International Business Development


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International Business Development

  1. 1. Asim Khan<br />CEO/Managing Director<br /><br />Agenda<br />Common Challenges in Building Intl Markets<br />Intl Business Development – Key Benefits<br />Intl Business Development – Key Points<br />Intl Business Development – Prospecting<br />Nurturing Relationships<br />Intl Business Development – Brand Preference<br />F.A.Q<br />Results We Have Achieved<br />Summary of Benefits<br />Let’s Get Started<br />International Business Development <br />Executive<br />Overview<br />Export Market Sales <br />for U.S. Companies<br />Khanstellation Group, Inc.<br />TALENTED. CREDIBLE. CONNECTED. <br />
  2. 2. Challenges in Building <br />International Markets<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />Tough to enter markets, fill the pipeline, launch products<br />
  3. 3. Int’l Business Development - <br />Key Benefits<br /><ul><li>Overseas GrowthPotential:
  4. 4. Break through tough-to-crack markets
  5. 5. Deepen Relationships:
  6. 6. Educational, value-based approach
  7. 7. Right Team:
  8. 8. Reduce staffing headaches
  9. 9. Get it Done:
  10. 10. Implement, implement well, and sustain over the long-term
  11. 11. Ready….Aim….Fire:
  12. 12. Rapid deployment with proven results
  13. 13. Build Brand:
  14. 14. Become the preferred supplier</li></li></ul><li>Int’l Business Development - <br />Key Points<br />Message and Offer Creation:<br />Value proposition captured<br />Articulate Value<br />Export Development Campaign<br />Outreach to target markets<br />MARKETING<br />INTRODUCTION<br />Start Relationship<br />BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT<br />Relationship Nurturing:<br />Account & Opportunity Pursuit<br />Nurture & Enhance Relationship<br />PREFERENCE <br />
  15. 15. Int’l Business Development - <br />Prospecting<br />Message & Value Proposition<br />Multi-wave Marketing Campaign<br />Value-based Offer<br />Segmented & Targeted Decision Makers<br />Prequalified Meetings<br />Telephone Bus. Development with Email<br />
  16. 16. Nurturing<br />Relationships<br />Qualified <br />Short-term Lead<br />Prequalified Meetings<br />Good Fit: <br />Long-term Lead<br />Bad Fit<br />
  17. 17. Int’l Business Development - <br />Brand Preference<br />They’re the leader….Dying to work with them…Very Valuable<br />I know what they do<br />And how they work with companies like me. <br />To solve problems like mine.<br />I’d remember them at the elusive time of need.<br />I know who they are<br />Brand Preference Creation Cycle<br />
  18. 18. Frequently Asked Questions<br />Q: Who should use Khanstellation Group, Inc.?<br />A: All manufacturers or franchisors who have limited or no export experience should consider using Khanstellation Group, Inc. (KGI) Even companies with export experience may benefit from dealing with KGI since we help to identify new opportunities in select foreign markets where distribution may be lacking.<br />Q: What are the benefits or working with Khanstellation Group, Inc.?<br />A: KGI benefits the manufacturer/franchisor they represent through their established sales network abroad. Should you choose to work with KGI, the advantages you will notice are:<br /><ul><li> Fewer expenses – Your company’s out of pocket expenses will be less as most of the labor expenses will only be realized upon a successful appointment of a distributor/partner/franchisee and when the sale has been transacted.
  19. 19. Time – KGI’s dedication is to international sales. Relationships and customer service is a very important part of export sales. Even with the appropriate financial resources, you may lack the time to focus on this because of other priorities. Often this time is more appropriately spent on building the domestic market.
  20. 20. Learn from those with experience - A great way to learn about export transactions is by working with KGI. Use the opportunity to work together to learn how things are handled.
  21. 21. Quicker export sales - KGI has an established network of foreign agents and distributors. If you are prepared to go-to-market, you will have a built in distribution system.</li></ul>Q: What should I do if I have questions about your services?<br />A: We’d be happy to answer all your questions. Please email or call us and one of our senior representatives will be happy to answer all your questions. Or visit our FAQ portion of the website at<br />
  22. 22. Results We Have Achieved<br />Building Materials<br />100% increase in product distribution<br />Auto Chemicals<br />4 countries, 33 new dealers, strong sales<br />Pharmaceutical<br />Licensed Formulation<br />Industrial Machines<br />Master Distributor<br />China<br />Environmental Tech<br />Ex/I’m Bank Funded Joint Venture<br />I.T. Hardware<br />400% increase in Intl Dealer-base<br />Health Supplements<br />14 months, 37 new distributors<br />Medical Devices<br />Increased product life-cycle & revenue<br />Franchise<br />12 countries, Master Franchisees<br />
  23. 23. Summary of Benefits<br /><ul><li>Overseas Growth Potential
  24. 24. Small Companies Can be Successful Exporters
  25. 25. International Markets are More Accessible
  26. 26. Export Assistance is Available
  27. 27. Economic Growth
  28. 28. U.S. Competitive Advantage
  29. 29. Enhanced Competitiveness
  30. 30. Short & Long Term Security</li></li></ul><li>Let’s Get Started<br />Contact Us:<br />International Business Development<br />Khanstellation Group, Inc.<br />30262 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste. 169<br />Laguna Niguel, CA 92677<br />Ph: 888-582-1118 Fax: 928-447-5769<br /><br /><br />