office Juba management of Administrative Agent functions of Multi Donor Trust Funds & Joint Programming initiatives, Khartoum and Juba. a) Operational Management to the Common Humanitarian Fund 2006 - to date including Emergency Response CHF window; b) Operational Management of the Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund 2008 – to date; c) Operational management of the Sudan Recovery Fund South Sudan – to date. Support to the UNDP Country Programme - Management Agent function CHF/DCPSF/SRF
  • 8. Reporting and Accountability lines UNDP has two distinct roles in UNDP administered multi-donor trust funds and joint programmes. UNDP serves as an Administrative Agent (AA) , exercising fund management responsibilities. At the same time, it also acts as a Participating UN Organization , implementing activities using MDTF and JP resources in line with its development mandate and practice areas. MDTF Office Country Director - DCD Juba RBAS Deputies Operation Deputies Programme FMU
  • 9. Contacts & Questions to FMU
    • Head of Unit: [email_address]
    • Deputy Head & NGO Coordinator: [email_address]
    • Juba Fund Manager: [email_address]
    Thank you...